MUNA (Moena) Island

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Muna Island is side by side with Buton Island, off the Southeast tip of Southeast Sulawesi, [Celebes] separated from one another by the narrow Buton Strait. Muna has a land area of 4,900 square kilometers and over 200,000 inhabitants. Muna Island and Buton Island are administered as separate districts.

RAHA camp was where many died and some POW's were left until the end of the War. The Japanese brought them back to Java on 04 Sept 1945. Japanese transports often stopped there en route to Java.
Books Describing the Camp:
"Spice Island Slaves" by L.J. Audus [ISBN 09517497 2 2] is a very detailed account of the journey on the Amagi Maru, camp life in Amahai on Ceram [all Dutch prisoners], Haroekoe, Liang [on Ambonia], Ambon itself and the ship transports back to Java. It is available by mail order from :
L.J. Clark
5 Barrons Close
Essex CM5 9BJ England

Price £14.80 including airmail delivery - about US-$23.00 I think. Audus is a retired Professor. Andus saved many prisoners' lives by setting up mass production of a yeast-based source of Vitamin B in the camps.