Preliminary Japanese POW Camp List

Listing of All Known POW Camps in Japan
Developed for War Crimes Trials Proceedings

 Original Source: SCAP Legal Files, RG 331

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Asia POW Camp Group Chart & Camp Strengths


Please read the definition of Japanese words and Key Codes for each camp location. See also CODE LIST (xls file).
* - Indicates name of private company using men as slaves

Abbreviations used in camp reports and rosters
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[Homeland of Japan]

NOTE: This is a catch-all list that Roger Mansell had put together to try to include all the camp names and designations he had come across at the National Archives, designations which were not necessarily the same number as the camp, making it very difficult finding the correct camp number! He continued adding corrections and notations (in red or in brackets), however, this list has not been maintained on a regular basis. For a more organized and easier to use camp list, please see our Site Map or the Camp Group Chart.

Roster of assorted nationalities at Tokyo and Sendai camps (PDF)

Sado Island: Fact or Fiction? Read the Hadley & Ogelthorpe research (very large PDF files) [Japanese language version]

Ha-4 Akahira 2-B [Akahiro Cho, Sorachi Gun - Mitsui Mines]
Os-2 Achi
Os-7 Akenobe (Minamitani) OS-21 [Copper mine] same as Osaka #6
Os-31 Amagasaki [Osaka]
To-12 Arakawa Tokyo 10D formerly 20D
Os-31 Amagasaki
Ry-2 Amamie Is. (outside of Japan)
Sen xx- Aomori-also known as Sendai #11 Kamakita
Ha-3 Ashibetsu 4-B Hakodate #4
Hi-1 Ashina-Gun Base Camp
To-11 Ashio 8-D (Tokyo 9-B) - includes partial roster
Fu-26 Beppu
Hi-202 Besshi Sumitomo Hospital (Niihama)
Ha-2 Bibai
To-106 Boat Club (Yokohama) Civilian Camp
To-102 Bund Hotel Civilian Camp
To-43 Bunka [Bunka Gakuin (Kanda, Tokyo), aka "Bunker Hill" - housed POWs assigned to radio propaganda (Radio Tokyo) SOURCE]
Os-101 Butterfield & Swire #3 Kobe [Destroyed in fire bombing] Became Osaka #2, known as Kobe House
Os-14 Chikko Cp
Os-102 Canadian Academy Kobe [destroyed in fire bombing] Civilians had previously been moved to Futatabi
Os-103 Detention Prison Kobe
To-44 Dice #23-D
Fuk-24 Emukae- same as Senryu
To-151 Gumyoji (Kamioka) Prison
Tok xx Hiraoka [Tok-02D] - became Tok-12D-Mitsushima
Os-104 Fukiai-Ku (Futatabi)
Se-101 Fukushima City Civilian Camp
XXX - Map of Fukuoka Camp Locations
Fu-1 Gen. Information, Fukuoka Cps
Fu-1 Fukuoka Base Camp
Fu-1B- Fukuoka Main
Fu-27 Fukuoka 13-D
Fu-xx Fukuoka #1-D - became Hiroshima #6
Fu-xx Fukuoka 2-B [Also known as Koyagi-Kawanami Shipbuilding plant]
