Caroline Islands

41 survivors of the submarine SS Sculpin held and beaten here after they scuttled their ship during battle with Japanese. 21 men transported on Japanese carrier CHUVO that was sunk by the US sub Sailfish. One survivor- his story told here.

RG389 Box 2120
Major Donald Boyle affidavit states Truk was a major Japanese Naval Base in the Caroline Islands. Camp was situated adjacent to a seaplane ramp, between the shore road and the shoreline.

Truk served as a way-station POW camp when captured aviators were transported from Rabaul to Ofuna.
Roster: Four Internees [temporary]
Arbuckle, John, Lt Cmdr, USN [Rescued at Omori]
Boyington, Gregory, Lt Col, USMC [Rescued at Omori]-Medal of Honor
Boyle, Donald W., Major, USMCR- Brooklyn NY
Bullard, George C, Lt Cmdr, USN, USS Sculpin

The above four men were transported from Rabaul to Yokohama on a DC-3 with stops in Truk and Saipan. Departed Rabaul on 17 Feb 1944. Landed and confined unknown number of days at Truk. Trip resumed with a stop in Saipan then on to an air base in Yokohama. From Yokohama, the four men were immediately taken to Ofuna, arriving on on 7 Mar 1944

Jail Description:
Truk jail was 3 cells opening directly on small courtyard between road and water's edge.
War crime action was taken against base staff for the mistreatment of the survivors of the S.S. Sculpin.