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(Wake, etc.)

See CODE LIST (xls file) for explanation of camp designation codes. RG = Record Group (US National Archives); WO = War Office (British National Archives)

TABLE OF INTERNEES IN PRISONER OF WAR INTERNMENT CAMPS (transcriptions courtesy of Scott Proudfit)
POW Camp Conditions on the Asiatic Mainland - Military Intelligence Division (Military Intelligence Service) analysis of POW camps in China and Southeast Asia based on what we knew in July 1944
SE ASIA POW Status (WO 361-2004) - Published on September 13, 1945 (as of August, 1945) by The Headquarters of Japanese Expeditionary Forces in Southern Region. Contains references to British, American, Dutch, Australian, Indian POWs and of other nationalities. Reports on camp conditions, POWs, sick POWs, civilian internees, lists of camps (some locations), cemeteries, inventories and/or bookkeeping in Saigon, Mytho (IndoChina), Malaya, Thailand, Singapore, Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Burma.

CIVILIAN INTERNMENT CAMPS - See Civilian Internment Camps in Japan for table

(see also Prisons and Jails below)

To-101 Kanagawa 1st Cp (Race Course) (Yamakita)
To-102 Bund Hotel Yokohama
To-103 Kanagawa Prefectural Cp
To-104 Sumire (St. Francisco Monastery)
To-xxx Watabe- Added per O'Guinn- Wake contractor *
Metropolitan Police Internee Camp
To-105 Izumi Apts (Totsuka)
To-106 Boat Club (Yokohama) also known as Yokohama Yacht Club or Yokohama Amateur Rowing Club (Also see Totsuka below)
Se-101 Fukushima Int. Cp Civilian Camp
Se-102 Miyagi Prefectural Cp
Os-101 Butterfield and Swire Res. #3 (Kobe) [Destroyed in fire bombing]
Os-102 Canadian Academy (Kobe) [Destroyed in fire bombing]
Os-103 Detention Prison (Kobe) Ta-Shibana-Cho
Os-104 Futatabi #4 (Kobe) (Fukiai-Ko Cp)
Os-105 Marks Residence (Kobe) [Destroyed in fire bombing-pictures of house]
Os-106 Seaman's Mission (Kobe) [Destroyed in fire bombing]
Ho-xxx Shimizu-cho- See Otaru
Hi-101 Miyoshi Civ Int Cp
xx-xxx Otaru City - Wakatake Hokkaido [per Jill Holmgren, Fairbanks, Alaska]
Fu-101 Sawai Tyo Apts (Nagasaki)
To-201 Sekiguchi - TOKYO-added by the Center for Research
Na-101 Tempa Ko Civ Int. Cp (Nagoya)
xx-xxx Totsuka [per Jill Holmgren, Fairbanks, Alaska; many other links]- Also see Australian Nurses
Totsuka- Rabaul Nurses plus pictures!
Se-103 Civ Internees at a Catholic church Aanawa North Honaki

See also this PDF for prelim list.


To-151 Kamioka Prison (Gummyoji) Yokohama
To-152 Kempei-Tai Hqs. (Tokyo)
To-153 Ueno Park Police Station (Tokyo)
To-154 Sugamo Penitentiary (Tokyo)
To-155 3 Cell Jail (Tokyo)
To-156 Kempei-Tai Hqs. (Yokohama)
To-157 Tokyo Military Prison
To-158 Kotobuki Police Station, Yokohama
To-159 Yokohama Central Prison, Yokohama
Os-151 Kikusui Police (Kobe)
Os-152 Osaka Honmachi (Osaka Jail)
Os-153 Kobe Water Police Jail
Os-154 Sakai Penitentiary (Osaka)
Hi-151 Kure Naval Prison (Hiroshima)
Ha-151 M.P. Prison (Sapporo) [same as North Army Hq]
Ha-152 Sapporo - aka Northern Army Hqs
Fu-151 Miyazaki Kempei Tai Hqs.