Fu-xx Fukuoka 2-D at UBE became Hiroshima 5-D
Fu-4 Fukuoka 3-B - same as Tobata, Yawata and KOKURA
FU-xx Fukuoka #4 Moji YMCA
           Major Revised site- Massive detail on HELL SHIPS! Fuk-04 records filed under Fuk-22 at NARA
Na-4 Funatsu #3-B [also under Osaka Command near end of war]
Fu-6 Fukuoka 5 - same as Omine on Kyushu Island
Fu-XX Fukuoka 5B-Ube [Higashi]
Fu-xx Fukuoka 06B Mizumaki
Fu-xx Fukuoka 06D Tanoura
Fu-07 Fukuoka #7 Futase Futase [Same as Futase #10D - Also known as "Shin-Iizuka"]
Fu-08 Fukuoka #8 Inatsuki
Fu-09 Fukuoka #9B Miyata
Fu-09B Fukuoka 4-D- formerly Ube/Ohama Fukuoka #4D became Hiroshima 9B
FU-xx Fukuoka #10- destroyed- transferred to Hir-08- roster of deceased
Fu-xx Fukuoka #11 -same as Hiroshima-04B-Mukaijima see Forbes' Diary
Fu-11 Fukuoka #14B [Nagasaki]
Fu-12 Fukuoku 12 - became Innoshima (see below)
Fu-2 Fukuoka #17 & 1-B [Also known as Fukuoka 17 Omuta]
Fu-xx Fukuoka 18-B Sasebo
Fu-xx Fukuoka 21-B Nakama (Nacama) (Nakazuru)
Fu-xx Fukuoka #23-Kiesen  HIRAYAMA*
Fu-xx Fukuoka #22 Honami - includes Aussie roster
Fu-24 Futase #10-D [Same as Fukuoka-07-Futase above - Also known as "Shin-Iizuka"]
To-xx Futase 16B [same as Tokyo 16B Niigata
Fu-xx Fukuoka #24 Sendryu-Emukae Machi - Aussie arrives on AWA MARU
Fu-xx Fukuoka #25- Shinkai (Omuta-Kohama)
Fu-26 Fukuoka #26 [Aso] Keisen
Fu-27 Fukuoka #27 Takagawa - all men cleared through Fuk-22 after surrender
Os-104 Futatabi #4 (Kobe) [civilian camp for Guam men]
NA-11 Fushiki [Nagoya 10-B]
Hax- xx OVERVIEW of the 5 Hakodate POW Camps
Ha-1 Hakodate Camps General Information
Master List- All POWS on Hokkaido
MAP showing all camps in Hakodate (Hokkaido Island) POW Command [External link]
Ha-1 Hakodate Base Main Cp [Bibai Machi, Sorachi Gun - Mitsui]
Ha-x Hakodate #1B Ashibetsu Cho (Rosters)
HA-x Hakodate #1D Kamiiso
HA-x Hakodate #2-B- Originally at Iwate became Tokyo 6 then Sendai #4
Ha-x- Hakodate #2- AKAHIRA  Also external link
Ha-xx- Hakodate #3 -Utashinai HOKKAIDO
Haxx- Hakodate #4 - Ashibetsu Machi [Jisakuno Mining]
Ha-152 Sapporo - aka Northern Army Hqs
Se-8 Hanaoka #7-B Odate [became Sendai #7]
Se-7 Hanawa #6-B [includes Link to experience of POW]
Os-33 Harima
Hi-XX Hashima- Chinese & Korean slave coal mine [External Link]
Hi-4 Hibi 3-B (Temano)
To-10, To-30 Hitachi Camp 8-B (Motoyama) formerly 12D [misspelled as Astachi, Hidashi]
To-17 Higashi #15-B
To-20 Hiraoka #11-B [12-B]-formerly 3-B;2-D Should read #12-B Mitsushima
Os-13 Hirohata #1-D
Hi-1 Hiroshima Base Cp Ashina Gun
Hi-xx Hiroshima #2 - Niihama [Formerly Hiro 3 ex Yamane]
Hi-xx Hiroshima #3 - Tamano (Mitsui Kozan)
Hi-4 Hiroshima #4 [Mukaijima] -(Mukaishima)
