Sun Wah Hotel

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Source: Dr Robert Warren, CFE
When the Japanese occupied Hong Kong, they followed standard operating procedures of the political echelon: transfer as much wealth back to Tokyo.

The senior bankers in HK were detained and billeted at this hotel. Each day they were marched to their respective banks/financial institutions to make funds transfers. Believe accurate that after the funds transfer to Tokyo, the bankers were sent to Stanley. [From Tony Banham The last three British bankers weren't moved to Stanley until June 1943. Also, Fenwick & Morrison escaped from the Sun Wah Hotel in October 1942, almost a year after the surrender.]

Sun Wah Hotel was at Wan Chai or Central, Hong Kong side. I've got a place in HK but don't know the HK side too well. The government and foreign banks are clustered in this section(s). Will look through some mildewed maps here.
[From Tony Banham] - I believe the wartime address was:
121 Connaught Road, Victoria, Hong Kong
and the modern site is:
121 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
Post-war the term 'Central' came to replace 'Victoria' - which was the city area of Hong Kong Island rather than the island itself. I admit that exactly when that change started is something I've not yet tracked down, and it's interesting that 121 is close to Central Market - which certainly had that name pre-war.
As for the other hotels in which civilians were interned, when I checked I found they were there from Jan 4th to Jan 21st 1942. 18 days in total!