NOTE re Kempeitai Military Police (info courtesy of Mindy Kotler):
The Kempeitai HQ for Tokyo where the American “special prisoners” were held and interrogated in 1945 was the Eastern District Kempei Headquarters [東部憲兵隊司令部, Tōbu kempeitai shirei-bu], which supervised Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Chiba, Kōfu, Utsunomiya, Urawa, Mito, Maebashi, Nīgata, and Nagano. It is the current Chiyoda Ward Office, with the address of Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kudanminami, 1 Chome−2−1, 東京都千代田区九段南1-2-1. The Japanese Empire Kempeitai HQ was southeast of the Imperial Palace and is currently the Palace Hotel Tokyo, 1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. For additional details, see this PDF memo (courtesy of Kevin Lin).
See also these records on the Kenpeitai:
TOKYO Kenpeitai Records (RG 331 Box 1850) - Asst. files on organization of Tokyo Kenpeitai (Kempeitai). See this text file for contents; note that folder covers and only a few pages from each folder were photographed.
TOKYO Kenpeitai (RG 331 Box 1851) - Asst. files on organization of Tokyo Kenpeitai (Kempeitai)


To-201 Tokyo #1 Miliatary Hospital
To-202 Sagamihara Hosp. (Tokyo)
To-203 Shinagawa Hosp. [Stadium Camp?] see Ford letter
To-204 Yokosuka Naval Hospital
Itchioka (Ichioka) Hospital (Osaka Stadium)
Os-202 Osaka Military Hospital
Os-203 Kobe Hospital
Os-204 Kobe Military Hospital
Fu-201 Kokura Military Hospital
Moji Military Hospital
Hi-201 Shimonoseki Quarantine Station
Hi-202 Besshi Sumitomo Hosp., Niihama

Roster of assorted nationalities at Tokyo and Sendai camps (PDF)
Detailed research re alleged massacre/burial of POWs in a mine on Sado Island - Sado Island: Fact or Fiction? by Gregory Hadley and James Oglethorpe (2004/2007) [Japanese language version]

Asia Camps

See also ASIA POW CAMP GROUP HISTORY, and assorted information here on Southeast Asia POW camps.


See List of PI Camps from the Recovered POW List for current data.

CHINA - Additonal camps courtesy of Tony Banham and Michael Hurst

Ch-2 Bridge House, Shanghai [
External Link- Doolittle flyers interned here]
Ch-3 Argyle St. Barracks, Hong Kong [The officers' camp, Used about a year. Men were sent back to SSP]
Ch-4 Shanghai PW Camp (Conditions)
Kiang Wan, Shanghai, China
Woosung, China [Woo Sung]
Hainan Island
- Haisho
Hai-Kow, Hainan Island, China [Hainan Island, Haisho now called Basuo]
Ch-8 Shamshuipo, Hong Kong, China [Main Camp] See Lewis Bush Report for section on Shamshuipo.
Sun Wah Hotel [NEW]
Ch-x Mau Tau Chung - [The Indians' camp]
Ch-x Ma Tau-wai - secondary civilian camp (Kowloon side)
Rosary Hill - Comments and History
North Point Prison Camp, Hong Kong, China [used for a short time. Mainly Canadian and RN POWs
Ch-10 Peking PW Camp, China
Ash Camp, Shanghai, China
Ch-102 Chapai, Shanghai, China
Ch-103 Lincoln Avenue Civil Assemble Center, Shanghai
Ch-104 Pootung Internment Camp, Shanghai, China
Ch-105 Stanley Internment Camp, Hong Kong, China
Ch-106 Lunghwa Civ. Assembly Center, Shanghai, China
Ch-107 Canton, China Civil Assembly Center
Weihsien Civil assembly Center, Shantung, China External Link plus [Book]
Ch-109 Tsingtao Civilian Internment Camp, China
Ch-151 Ward Road Jail, Shanghai, China
(Camp Report)
Ch-152 Kempai Jail, Peking, China
Ch-153 MP Jail, Yochow, China
Ch-154 Hankow Jail, Hankow, China
Ch-155 Feng-Tai Prison Camp, Peking, China
Ch-156 Gendarmarie at 67 Jess Field Rd., Shanghai, China
Ch-157 Gendarmarie Hqs., Hong Kong, China
Ch-201 Ward Road Hospital, Shanghai, China
Ch-202 Hankow, Military Hospital, China

See this file for information on the following Shanghai locations where POWs were held: The Old Chinese Mint; Japanese Naval Prison, Kiangwan Road; Woosung POW Camp; Woosung Gendarmerie; Bridge House; Japanese Army Prison, Kiangwan; Ward Road Jail; Columbia Country Club.