Hi-xx Hiroshima D5  KAMIYAMA*
Hi-xx Hiroshima 2D-became Hir-05B Innoshima
Hi-xxx Hiroshima #6D Motoyama
Hi-xx Hiroshima #7-B Ube (Okinoyama) formerly Fukuoka formerly Fu-2D-Ube;Fu-7B;Fu-2-D
Hi-xx Hiroshima #6B Omine Machi; Sanyo (Formerly Fuku #1-D)
To-9 Hitachi -Tokyo #7-B (Hitachi Daioin)- camp description only
Os-14 HONJO [Osaka Main Camp- often misspelled as HOINCHO; aka Chikko]]
Se-4 Hosakura #3-B- Same as Sendai #3 and Tokyo #4
Os-9 Hygo #8-B
Os-201 Ichioka Hospital Camp [stadium]  [Aerial Views]
Os-5 Ikuno #4-B
Fu-xx Inatsuki Fuk-08
Hi-6 Innoshima #5-B
Os-22 Itsigumi Docks
Fu-15 Iizuka 22-B
Hi-3 Isoura Cp (Niihama)
Se-10 Iwasaki #9-B (Iwate- Tohoku Denki)
Na-xx Iwase -Nag-11B (Nihon Soda)
To-105 Izumi Apts. (Totsuka)
To-21 Jooba (Nakaoka)
Fu-15 Koho-Gun (Iizuka) #22-B
Se-6 Kamaishi 5-B Formerly Tokyo 3-B
To-17 Kambara 15-B (Higashi)
Ha-7 Kamiiso #1-D
To-103 Kanagawa Civilian Camp
Na-2 Kamioka #1-B (Now has Yank roster)
Se-XX Kamaishi -same as Iwate Sendai 4, Tokyo 6 and Hakadate 2
Fu-9 Kamo #8-B
Se-11- Kamikita
To-151 Kamicka Prison (Gumyoji)
To-101 Kanagawa First Cp. (Race Course)
To-103 Kanagawa Pref. Cp [Tokyo 13 Dispatch]
Fu-6 Kanaski Cp 5-B
To-34 Kanose #16-B [Tokyo] Showa Denko Carbide mill
Fu-16 Katsuragawa #23-B
Se-5 Katsushi #4-B
Os-34 Kawasaki
To-3 Kawasaki #1-B
To-4 Kawasaki #2-B
To-23 Kawasaki #5-D
Os-xx Osaka Kawasaki 5D - closed in May 1945
To-23D- Tokyo 23 D (Kawasaki) -Daishihon
To-27 Kawasaki #9-D
To-29 Kawasaki #11-D
To-xx Kawasaki 23D 
To-42 Kawasaki #24-D
Fu-xx Kiesen  Fuk-23B- aka HIRAYAMA*
Os-151 Kikusui Police Station
Fu-17 Kitmatsuura #24-B
Os-204 Kobe Prison
Os-3 Kobe #2-B {Known as KOBE HOUSE- Formerly Seaman's Mission- held Guam civilians originally}
Os-153 Kobe Water Pol. Jail
Os-203 Kobe Hospital
Os-204 Kobe Military Hospital
Os-14 (Osaka) Warehouse #2-D (Umeda Bunsho)
Os-22 Kobe Warehouse (Itsigumi Docks) [After Kobe House destroyed]
Hi-11 Konode #7-D (Cons. w/Hi-8)
Se-9 Kosaka #8-B
Fu-201 Kokura Army Hospital AKA Moji-04-Hospital
Fu-4 Kokuro [Also known as TOBATA and Fukuoka 3-B]
To-158 Kotobuki Police Station, Yokohama
Hi-151 Kure Naval Prison
Se-4 Kurihara 3-B
Se-1 Kurezawajira Base Hqs
Os-11 Maibara #10-B
Os-105 Marks Residence Civilian Camp-includes photos [destroyed in fire bombing]
Os-23 Maru (Naruo)
To-20 Matsushima #2-D [misspelling of Mitsushima- see below]
Na-5 Minami #4-B
Os-7 Minamitani [Akenobe]
To-4 Mitsui 2-B
Os-2 Minato-Ku Osaka #1-B [Stadium - later Ichioka Hospital]
To-20 Mitsushima #2-D became 12B [Often Misspelled as Matsushima]
Hi-101 Myoshi Civilian Camp
Se-102 Miyagi Pref. Cp
Fu-25 Miyata #12-D- renamed Miyata #9
Fu-15 Miyazaki Kempai Tai Hqs
