Civilian Internment Camp

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This was a civilian internment camp. Established 11 July 1942. "Data is limited. Estimated to have 141 internees [all non-Americans]" as stated in the MacArthur POW Report of 14 Aug 1945.
Source: NARA, RG331
See Injerd's chart on Fukushima

Short summation of known facts

Camp Rosters:
Special thanks to Ron Bridge,
who transcribed and prepared this roster. Ron is the historian for the Association of British Civilian Internees, Far East Region ABCIFER. Not all info is shown on this page but is in our data base.
Sinking of the SS Kirkpool and transfer to Japan plus the final rescue of Internees, 10 Sept 1945.

Japanese Camp Staff:

Camp Layout
Location Map
Primary Labor Use: None
Rules & Regulations:
Extensive and typically ridiculous list of rules and regulations that controlled every aspect of life within the camp.


Full Camp Committee Report with statements by Internees. Offers extensive coverage of camp daily life, abuses, food, etc. One of the best reports of any camp. Special appendix on abuses. Transcript courtesy of Christine Best
Diary of Cecil Saunders:
Synopsis of diary posted to the Internet by his grandson. Saunders was on the SS Nankin when captured.
Story of Suhasini Biswas:
Internee from Calcutta who was on the SS Nankin tells of life at Fukushima camp (doc file, courtesy of Jayati Gupta). Photos of Biswas: 1 - 2

Aerial Photograph and Photographs of Internees

Book about this camp in Japanese:
Information contributed by Fumiko Miyamoto, Creator Inc, New York
Fukushima Ni Atta Himerareta Yokuryujo - The Secret Internment Camp in Fukushima: Life & Death Testimonies of 140 Foreign Civilians