[Specific Criminal Charge Files- China]
Ch-251 Torture and Killing of Doolittle Flyers in Shanghai
Ch-252 Civilians forced to live near military targets to prevent allied bombings, Hankow
Ch-253 Bayonet drill on live Chinese PWs.
Ch-254 Improper transport of PW within China
Ch-255 Killing of 80 Chinese Men and Women, 29 Nov 37 at Chang-Chou.
Ch-256 Exposure of PWs to bombing near Kuequang, China 28 Dec 42 (Boat trip from Hankow to Shanghai)
Mukden - See Manchuria List below
Overview of China civilian internment camps
The Hong Kong Defenders - Data base and history- Noted author and historian Tony Banham
Maps, detail and photos - almost all China, Taiwan and Hainan Camps
Overview of the Fall of Hong Kong [Amazing diary that was written in numerical code]
SPECIAL: See Dr. Greg Leck's book- The single best book about the China civilian internees
Photos from Jim Mockford's trip to China: Aviation Martyrs Memorial Park - With Wei Yulong at Aviation Martyrs Memorial in Nanjing - At Iris Chang Statue

KOREA [Chosen]

Hung Nam
Jinsen [AKA Inchon POW Camp] Story of Cliff Morris (British) eventually sent to Omine- Camp layout map
Keijo Camp [AKA Seoul POW Camp] [Australian POW]
Konan PW Cp. (Hamhung near border with Manchuria) - also called Chosen Branch #1
Mil. Pol. Hqs.
Ryuzan Pl. Sta.
Seidaimon Prison, Fusan Korea
Youngsan Pol Sta.
Japanese Hqs., Ichang
Fusan Hosp. PW Cp.

Camps per Dwight Rider research:
Keijo Main Camp
Camp “H” Keijo
Keijo # 81
Keijo No. 2
Keijo Branch Camp #1
Keijo Dispatch Camp #1
Keijo City Prison
Keijo Army Hospital, Keijo
Seidaimon Prison, Keijo

Jinsen New Divisional Camp (Inchon Camp)
Korea P W Internment Camp, 1st Detachment
KOREA Divisional Camp
Keiki Provincial Hospital, Jinsen

Pusan (Fusan)
Pusan Clearing Hospital, Pusan

Konan New Divisional Camp
Konan P.O.W. Camp
Konan Dispatch Camp
Konan PW Internment Camp
Hungnam 1st Detachment Camp Medical Office
Civil Hospital Konan
Konan Hospital
Nippon Chisson Hiryo Co, Konan

Seishin, Ranan Division
Civilian Internment, Korea #223

[Specific Criminal Charge Files- Korea]
Keijo, Beating of Reiner at 1-16-42
Ichang Pol. Sta.
Massacre at Sarabo Isl. (200 Koreans) 16 May 45
Fusai, Parade of PWs thru Streets of

Story of transfers- Excellent seminar paper by Frances De Groen: 100 Aussies to Korea- Includes Roster of Australians! OUTSTANDING reference


For-01 Kinkaseki
For-02 Taichu
For-03 Heito
For-04 Shirakawa
For-05 Taihoku-Mosak
For-06 Taihoku Main Camp
For-07 Takao
For-08 Karenko
For-09 Tamazato
For-10 Inrin
For-11 Inrin Temp.
For-12 Toroku- see also roster of 294 Americans and description of Hokusen hellship voyage
For-13 Kukutsu
For-14 Oka
For-15 Taihoku-Churon
For-16 Taihoku-Maruyama
Note: The first 14 camps were the "real" POW camps and the last two were just temporary camps set up to hold the men from Kukutsu and Shirakawa Camps who had been brought into Taihoku after the Japanese surrender to await evacuation. The men only occupied these camps for about 2 weeks before being removed from the island by the US and British navies. (per Michael Hurst)