Fu-23 Mizumachi (Mizumaki)
Fu-202 Moji Hospital
Hi-06D Motoyama #6D formerly Fuku 3-D and 8- became Hiroshima 6D
Hi-5 Mukajima [Fukuoka #11-B] - see Forbes Diary (possibly known as Innoshima)
Hi-xx [Mukaijima] Hiroshima Sub-camp #4-B [Mukaishima]
Se-3 Mura 2-B(Yoshima)
Ha-9 Muroran
Hi-101 Myoshi Civ Int Camp
To-21 Nagaoka #3-B
To-5 Nagaoka #3-B
Na-1 Nagoya Base Camp (Aichi) [possibly same as Nagoya-2, ACCHI GUN] Aspfu Mura
Na-02B Nagoya 2-B Narumi - formerly Osaka 11B
Na-xx Nagoya #4  Iruku (Ishihara Industries)
NA-xx Nagoya #5 also known as Yokkoishi
Na-xx Nagoya 6-B- formerly Tokyo #21-D [NOMACHI - Takaoka] also known as Nag #6 FUSHIKI*; HOKKAI*
Na -xx Nagoya 8B TATEYAMA
Na-10 Nagoya #9-B IWASE*
Na-xx Nagoya #7B-Toyama
Na-11 Nagoya #10-B  FUSHIKI*
Na-xx Nagoya #11B Iwase (Nihon Soda)
Fu-3 Nagasaki #2-B [Fukuoka #2]
Fu-11 Nagasaki #14-B
Fu-101 Nagasaki Civilian Camp
Fu-14 Nakama #21-B
To-6 Naoetsu #4-B (Navwitz)
Na-3 Narumi #2-B  [Same as Osaka 11-B Narumi]
Os-23 Naruo Osaka 8D
To-x Niigata #4B [picture only - Possibly mis-identified. Could be 14B]
To-7 Niigata #5-B 
To-16 Niigata #14-B
To-33 Niigata #15-D
Hi-02 Niihama
Hi-3 Niihama (Yamane)- became Hiroshima #2-Niihama
Os-1 Nitta Base Cp [Chikko/ Hoincho Camp-destroyed in air raids]
Ha-152 N. Army Hqs. Sapporo
Os-xx Noda - Osaka #8
Na-6 Nomachi [No Machi] formerly Tok-21D
Os-10 Notogawa #9-B
Os-15 Oeyama #3-D Formerly Osaka 12-B 
To-45 Ofuna (Tokyo first Base Camp -Naval Interrogation Center)
Se-8 Odate (Hanaoka) [possibly also known as 7-B]
Hi-10 Ohama #9-B
Ha-8 Ohasi #2-D
Se-5 Ohasi #4-B (See N-78) [Sen-04B-Ohashi]
Hi-7B Okinoyama also known as UBE
To-25 Omi - Tokyo #13-B (formerly 7D) Denki Kagaku
FU-XX Omine Fukuoka #5 [Omine #5-B - External Link]
To-1 Omori, Base Camp [often misspelled as Aomori]
Fu-12 Omuta #17-B [Fukuoka #17 - External Link]
Fu-18 Omuta #25-B
          Ono #7-B #11-D
Fu-7 Oryo #6-B
Osaka [Japanese] Hqs [2 blocks away from Hoincho Camp]
Os-2 Osaka #1-B (Minato) [Stadium]
Os-14 Osaka #2-D (Warehouse)
Os-29 Osaka #122
Os-4 Osaka Branch #4 Ikuno - Osaka 19B became Osaka 4B
Os-xx Osaka #4 Asako Gun
Os-6 Osaka #5-B (Tsuruga)
Os-XX Osaka #5D Kawasaki - closed May 1945
Os-XX Osaka #6B Akenobe
Os - xx Osaka #7 SHINGOSHI*
Os- xx Osaka #8B NODA
Os-xx Osaka #8D NARUO
Os-xx Osaka #9  NAKAMIKO*
Os-xx Osaka #9B-Notogawa
Os-16 Osaka #10-D
Os-11 Osaka 11-B-Narumi became Nagoya 2-B
Os-20 Osaka #17-D (became Nagoya 5-B)
Os-152 Osaka Jail
Os-202 Osaka Military Hospital
Os-101 Osaka Stadium (Hospital)-[same as Os-2]
To-28 Osaka (Zosen) Cp
Se-7 Osarusawa #6-B
Ha-11 Otaru. (Temiya Stadium)
Os-15 Oeyama #3-D
Fu-201 Rokura Hosp.
