Makassar POW Camp
Celebes (Sulawesi)

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Also spelled as Macassar; now known as Ujung Pandang in Sulawesi, Indonesia.
American survivors of S.S. Perch (submarine) and the USS Pope (destroyer)

Camp layout
Sketch of Kampong Makassar huts (drawn by Duffy in 1943; more related)
Camp Roster - Partial- Americans only & deceased
Death Roster (originals, RG 24 Box 6)
HMS Exeter - Summary of casualties and battle
Japanese Staff: Partial only

Asst. Place Name Cards for Java Camp Group Area (RG 153 Box 7, JAG files) - cards are mixed in with other area camps, contain many names and places
relating to deaths, news events, atrocities, etc.
Macassar roster (May 1945)
Joseph Foley affidavit
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Short Review: HMS Exeter (courtesy of Jeoffrey Blain)

A general summary of the movements of HMS Exeter´s ships company after she was sunk on March 1st 1942.

All the survivors (approx 600) were taken to Makassar with a short stop in Banjermassen (South Borneo) Shortly thereafter the Senior officers were sent to Japan (Zentsuji).

In Oct. 1942 a mixed group of 200 mostly from Exeter but also from Encounter, Stronghold, USS Pope and Perch together with 800 Dutch moved to Nagasaki in the Asama Maru.The destination was the island of Koyagi, the site of Fukuoka 2 camp.

In Jan 1943, 200 Exeters were sent to work at a nickel mine in Poemalla (Eastern Celebes) returning in Sept with serious casualties. Another group worked on an airport at Marros(Sorry-no details) Finally a small group of Officers and senior Ratings were moved to Java in 1945.

Officers in Japan (including me) were moved from Nagasaki to Hoten (Manchuria - Mukden) in April 1945.