POW Camps in Taiwan (Formosa) - An OUTSTANDING site (Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society) developed by Michael Hurst (MBE). Photos, rosters, details. The above camp links direct to this site.
Roster of POWS on Taiwan - Almost complete roster of the 4300+ known to have been there (searchable).
[Specific Criminal Charge Files- Formosa]
Keelung, Formosa (Exposure of PW to Dangers of Bombing in Keelung Harbor)
Beating and Torture of U.S. Flyers 28 Jan 45 (S. Formosa)
Forcing PWs to Be Indecently Exposed to Public Ridicule at Formosa Docks Oct 42
B-24 Crash 18 Feb. 45
Taiwan POW Camp rosters (RG 331 Box 1322) - British, American, Dutch, Australian, Chinese, New Zealand, Canadian and others. Per Contents (in Japanese):
1944.11.1 - Current personnel (including deaths) = 2,267
1943.1.25 - Transferred to Tokyo POW camps = 2
1943.8.5 - Transferred to 25th Army Kenpeitai = 2
1943.11.15 - Transferred to East Army, POW Mgmnt. Dept. = 18
1944.6.23 - Transferred to East Army = 1
1944.10 - Transferred to Kanto Army (Kwantung Army?) = 349
Taiwan Deaths (RG 407 Box 190) - Taiwan POW Camp (including # 6 Branch Camp), American, British, Dutch and Australian POWs - List of deceased POWs whose personal effects sent to the POW Information Bureau, Ministry of War. Includes disposition of physical remains. Many two-page certificates in Japanese. Certificates in Japanese signed by American, Australian and British Army medical personnel.

Misc. documents from RG 407 Box 122:
Folder 2: Parties which left Formosa for Japan - September 10, 1944. Includes Fukuoka 27th Camp, Camps 7, 14, 27, 17 (dated August 20, 1945), 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 8, 9. Also rosters of No. 4 Group Thailand and parties from the Philippines and Java. Rosters include British, Dutch, South African, American, Australian, Norwegian, Czechoslovakian military and civilian POWs.
Folder3: Parties which left Formosa for Japan - September 10, 1944. Roster includes American POWs.
NOTE! >> Per Michael Hurst: "This one is kind of a mess with files and rosters mixed up and not properly identified or correct. First of all there wee no POWs who left Taiwan on September 10th 1944 - a number of the senior officers left around OCTOBER 10th. The first series of pages lists men who went to Fuk 9 Miyata Camp. Then on page 119 it lists men who went to Fuk 24 in addition to the names of men already previously there who were not from Taiwan - ie the Australians and the Americans. Only 2 American POWs went from Taiwan to Fuk 24, the rest wer British. From what I know, there were never any Taiwan POWs sent to Fuk 7, 8, 9, 14, 22, 23, 25. 26, 27. Taiwan POWs went to Fuk. 5, 9, 24 and a few to Fuk 17. These files need a lot of careful scrutiny and sorting out before thay are really useful."
Folder 4: List of temporarily interned POWs who were sent to Japan Proper on November 15, 1943, June 23, 1944, January 12 and 19, 1945, February 21, 1945. Also parties sent on January 25, 1943 to Tokyo, on August 5, 1943 to Sumatra and on October 4, 7 and 9, 1944 to Manchuria. Includes Taiwan POW Camp - rosters of Camps #1, 4, 6 as of August, 1945 and list of Japanese officers as of September 9, 1945. Rosters include American, Dutch, British, Australian, Canadian, Chinese, New Zealand, Federated Malay States military and civilian POWs.
Folder 6: Name List Formosa (Taiwan) Taiwan Embarkation Nominal Roll. American and Chinese-American POWs.
Draft roster of personnel sent to China, Kwantung. All American POWs.
NOTE! >> Per Michael Hurst: "This file does not pertain to the Taiwan POWs at all. I think it could be the list of men initially sent to Mukden on the Tottori Maru from the PI in the fall of 42."
Folder 10: Taiwan POW Camp #1. Nominal rolls, miscellaneous. Nominal roll of men in hospital. Includes British, American, Dutch, Australian and Indian former POWs.

