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Korea (Chosen) POW Encampment Map

American POWS Korea (2 camps), NARA 331~1189~937 Folder 12
All Korean Camps: RG 407 Box 17
Camp Report
Australian Roster- Special Link- see end of document by De Groen (Roster is courtesy of Professor Frances De Groen, University of Western Sydney, NSW Australia. Some additional information added by Roger Mansell.)

Chosen Korea Camp Rosters (RG 331 Box 1322) - Nov. 1944; transfers to Eastern, Western, Kanto and Central Japan Commands; includes English officers, English other ranks, Australian other ranks, Australian civilians, Canadian officers, Portuguese other ranks, and other unspecified nationalities; Roster of all personnel on duty at Chosen POW Camp; Regulations defining daily life of POWs

KOREA - Keijo, Jinsen and Konan camp rosters (RG 407 Box 17) - British, Australian, American, Russian, including deceased
KOREA - Keijo and Jinsen camp reports (RG 407 Box 145) - includes transfer history from Java to Korea
Report on Russian Occupation of Northern Korea, KANKO and KONAN camps 1945-09-28 - Kanko (Hamhung), Konan (Hungnam); see Dwight Rider reports re this special area

Keijo Camp (Seoul)

Last Name, First Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Notes
Chandler, Paul B.,PFC,6372060,USAAC,died 6 Jan 1943
McCreedy, Orin C.,WT2c,3684663,USN,died 6 Dec 1942

McDaniel, William Lyle,2nd Lt,O-2059192,USAAC
Rogers, Derill F.,Pvt,6646490,USA (CAC),died 13 Dec 1942
Yeargain, Dallas G.,1st Lt,O-745561,USAAC

KOREA Main Canp (Keijo) Deaths (RG 407 Box 190) - American and British POWs; most pages (death certificates) in Japanese.

British POWs

Lt. James, Lt. Robinson, Capt. Sinclair, Lt. Brake, Lt. Shaw,
Capt. Vining, Capt. Raund, Capt. Hayden, Lt. Stevens, Capt. Mackay
Christmas 1943, Jinsen POW Camp, Chosen
T. G. Sinclair collection (photo and material courtesy of James Sinclair, son)

Jinsen (Inchon)