Os-24 Rokuroshi (Check w/M-9) [Also known a Camp Mallette]
To-202 Sagmahara Hospital
Os-25 Sakurajima Osaka-08 became Osaka-04D
Os-154 Sakai Penitentiary
Os-12 Sakatani #11-B
Ha-151 Sapporo, Hokkaido, (MP Prison)
Ha-152 Sapporo, Hokkaido, (Northern Army Hqs)
Fu-13 Sasebo #18-B
Fu-101 Sawaityo Apts (Nagasaki)
Fu-101  Sawaityo Apts (Nagasaki)
Os-106 Seaman's Mission Civilian Camp [Became Kobe House- Osaka 2B]
Se-1 Sendai Base Camp
Se-xx Sendai #1 Joban Coal Iwaki- Formerly Tokyo #4
Se-2 Sendai Camp #2  Furukawa*
Se-xx Sendai Camp #3-Hosokura mine
Se-xx Sendai Camp #4 - Ohashi
Se-5 - Sendai #5 Kamaichi -Formerly Tokyo 3-B
Se-6 Sendai Camp #6 HANAWA
Se-7B Sendai Camp #7 HANUOKA Fujita*
xxx-Sendai #8 Kosaka 8B  Fujita* [Copper Mining]
Se-9 Sendai #9 - formerly Tokyo #22 [location only]
Se-10 Sendai #10 - Iwate (Tohuku Denki)
Se-12 Sendai #11-B - Kamikita
Fu-24 Senryu [Fukuoka 24 Emukae machi] also spelled Sendryu and Sendyu in various reports
To-203 Senegal
To-13 Shimoina
To-203 Shinagawa [Do not confuse with Hanawa camp, aka, Shinagawa]
Hi-201 Shimonoseki Quarantine Station
To-203 Shinagawa Hospital. (See J-1) [See Ford Letter]
To-xx Shinagawa - part of the Omori Camp - Roster
Ha-6 Sorachi-Gun #4-B  See Hokodate #4
Tok-XX Stadium Camp- Tokyo 3B
Te-38 Sumidagawa #20-D
To-8 Suwa-Gun #6-B
To-104 Sumira Civ. Cp
To-154 Sugamo Prison Civilian Camp
Hi-202 Sumizomo Hospital (Niihama)
To-44 Suzaki Cp
Os-101 Swire and Butterfield Civilian Camp["Kobe House"- Osaka #2[Destroyed in fire bombing] one of 3 initial camps for Guam civilians.
Os-103 Ta Chibang Cho, Civ. Cp
Fu-20 Tagawa Fuku #27-B
Se-2 Taira (Yumoto) 1-B
Os-30 Taisho PW Cp
Os-8 Takebu #7-B [TAKEFU]
Na-xx Tateyama 8b (Nagoya)
Na-7 Takaoka #6-B [Nomachi]
Na-11 Takaoka #10-B
Os-26 Tanagawa
Hi-4 Tamano (Hibi) Hiroshima #3-B (Mitsui Kozan) 
Os-103 Ta-Shibana-Cho Camp
Ha-11 Temiya Stadium, Otaru
Na-101 Tempa Ku Civ. Int Cp. (Nagoya)
Ry-1 Tacuno Shima
Fu-3b  Tobata [Same as Fukuoka 3-B
To-xx Tokyo #3D (same as Sendai #3B
Tok-02B became Tok-01D -Yokohama [Mitsubishi Shipyards]
To-1 Tokyo Base Camp (Omori)
To-201 Tokyo #1 Military Hosp
Tok-XX Tokyo 3B- Stadium Camp
To-152 Tokyo Kempei-Tei (Mil. Pol)
To-157 Tokyo Military Prison
To-153 Tokyo Police Station
To-154 Tokyo Prison (Sugamo)
To-155 Tokyo 3 Cell Jail
To-xx Tokyo #3 - became Sendai #5
To-xx Tokyo #4D - became Sendai #1
Tok-4B - Naoetsu