MacArthur's List (OLD) - contained too little information. [The list, supplied by the Japanese to MacArthur's staff, was far from accurate. One of the very worst camps was Kinkaseki which was not on list submitted to MacArthur. Original list follows in black - additions by Center made in red]

Hitu or Hetu -
HEITO #3 (PingTung)-
KARENKO [Hualien]
Mocksaka; Musak
SHIRAKAWA #4 (Chiayi)
Taihoku or Tyroka Taiwan TAIHOKU #6 (Taipei)
Tamazato TAMAZATO (YuLi)
Taichu Camp (Incl Warehouse) TAICHU #2 (Taichung)
Kato Area Military Police
Kato Army Hosp.

Taiwan Documents - Order Telling Guards to Flee to Avoid Prosecution for War Crimes; Order to Kill All POWs


Man-1 Cheng-Chia-Tun
Man-2 Hsian
[held the high rank officers- 100 KM North east of Mukden]
Man-4 Mukden- Mukden [Hoten] ..Hoten Cp annex document link (PDF file) which contains roster of British POWS and many photographs.
   Sub-camp: Shenyang (see Mukden Prisoner Of War Remembrance Society)
Man-5 Taihoku
[location misidentified- see Formosa]
Man-101 Anshan Civ. Int. Cp.
Man-151 Military Police Prison: Mukden.
Man-152 Hsingkiang Jail
Specific Criminal Charge Files- Manchuria:
Man-251 Exposure to Public Ridicule of T/Sgt. O.L. Hermann at Anshan
Unit 731 - Experiments on POW [External Link]


Death Railway - Table of camp names and distances along railway; many archival documents here
POW Movements - Summary of dates and places
Bur-1 Hintock - Short memoir and description of camp
Australian Site (the BEST!)
British Site about the Death Railway by the FEPOW - Ron Taylor's new site with excellent history; rapidly growing!
Book- Trilogy - Excellent description of slavery on the railway
Dutch Viewpoint of Death Railway
Special: Info regarding the Death Railway Museum with NEW links
Kanchanaburi (Blog)- interesting overview of local heroes who helped the POWS
Map of the Railway Camps

NG - NEW GUINEA [Actually part of the NEI]

NG-1 Rabaul Internment Cp. (2/22 BTN. Cp. site) M.B.
NG-2 Haruku Air Field
[error- Is part of NEI-see below]
NG-3 Parom, N.G.
NG-4 Boiken, N.G.
NG-5 Kur?inge, N.G.
NG-6 Wewak, N.G.
Kokopo, New Britain (PW Camp) [External Link]
NG-101 Vunapope Civ Internment Camp (Half-caste Boys School)
Kempei Hqs. PW Camp, Rabaul, New Britain
Tunnel Hill Prison, Rabaul, N.G.
NG-201 Manokwari Hospital, N.G.

Rabaul- Excellent overview and story of women POWS [External Link]