Last Name, First Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Notes

Abston, Aaron A.,Major,O-21391,USA (CAC)
Akins, William T.,2nd Lt,O-426546,USAAC
Alexander, Irvin,Lt Col,O-12414,USA (QMC)
Alsobrook, James E.,2nd Lt,O-417922,USAAC
Amoroso, Arnold D.,Lt Col,O-10777,USA (CAC)
Andrews, Graham H.,Pfc,6933454,USA (MD)
Anloff, Gary J.,Capt,O-269779,USA (AGD)
Armour, Charles W.,Ensign,O-95822,USN
Barker, Francis, J.,2nd Lt,O-397978,USAAC
Beecher, Curtis T.,Lt Col,O-65,USMC
Berry, Gleneth B.,2nd Lt,O-431714,USAAC
Bodine, Roy L.,Major,O-20484,USA (DC)
Brimo, Joseph A.,1st Lt,O-890003,USA (Inf)
Brown, Robert M.,Cpl,6256729,USA (MD)
Brundrett, George C.,Capt,O-311944,unk,died 4 Jul 1945 anasarca
Burns, Virgil P.,SSgt,6893871,USA (MD)
Burris, Charles W.,2nd Lt,O-411933,USAAC
Campbell, Francis A.,Cpl,19056362,USAAC
Chaney, James W.,2nd Lt,O-890140,USA (CAC)
Chopper, John,Sgt,37068351
Chunn, Calvin E.,Capt,O-352221
Clarke, Vincent E.,1st Lt,O-890224,USA (CE)
Coleman, Lloyd A.,2nd Lt,O-411963,USAAC
Conn, Robert E.,Major,O-331801,USA (Inf)
Cornwall, Paul R.,Capt,O-21156,USA (CAC)
Cox, Tom C.,2nd Lt,O-890133,USA (CAC)
Crosby, Stephen H.,2nd Lt,O-390710,USAAC
Curran, James R.,2nd Lt,O-417946,USAAC
Davey, Robert G.,Capt,O-364816,USA (Inf)
Davis, Howard L.,Capt,O-5332,USMC
Davis, Lee,Pfc,18017543,USA (MD)
Derrick, Ralph R.,Capt,O-890024,USA (QMC)
Dickinson, Gordon L.,Cpl,18019161,USA (MD)
Dixon, Frank L.,Capt,O-265493,USA (MD)
Dowd, George M.,Pfc,38021730,USA (MD)
Duckwall, Richard L.,1st Lt,O-366604,USA (FA)
Ellis, Merton C.,Pfc,7061411
Engelhart, Carl E.,Lt Col,O-12773,GCS
Falletta, Anthony M.,Pfc,38003183,USA (MD)
Finley, Harold E.,2nd Lt,O-411951,USAAC
Fisher, Douglas R.,Lieut,O-107367,USN
Fitch, Alva R.,Major,O-18113,USA (FA)
Forni, Frank A.,2nd Lt,O-890160,USA (CAC)
Fossey, William J.,2nd Lt,O-411956,USAAC
Frank, Charles B.,1st Lt,O-368542,USA (QMC)
Galbraith, Howard J.,Capt,O-272861,USA (Ord
Garcia, Jose S.,Pvt,20832399
Gard, Dwight E.,Major,O-301095
George, Calvin S.,Lt JG,O-82356,USN
Glenn, Harry C.,1st Lt,O-294703,USAAC
Goddard, Walter,Pfc,18016623,USAAC
Goldberg, Harold H.,2nd Lt,O-425543,USA (MD)
Goodpasture, John A.,1st Lt,O-320639,USAAC
Granston, Robert W.,Lt JG,O-85640,USN
Gross, Gardner B.,Major,O-295738,USA (Inf)
Grover, Kenneth,Sgt,6823793,USA (MD)
Gulick, John M.,Capt,O-20669,USA (CAC)
Hamilton, Alvah L. Jr.,Capt,O-398241,USA (DC)
Holmes, Arthur O.,1st Lt,O-385291
Holmes, Leslie H.,Capt,O-346935,USA (QMC)
Hopkins, Armand,Lt Col,O-16083,USA (CAC)
Horton, Edward L.,1st Lt,O-386301
Houghton, Karl H.,Major,O-20411
Houser, Houston P.,Major,O-18615
Irons, Arthur L.,Major,O-16526,USA (DC)
Jenkins, Sidney F.,2nd Lt,O-6120,USMC
Johnson, Lucurgus,2nd Lt,O-412691,USAAC
Johnson, Lycurgus W.,2nd Lt,O-412691,USAAC
Johnson, Harold K.,Lt Col,O-19187
Johnson, Chester L.,Lt Col,O-020681,USA (FA)
Johnston, Chester L.,Major,O-20681
Jopling, Daniel,1st Lt,O-417283
