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LIANG [airfield construction]
LAHA [existing airfield]
RUMAH TIGA [transit camp]
WAIJAME [ex-native camp - transit for POW]

Photograph of six survivors at Anzac Day reunion
[l-r] Tom Pledger, Ron Leech, Bob Allen, Verden Ball, Jack Serant, Jimmy Morrison (Spelling is unverified)

Tom Pledger's War Diary - Pledger's diary is the most extensive account covering the use of Gull Force being sent to Ambon. Fortunately for Pledger, he was moved before the later massacre of the POWs to a camp on the west coast of Hainan Island (Haisho, now Basuo). -- Information provided by former POW John Richards e-mail of 3 Mar 2002.

TAN TOEY POW Camp, Ambon (RG 24 Box 6) - Asst. documents. NAMES: Carson, Hunter, Green; Jensen and McGibony death certificates; journals.

Statement by Japanese officer Kanehiro regarding kind treatment of POW's by Naval Lt. Hideo Katayama, Christian at Ambon