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British and Dutch rosters: (archival documents, PDF)
British (RG 407 Box 117) - Vol. 1; British Officers A~Z and Other Ranks A~E (a - b)
British (RG 407 Box 118) - Vol. 2; British Other Ranks F~N
British (RG 407 Box 118) - Vol. 3; British Other Ranks O~Z and Civilians A~Z
Dutch (RG 407 Box 118) - Vol. 4; Dutch Officers A~Z and Other Ranks A~K
Dutch (RG 407 Box 119) - Vol. 5; Dutch Other Ranks L~Z and Civilians A~Z
Australian (RG 407 Box 120) - Vol. 6; Australian Officers A~Z and Other Ranks A~J
Australian, American, Italian, Others (RG 407 Box 120) - Vols. 7 and 8; Australian Other Ranks K~Z; American Officers, Other Ranks, Civilians; Italian Officers and Other Ranks; Danish and Norwegian Civilians

Civilian Internee Camps in Asia and Japan (RG 389 Box 2201) - Changi and Malaya camps; includes list of internee camps in Asia and Japan
NOTE re Page 7, courtesy of Nadia Wright: "The American lists include Armenians. These Armenians were born in Singapore or else were naturalised British subjects: Desiree Hacobian, Rispy Hacobian, Looleen Martin, Mary Martin,Mavis Seth."

The following suggestion was forwarded by the eminent British researcher, historian, and author, Jonathan Moffett.

Relatives of British POWs who were in Changi POW Camp, Singapore may like to know that the Public Records Office in Kew, London - a short distance from the Gardens and tube station - hold some 58,000 POW index cards in 50 or so boxes. These contain basic details of each POW and in Japanese on the back additional information - that on POWs who died is particularly informative.

The cards can be photocopied for a fee or digitally photographed. Look at the Public Records Office website and its PROCAT catalogue to plan your visit.
Click here to see sample of card

What you are after in this case is file WO 345. Key in on the catalogue search WO 345 / 1 to see box I which contains names alphabetically Aaron to Angus, WO 345 / 2 etc. The PRO is very user friendly with helpful staff. If you are a first-time visitor you get a short induction tour. If you can't visit you can hire private researchers to do the job for you.

Relatives of British Malayan civilian internees can, by appointment, visit the Imperial War Museum Reading Room to view similar details of Changi Gaol internees in the Changi Register and view other short details in the 1940 Malayan Directory.

Artwork from Changi POW Camp - The Artwork of Des Bettany

"Dad was at Towner Rd and spent 2 years in Changi Gaol. He always told us he had to paint to keep sane, most of these being cartoons that also kept his mates spirits up. After over 60 years in a cupboard, after dad’s death we decided to scan and place the over 300 paintings on a webpage." -- Keith Bettany

15th Feb 1942
Col Holmes GB. MC
Towner Road May - Sept 1942 Lt. Col. S. C D’Aubuz
Serangon Road Sept - Dec 1942 Lt Col Prallity
Changi Jail Dec 1942 - Aug 1945 Lt Col Newey and Lt Col Dillan