Junker, Edward Jr.,2nd Lt,O-890157,USA (CAC)
Keene, James W.,2nd Lt,O-6284,USMC
King, William M.,2nd Lt,O-890544,USA (CAC) 60th M,died 14 May 1945 dysentery - Field commission 17 Apr 42
Knitzer, Andrew G.,Sgt,7022781,USA (MD)
Kramer, Jospeh E.,Lt Col,O-108291
Kraus, Paul H.,Capt,O-22932
Kriwanek, Frank F.,Major,O-299275
Langdon, Charles H.,Capt,O-357723
Langlois, Whitney A.,1st Lt,O-393788,USA (FA)
Lawton, Marion L.,Capt,O-390578,USA (Inf)
Le Brun, Cecil G.,1st Lt,O-343741,USA (CAC)
Long, Andrew W.,Ensign,O-97088,USN
Lyon, Julian V.,1st Lt,O-6125,USMC
Madill, Keith,1st Lt,O-890072,USA (CE)
Marshall, Byrd F.,2nd Lt,O-412279,USAAC
Maupin, Clinton S.,Major,O-338092,USA (MD)
McCahon, James H.,1st Lt,O-890130,USA (CAC)
Mercer, Cassa J. Jr.,2nd Lt,O-406283,USAAC
Miles, Lee G.,Capt,O-326014,USA (Inf)
Mills, Lloyd,Capt,O-382807,USA (Inf)
Miranda, Fred T.,Cpl,19000453
Montgomery, Austin J.,Major,O-290327,USA (QMC)
Moore, Dennis M.,Lt Col,O-15836,USA (QMC)
Morris, George E. Jr.,Lieut,,CGS
Moss, Edwin B.,Pvt,18063209,USA (MD)
Newsom, John H.,1st Lt,O-890281
North, William D.,Lt Col,O-17345
Noyes, Stanley E.,Pfc,19012246
Orr, George E.,Major,O-289691
Orson, Oliver W.,Capt,O-301522
O'Toole, John H.,Capt,O-312499
Patterson, Thomas D.,Capt,O-287492
Perkins, George T.,Major,O-20468
Pyzick, Frank P.,Major,O-4087,USMC
Radcliff, Elgin D.,Capt,O-23558,USA (CE)
Rafferty, Patrick H.,2nd Lt,O-406334,USAAC
Ranson, Kenneth E.,Capt,O-346363
Reinhardt, Malcolm Jr.,Sgt,18014458
Revak, Joseph A.,Capt,O-271285
Ricks, Carlyle,1st Lt,O-392822
Ridgely, Reginald.,Major,O-3880,USMC
Roby, Albert A..,Major,O-19694,USA (QMC)
Rodgers, Lloyd W. Jr.,2nd Lt,O-890143
Rosen, Melvin H.,Capt,O-23082,USA (FA)
Ryan, Robert J.,Cpl,36206232,USA (MD)
Sanders, Cecil M.,Capt,O-374817,USA (Inf)
Schrakmski, Linus L.,2nd Lt,O-425356
Schwartz, Jack W.,Lt Col,O-17823,USA (Inf)
Scott, Walter E.,2nd Lt,O-379582,USA (CAC)
Sedlak, Michael A.,SSgt,6708121,USA (MD)
Shanks, John N.,Major,O-219050,USA (Inf)
Sheeley, Charles A.,2nd Lt,O-418177,USAAC
Sholtis, George,Cpl,7024423,USA (MD)
Shreve, Arthur Lee,Lt Col,O-11176,USA (QMC), [diary RG 407, Box 143]
Siler, Fred L.,2nd Lt,O-426578,USAAC
Snell, David M.,1st Lt,O-3679677,USA (CAC)
Spaulding, Theodore,1st Lt,O-422831,USA (CAC)
Stakes, Benjamin F.,Capt,O-226600,USA (Inf)
Stickney, Roland E.,Pfc,11015276,USAAC [at Clark Field at start of war]
Stinson, Lloyd H.,2nd Lt,O-408869,USAAC
Thornton, Charles S.,Pfc,19002800,USA (MD)
Thurman, Clarence,Pfc,18017467,USA (MD)
Towne, Charles P.,Pvt,19029999,USA (MD)
Turner, Harry T.,Pfc,19034070,USAAC
Wernitznig, Edward R.,Major,O-205505,USA (Inf)
Wheeler, Kenneth R.,Lt JG,O-82872,USN
Whittenburg, Floyd E.,Capt,O-308248,USA (ORD
Williams, Raymond M.,Major,O-20399,USA (MC)
Wolf, Silas C.,2nd Lt,O-426583,USAAC
Wright, John M. Jr.,1st Lt,O-23057,USA (CAC)

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