Tok-5B - Niigata
Toxx Tokyo 6D - became Tok-4D then Sendai #1
Tokxx Tokyo #7B Hitachi Daionon- Location only
To-xx Tokyo #8D- Control changes to Sendai #6 Hanawa
To-xx Tokyo 9 - Ashio
T0-10D- Tsurumi
To-12D Tokyo 12D Tenryu (Mitsushima formerly #2-D [Often Misspelled as Matsushima]
To-xxx Tokyo #13B OMI Niigata (Denki Kagaku) 
To-xxx TO-13D- Asano Docks (closed May 1945)
To-xxx Tokyo 15D Niigata
To-xx Tokyo 16-B (Kanose)
To-xx Tokyo 21 [Nomachi]- renamed as Nogoya 6-B
To-xx Tokyo #22 - control to Sendai #9
To-xx- Tokyo 10-D Arakawa became Tokyo-20-D Arakawa
To-44- Tokyo 23 D (Kawasaki) -Daishihon "Dice"
To-42 Tokyo #24-D
To-105 Totsuka Civ. Cp
Na-8 Toyama Nagoya #7-B Roster and location-
Na-9 Toyama #8-B
Na-10 Toyama #9-B Furukawa* Ashio?
Na-12 Toyama #11-B
Os-19 Tsumori 13-D 
Os-21 Tsumori #18-D
OS-6A Tsuruga Branch Camp Osaka #5 
Os-6 Tsuruga Prison #5-B
Os-19 Tsumori #14-D brief history of camp- men sent to Ikuno and to Tokyo
To-32 Tsurumi #14-D (10-D)
Hi-8 Ube #7-B formerly Fukuoka 5b
Se-4 Uguisuzawa #3-B- Same as Sendai #3
Os-14 Umeda Bunsho #2-D Osaka Warehouse [Destroyed in fire bombing]
To-153 Ueno Park Police
Ha-5 Utashinai #3-B [Utashunai] [same as Hakodate #3]
Os-27 Wakinohama-Ku, Kobe
Se-11 Wakasennin #10-B
Os-32 Wakayama Osaka 14-B- brief history- closed-men sent to Ikuno
XX- Wake Island- Civilan Men executed in 1943
Ha-10 Yakuma
FuXX- Yahata [See Fukuoka #3]
To-101 Yamakita Civ. Cp
Hi-3 Yamani (Niihama)
Fu-4 Yawata #3-B See Tobata/ Fukuoka #3
Os-28 Yodogawa
Os-20 Yokkaichi #5-B [formerly Osaka 17-B: became Nagoya #5]
To-5 Yokohama Baseball Stadium
To-18 Yokohama #16-B
To-19 Yokohama #1-D [Mitsubishi Shipyards- Originally called Tok-02 sub Branch YOKOHAMA]
To-23D Kawasaki Dispatch Camp 
To-28 Yokohama Dock Area [possibly refers to Yokoham #1-D?]
To-28 Yokohama #10-D
To-31 Yokohama #13-D
To-35 Yokohama #17-D
To-36 Yokohama #18-D (Brickyard)  [Taika Renga]
To-37 Yokohama #19-D
To-41 Yokohama #23-D
To-46 Yokosuki Airport
To-106 Yokohama Boat Club Civ. Cp
To-151 Yokohama Propaganda Prison
To-156 Yokohama Kempei-Tai
To-159 Yokohama Central Prison
To-204 Yokosuka Naval Hospital
Se-3 Yoshima #2-B
Se-2 Yumoto #1-B
Os-4 Yoshiza #3-B
Hi-1 Zentsuji Hqs. Camp 
Hi-2 Zentsuji #1-B [same as above before transfer to the Osaka POW Area command]
Hi-XX Zentsuji 3- same as Hiro 2

Alphabetical listing of camps in Japan proper - this list not maintained