Japanese Civilian Internment Camps
in China and Hong Kong during WWII

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Close to 14,000 men, women, and children, mostly of British and American nationality, were incarcerated in a number of prison camps as listed below.

List of camps
Book "Captives of the Empire" - includes many camps not listed in NARA records

In Hong Kong
Stanley, Argyle Road

In and around Shanghai
Pootung, Chapei, Lungwha, Ash Camp, Yu Yuen Road, Lincoln Avenue, Haiphong Road, and Great Western Road

Upriver from Shanghai
Yangchow A, Yangchow B, and Yangchow C

In the interior of Shantung Province

For statistics on Asia POW camps, see Asia POW Camp Group History and Asia POW Camp Strengths.

Collection of newspapers from Chapei Assembly Center, March 13 to June 26, 1943
Hong Kong POW Camp Name List as of Nov. 1, 1944 (RG 389, Box 2071) - Totals of all nationalities; summary of British units; mostly American names
Shanghai and Hong Kong POW Camp rosters (RG 389, Box 2202) - Shanghai camp: US civilians (includes occupations); US Merchant Marine crew; US POWs (USMC Peiping, Tiensing, SS Malama) including Wake Island contractors; US and British civilians; Merchant Marine crew from SS Malama Matson Navigation, SS Vincent Unistates Lines, British merchantmen from SS Benevis; CPNAB civilians, Wake Island; Hong Kong: US civilians at Stanley Camp
Hong Kong death records (RG 407 Box 169) - British, Canadian, Dutch, French, Indian, Portuguese, and American
Shanghai death records (RG 407 Box 169) - American, British, Chinese, and Norwegian