Wake Island Massacre

98 Civilian Workers Bound with Barbed Wire
and Machine Gunned to Death
7 October 1943

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Below list is based upon monument names and cross-referenced with CPNAB Missing List. Other civilian men had perished earlier but rosters not available. Note from NARA re CPNAB:
"Contractors, Pacific Naval Air Bases, was a consortium of eight construction firms contracted by the U.S. Navy in 1940 to fortify the Pacific islands and to build such facilities as barracks and offices. When the Japanese conquered these islands during the war, they captured many CPNAB employees and held them as prisoners until the end of the war."

History of Wake Island capture; see here and here for further information.

FOR COMPREHENSIVE DATA: Be sure to visit Bonnie Gilbert's excellent website on Wake Island. Also see check out this Facebook page, Wake Island Spirit.

Collection of news articles from the Wahoo Wasp in Nebraska re Wake Island civilians. These men were taken from Wake to Shanghai (Kiangwan camp), and some on to mainland Japan: John Polak, Leo Fraley, John Hanson (Hansen? executed on Wake, see below), John Dolezal (liberated at Kiangwan), and Floyd Snyder, Jr. (liberated at Sendai #11). (Clippings courtesy of Kathryn Kucera)

Abbott, Cyrus W. Jr.,Oakland CA
Allen, Horace Lester,Sacramento CA
Anderson, Norman Alfred,Portland OR
Andre, Roland Albert,Pendleton OR
Anvick, Allen Elmer,Eureka CA
Baasch, Carl Alfred,Walkerton IN
Bellanger, George,San Francisco CA
Bowcutt, Don R.,Logan UT
Boyce, David M.,Grand Island NB
Cantry, Charles Arthur,San Francisco CA
Carlson, Stanley A.,Portland OR
Cavanagh, Allen Alonzo,San Francisco CA
Chambers, David Samuel,Grants Pass OR
Chard, Donley Dean,Wake Island
Church, Carlton Graves,Robles Del Rio, CA
Cormier, Louis Marcel,Ozone Park NY
Cox, Karl Leslie,Asotin WA
Cummings, David Edgar,San Jose CA
Cunha, James Alexander,San Francisco CA
Davis, Joseph Royal,Mullan ID
Dean, George W.,Emmett ID
Dobyns, Harold Leonard,Vallejo CA
Dogger, Martin,
Dreyer, Henry Milton,Aplington IA
Dunn, Joseph Morris,Boise ID
Fenex, Jack Anderson,Cody WY
Flint, Howard Allen,Idaho Falls ID
Fontes, Glen B.,Emmett ID
Forsberg, Floyd Frederick,Hollywood CA
Francis, Dale Gale,Bell CA
French, Albert Peter,San Francisco CA
Froberger, Lawrence George,Brooklyn NY
Gerdin, William Paul,Little Falls NY
Gibbs, Charles Arthur,St Petersburg FL
Goembel, Clarence Robert,Los Angeles CA
Haight, Ralph Edgar,Winfield IA
Haines, William Henry,Boise ID
Hansen, John Vernon Leroy,Wahoo NB
Harris, George,Redwood City CA
Harvey, Wilbur C.,Kittery ME
Hastie, Frank,Charleston WV
Hettick, Howard LeRoy,Rome NY
Hochstein, Ernest August,Newberg OR
Jensen, George A.,Parlier CA
Jones, Alfred Alyane,San Bernadino CA
Keeler, Ora Kenneth,Waterloo IA
Kelly, Martin T.,Roseburg OR
Kennedy, Thomas Francis,San Francisco CA
Kidwell, Charles Allen,Alton IL
Kroeger, Woodrow,not on CPNAB list
Light, Rolland Edwin,Noonan ND
Ling, Henry,not on CPNAB list
Lythgoe, Gene,Vancouver WA
Marshall, Irving Earl,Lowville NY
Martin, John,Spokane WA
McDaniel, James Benjamin,Los Angeles CA
McInnes, Thomas Laertos,Long Beach CA
Migacz, Frank,Milwaukee WI
Migacz, Melvin,Milwaukee WI
Miller, Irvin Edward,Price ND
Mitchell, Howard H.,Duchesne UT
Mitchell, Wayne Elmo,Duchesne UT
Mittendorf, Joseph F.,Mayer AZ
Mueller, Carl W.,Patchogue NY
Myers, Richard Beverly,Clarkston WA
Olmstead, Cliff Anicel,Gridley CA
Pease, Gordon Henry,Lander WY
Pratt, Archie Hayes,Los Angeles CA
Preston, Donald William,Lewiston ID
Rankin, Morton Banning,Seattle WA
Ray, William Henry Jr.,Downer Grove IL
Reynolds, William Harrison,Cherryville OR
Robbins, Sheldon Grant,Los Angeles CA
Schemel, Charles Martin,Uniontown WA
Schottler, Herman,Redwood City CA
Shank, Lawton Ely [MD],Brook IN
Shepherd, Orbin Randall,Portland OR
Sherman, Glenwood Harold,Rockford IL
Shriner, Gould Henry,Sioux City IA
Sigman, Russell James,Idaho Falls ID
Simpers, William Thomas,Wapati WY
Smith, Charles Elmer,Grant FL
St John, Francis Carl,Pacagoula MS
Stone, Willis Charles,San Francisco CA
Streblow, Alvin Louis,Wisconsin Rapid WI
Stringer, Wesley Wayne,Lakeview OR
Susee, Arthur Joseph,Hillsboro OR
Tart, Lacy Franklin,Portland OR
Thompson, Glenn Harold,Cadiz OH
Tucker, Earl Edward,Macdoel CA
Vancil, Vernon,Snyder CO
Van Valkenburg, Ralph William,Tacoma WA
Vent, Glen,Modesto CA
Villines, Charles Mahona,Salt Lake City UT
Williamson, Frank E.,Tacoma WA
Wilper, Redmond James,Boise ID
Woods, Charles,National City CA
Yuen, Harry T.K.,Honolulu HI