(PDF files are scans of original archival documents from NARA)
NEI-0 General Info (NEI-0_Assorted_camps_RG331Bx945.pdf)
NEI-1-A Haruku Air Field Haroekoe Island, Ambon and Ceram Island
NEI-1 Tan Toie, Ambonia, Ambon Is. [ * sub-camps listed]
NEI-1 Galala (Ten-Toi) Tan-Toi?
NEI-2 Batavia PW Camp
[BOOK REVIEW] - "Trilogy" gives good description]
           Possible roster for Batavia camp, multi-nation POW and civilian, as of Nov. 1, 1944; note that DJAWA = JAVA
NEI-XX Massacre at Balikpapan
LINK (History); List of Dutch massacred at Balikpapan
NEI-3 Tarakan, Borneo (PW Camp)
EI-XX Kuching BORNEO [External link] Batu Lintang Camp
NEI-XX Ambarara- civilian camp (story of young girl- J.E.H. Rijkee )
NEI-4 Tandjong Priok PW Camp, Java
NEI-5 Tjimahi PW Camp (9 miles from Soerebaja)
NEI-6 Boliglodek PW Camp (no atrocity) (NEI-06_GLODOK_BATAVIA_RG331Bx945.pdf)
NEI-7 Tjilitjap, Java
MEI-8 Soerebaja, Neth. E. Indies.
NEI-9 Soerabaja, Neth. E. Indies
          Jaarmarkt and Darmo PW Camps
NEI-10 Bicycle Camp, Batavia, Java (NEI-10_JAVA_Aitken_RG331Bx945.pdf)
NEI-11 Bandoeng, PW Camp, Java
NEI-12 Soekaboemi PW Camp, Java (NEI-12_Treatment_in_Java_camps_RG331Bx945.pdf)
NEI-13 Bamboo PW Camp, Makassar, Celebes (NEI-13_MAKASSAR_Foley_RG331Bx945.pdf)
[Makassar] PW Camp, Celebes [Kampong Makassar]
NEI-15 Bedadari, PW Camp,. Borneo
NEI-??? Muna [Moena], Raha POW Camp *; Special "Dutch" site with story of transport to camp
Camp Halmaheira near Samarang
[Source- Internee Peter A. Roed]
Camp Tjamahi near Bandung
[Source- Internee Peter A. Roed]
NEI-101 Muntok, Bangka Is. off E/ Coast of Sumatra
NEI-102 Kuching Civ. Int. Camp, Sarawak, Borneo [Photo of Charles Mackenzie (RASC) and ???, captured in Singapore - courtesy of Melanie Winning]
NEI-151 Kendari Prison, Celebes, Neth. E. Indies (NEI-151_KENDARI_Prison_RG331Bx945.pdf)
NEI-152 Heetjans Weg, Bandoeng, West Java
NEI-153 Kempei Tai-Singkang
???- Sumatra - The Sumatra Death Railway "Pakan Baroe" (from Pekanbaru to Muaro, West Sumatra); often called "The Forgotten POW Camp"; excellent website, Pekanbaru Death Railway; see also Sumatra "Death Railway"
(SUMATRA_RG389Bx2202.pdf - Affidavit with camp sketch; US civilians)

???- Sandakan (Borneo) - [not on Japanese list- suggested link shown next]
Sandakan Death March Memorial
NEI-260 (NEI-260_AMBON_atrocities_RG331Bx945.pdf)
NEI-274 (NEI-274_PONTIANAK_Umino_murder_RG331Bx945.pdf)
NEI-280 (NEI-280_SAMARINDA_atrocities_RG331Bx945.pdf)
From British War Office:
SUMATRA_British_WO361-2203.pdf - British POWs taken in Sumatra (Navy, Army, British in NEI Forces, AIF, AIF nurses, RAF)
Borneo death records (RG 407 Box 169) - Australian, British, Cuban, Dutch, and Indian
Java deaths and burials (RG 407 Box 170) - Death and burial details of British, American, Australian, Ambonese, Dutch, Menado, Indonesian, German and Indian military and civilian. Includes some deaths and burials at sea and in/on Celebes, China (Bangdong? Misspelling of Bandoeng?), Haruku Island, Furoresu Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Ceram, Ambon and Flores.
Dutch death certificates (RG 407 Box 171) - Location unknown, possibly Java area
JAVA Rosters WO 361-2018 (a - b) - See below for full description of contents
Batavia Hospital and Borneo, US POWs (RG 389 Box 2209) - Crew members from M/S Sawokla, SS W.F. Humphrey, Auxiliary Pioneer Corps; US POWs transferred from Malaya Camp to Borneo (William James Allen, Adolfo Storch, H.E. McManus, H.H. Stone, H.M. Johnson)
JAVA Dutch death records (RG 407 Box 190) - 1944-1945 - includes a few English, Menado and Australian deaths

