Marks House
Civilian Internment Camp

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Marks House Civilian POW Camp
Osaka Command: Located in the hills, one block below the last street in the hills of Kobe. Contained only civilians (mostly Guam) plus ex-patriates and business men who lived in the Kobe area.

Cho - town or district; Fu - city; Gun - military Force; Ken - prefecture; Ku - district; zone; Machi - town; Mura - village; Shi - city; Ura - street

Photographs, Maps, and Sketches
pictures courtesy of William Bacon. "My father was H. Edward Bacon Jr., a POW interned at Futatabi. I know he was first taken to Zentsuji then later to Futatabi. But before Futatabi he was interned what was only described to me as, "Mark's House." It was said to be somewhere in downtown Kobe."

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Camp Rosters at Liberation:
None- camp destroyed in fire bombing- date uncertain
Primary Labor Use:
None- These men were later moved to join the internees from Canadian Academy at the Futatabi Camp.

Camp Rosters: Mostly Guam Residents taken to Japan at start of war. Included elderly staff of PanAm, Capuchin Fathers, contractors, and retired military. (See Futatabi)

Books Describing Life at Marks House:
Excerpt from book by George Sidline. Excellent and fascinating description written by a neighbor of the camp - worth reading. Copyright -2003 - George Sidline

Japanese Camp Staff: None available
A complete list of Japanese staff including rank, dates of arrival and departure.