Kiangwan POW Camp

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In December of 1942, the prisoners of Woosung POW Camp [400 Marines of Wake Island, the 203 North China Marines and some 800 civilians from Wake] were moved to Kiangwan, another suburb of Shanghai. One of the original 204 China Marines had been repatriated in a prisoner exchange.
In August 1943, 525 men were shipped to Japan and forced to work in the Japanese war effort.

In the spring of 1945, most remaining POWs were shipped to coal mines in northern Hokkaido Island. [Picture of Wake men rescued in Shanghai at end of war]

Of the 203 China Marines, 195 survived captivity. Nine had perished from mistreatment, starvation, beatings or disease.

Source: W. Howard Chittenden, USMC, North China Marine

KIANGWAN POW Camp (RG 24, Box 6) - List of dead, other name lists, escapees, etc. (Original resolution available upon request)