These are aerial photos of two stadiums, both originally identified as being in the Osaka Area (Three Photographs)
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Note: From Japanese list of camps, "Minato Ku" [Minato Ward] is designated as "Osaka #1." When Hoincho camp opened, it was designated as Camp #1 and the stadium re-designated as Itchioka (Ichioka) Hospital. A later camp, "Chikko" was designated as Osaka #1.
Source: RG 331, Box 1321, SCAP- Legal Files, Misc. Manila

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Picture 455737
6 Sep 1945 - "PW Camp #124, Minato Kegi, Osaka, Parachutes on ground dropped by B-29's"
This is the Itchioka (Ichioka) Hospital Camp
Note that at bottom center of picture appears to be a partially filled swimming pool, west of the stands. River is one block east of stadium.
This is identified by Garth Dunn and Ralph Baggert as the first camp in Osaka. Guam men were sent from here to Osaka #1 (Chikko), Osaka #2 (Umeda) and Hirohata. It was later used again by the Japanese to serve as a hospital for POWs.
Note that adjacent to the stadium stands is a smaller rectangular stadium that enclosed a swimming pool.

Note: Erroneously Identified as being in Osaka. This was a detachment prison camp #3 from the main Tokyo camp command in the Japanese list of camps. Correctly identified as Tokyo #3, D3, "Nagaoka Shi, Yokohama Baseball Stadium, Niigata Ken [Prefecture], Hokuetsu." The company served by prisoner slaves was ZOSHU. Source: RG 331, Box 1321, SCAP- Legal Files, Misc. Manila
Picture 455752
9 Sep 1945 - "Stadium, Osaka, Honshu"
This is the Tokyo #3B POW Camp
This was not the Shinagawa Hospital.
Baseball stadium, fully enclosed. Barracks were under the stands. (see next panel)

[This photo was mis-labeled. This stadium camp is in Yokohama]
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NARA, RG 389, Box 2133A.
Drawing by unknown survivor.

Photstat image reversed for this web site. Identified as Camp No 3-D. Hand written notation: "Chikko Camp" [This notation is in error - Chikko was main camp in Osaka]
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