JAVA MEMORIAL FUND: Worth reading and contributing!
A Child's Story: Excellent site relating travails of child interned on Java. Excellent pictures and time line
Special: The sinking of the Vyner Brooke and the Australian Nurses who survived [External Link]
Special: Dutch View of the Burma Death Railway [External Link]
Tjideng Reunion - Story of South African volunteers captured with families in Bandoeng
Essay by author regarding the South African Volunteers
Timor Gunners from the 79th Battery 21 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (roster courtesy of Graham Reader)
Many maps here: East Indies Camp Archives: Camps in the Dutch East Indies
Petty Officer Reginald William Cottle D/JX 137349, Palembang, Sumatra, survivor of the sinking of HMS Repulse (see full bio; courtesy of Nigel Cottle)
Ten Years of Japanese Burrowing in the NEI - Japanese Subversive Activities (1942; GoogleBook)


SEA-0 General and Indefinite Information on Southeast Asia Area (Thailand, India, French Indochina, Malaya States, Burma and Adjacent Is.)
SEA-1 Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
SEA-2 Saigon PW Camp, French Indo-China (see below document) (Camp Report)
SEA-3 Penang PW Camp, Malaya Peninsula
[west coast- could also be the same as the Convent Light Street School- survivors of the submarine USS Grenadier (SS 210) that was sunk 22 Apr 1943] [External Link]
SEA-XX- Maymyo Civilian Camp
Rangoon PW Camp, Burma [Rangoon Jail- closed 29 Apr 1945] [External Link- go to NEI camps]
SEA-5 Changi PW Camp, Singapore
[Research Help file]
Hintoku, Sea-Asia
SEA-7 Tarso, Se-Asia
SEA-8 Singapore, Southeast Asia, Malaya
SEA-9 Burma Camp-108 (Kilo Camps) Southeast Asia Area, Burma
SEA-10 Hanoi, French Indo-China
SEA-11 Tonchin PW Camp, Thailand
SEA-151 Outram Road Prison, Singapore, Malaya
SEA-152 Rangoon City Jail, Burma
SEA-201 80 Kilo Camp, Hospital, Burma

Saigon POW Camp (RG 24 Box 6) - re fate of Moranville, Lambros, Santopadre, Fetzer, Stratton, Henry, Shirley, Lynch (all USN); US roster (RG 389 Box 2070)
South East Asia (RG 331 Box 965) - Assorted folder cover images and alpha lists for NEI and SEA groups; guards in 62 Kilo Camp; accusations against guards at Thai camps; affidavit of Henry Andrew Allen (Thailand and Saigon camps); J-personnel list
Changi Museum - not for research but honors the POWS- worth a visit if in Singapore
Des Bettany’s POW Artwork of Changi - very interesting sketches of British POW's life as a POW
Dutch View of the Burma Death Railway
RAAF in Java [See links on this page for an excellent and highly detailed site - worth visiting]
Civilian Internee Camps in Asia and Japan (RG 389 Box 2201) - Changi and Malaya camps; includes list of internee camps in Asia and Japan

MISCELLANEOUS ISLANDS - Carolines, Gilberts, Marianas, Marcus, Marshall, Soloman, Wake and Palau

Truk Island
Ca-251 Beating of E.F. Ricketts for consecutive days by Tukhei on Truk CA-252 Imp Questioning of crew of U.S.S. Sculpin at Truk.

Gi-251 Prisoners killed by bayonets on Tarawa

Hainan - POWs from Ambon

Mar-3 PW Camp at Agaņa, Guam
Mar-251 2 U.S. flyers found burned, one beheaded, on Saipan.
Mar-252 Exposure to danger of gunfire of US PW's at Dunkas Beach, Agaņa, Guam, 10 Dec 41.
Final Report of RAMP and Repatriates Processed in Marianas Area (RG 407 Box 55) - contains roster of Dutch, Australian and US POWs and internees

Magia Is.-1 Magia Is. District PW Camp

Marcus-251 Beating of U.S. Flyers on Marcus Is., 4 Sept 43

Mars-251 Beheading of 5 U.S. fliers and 2 Priests on Mille Atoll
Mars-252 Mistreatment of Zamperini and Phillips at Kwajelein
Mars-253 Beating of Tinker on Jalvit Is.
Jaluit Atoll Case - PDF file about execution of 3 captured fliers (Trial of Rear-Admiral Nisuke Masuda et al)

