Rabaul, New Guinea
POW Camps

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Primary Source: NARA Record Group 331 Box 943- Rabaul

Rabaul POW Camps;
Information is still incomplete. All Rabaul camps came under the jurisdiciton of the 6th Field Kempai Tai Headquarters.

Known Japanese Staff:
Kikuchi, Satoru
, Colonel- Rabaul POW Command CO
Matsuda,Saiji Major- Actively in command of the POW Camps
Hirano, Einosuke, Captain, Medical Officer- conducted experimental blood tests that directly resulted in the deaths of Ensign Donald David Atkiss, USNR, and AR 2/c Richard Lanigan, USNR.
Fushita, Shigeo, Captain, Medical Officer- callous and indifferent to the suffering of the POWS.
Oyamada- non-commissioned officer
Saiki- Corporal
Suga -enlisted man
Aoyagi- Orderly assistant to Captain Fushita
Tunnel Hill Camp:
(McMurria Affidavit)
A cave approximately 5 feet wide and 25 feet long, dug back into the mountain. We were hand-cuffed at all times while in the cave. The was not sufficient room for all of us to sit down. After we were sent into the cave, only about have our number had to stand. We were without food or water for three days.
First occupied on or about 2 March 1944. Men transfserred here from 6th Kempai Tai Hq Camp.
This camp was used for a period of about 3-4 weeks per McMurria affidavit.
Two groups of men were removed on 4 March 1944 and on 5 March 1944. All were executed. Japanese claimed these men died as a result of allied bombing on 5 March 1944. All the guards returned uninjured in any way.

Report of Australian Navy
Report regarding the murder of the POWs. Dated 18 Sept 1945.
Japanese Report:
Official Japanese report of deceased POWs on Rabaul.
No roster located yet. Roster being re-created from assorted affidavits and reports. Ask for interim data sets.

1st Lt James A. McMurria affidavit regarding medical experiments and executions. Primary affidavit used in the war crime trials.
Execution of airman on Salamaua - Very grim account given by a Japanese POW who was at the scene of the atrocity