Ry-1 Tocuno-Shima (Between Okinawa and Kyushu Is)
Ry-2 Amamia, Shima Ryukyu Islands

Kuriles-251 Beating of 3 U.S. P.W.s at Paramoshiri, Kuriles Island, 19 May 45
(See Saporro POW Camp- Milt Zack's story)
Kuriles-252 Improper marching of PWs on Paramoshiri, Kuriles Island, May 45

So-1 Teninbaubau PW Camp, Bougainville
Ballale Airstrip - 517 Royal Artillery men from Singapore- built airstrip- all died- 436 known to be massacred on 5 March 1943- external link- well illustrated
Bodies of 24 men never recovered (story of Gunner Alfred W.
Solomon Island Area (RG 331 Box 965) - Folder cover images only, listing a variety of atrocities

Wake Island- The full story as told by the USMC Historical Center
       Diary of
Wake civilian POW- Emmett Newell
Pa-1 Gaspan PW Camp, Babelthuap, Palau
PA-2 Babelthuap PW Camp, Palau
Pa-3 Koror PW Camp, Palau
More links here: Wake Island Massacre

CHICHIJIMA_Inquiry_into_POW_deaths_(RG 24 Box 4) - Archival documents relating to beheading of US airmen, cannibalism and other atrocities
See also this document regarding atrocities on islands: Japanese war crimes re POWs (RG 24 Box 1)

WO 361-2018:
ROSTER 1 = Nominal Roll of POWs (mostly Dutch, but quite a few British as well) dated June 22, 1944, for No. 2 Camp of Java POW - Includes new POW numbers and rank. Roster is NOT in alphabetical order, but by new POW number.
ROSTER 2 = Draft, To Malaya (survivors) No. 7221. Three copies - Most pages appear in triplicate. Roster is in alphabetical order, by rank. Includes civilians. English, Americans, Norwegians, Dutch, and Indonesians.
ROSTER 3 = Unknown roster of POWs, including English, Australians, Americans and Dutch, all mixed together. Roster NOT in alphabetical order, but by POW number.
ROSTER 4 = Unknown roster of POWs, including English, Australians, Americans and Dutch, all mixed together. Rosters NOT in alphabetical order, but by POW number.
ROSTER 5 = Transfer from Bandoeng to Batavia, August 1945. All Anglo names.
Roster is in alphabetical order, but most of it is missing. Pages appear to be out of order.
ROSTER 6 = Roster 7892. All Anglo names, in alphabetical order.
ROSTER 7 = English and American POWs. Appears to be part of ROSTER 5.
ROSTER 8 = Bandoeng to Batavia 20.8.25.
Sheet 2 is missing. All Anglo names, in alphabetical order.
ROSTER 9 = Batavia to Bandoeng - Total 190 - 20/2/27 = Includes English and Dutch. Some names in alphabetical order.
ROSTER 10 = Batavia to Bandoeng (Camp I) - Net Total 1954 - 19/20/21/22 = Includes Dutch, Australians, Americans, English, British Indians, Germans and Portuguese. In alphabetical order. Roster appears to have been typed on the back of Japanese scrap paper and discarded rosters. Some of this scap paper contains interesting details, such as POW home addresses as of April 12, 1943, a denouncement of the Atlantic Charter, typed circa August 1944, and a pro-Nazi assessment of the assassination attempt on Hitler.
ROSTER 11 = POW Transfers, Camp 1 (Bandoeng) to Batavia as of July, 1945 = Includes Australians, Americans and Dutch. In alphabetical order.
ROSTER 12 = Camp Bat-Bandoeng - 20/7/27 - Total 1050 = Includes English and Australians. In alphabetical order.
ROSTER 13 = Men Present in (Main Camp III?) on 1/11/44 = Includes English and Dutch. In alphabetical order. This roster may be 2 separate rosters.