Nagoya POW Camp #2-B
(formerly Osaka 11-B)

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Osaka 11-B NARUMI

Per Investigation report: 4 km Southeast of the Village of Narumi, on the slope of a hill about 500 feet above sea level. The international coordinates are 35 05" North 136 54" east.
Satellite Map
Relief Map
1947 aerial

28 Dec 1943:
Camp established as Osaka Branch #11 at Narumi. First POW's were 400 British and Canadians from Hong Kong who arrived 7 January 1944. Arrived on the Toyama Maru.
4 Jan 1944: Canadians and British arrive from Hong Kong
6 Apr 1944: Jurisdictional control transferred to Nagoya POW Command with 581 POWs; renamed NAGOYA POW CAMP 2B-Narumi
4 August 1944:
200 Americans arrived from the Philippines most likely the
Nissyo Maru.
2 Sept 1942: first food drops by B-29s of the 315th Bomb Wing
4 Sept 1945: Rescue effected (9 Sept 1945 per Courtney document)

Books about this camp:
Prisoner of the Rising Sun by Stanley Wort (2009)

Morita Report: RG 331 Box 949
Narumi POW Camp- Osaka Branch 11
Address: 3-114 Arumatsu-mura, Narumi-cho, Aichi-Gun, Aichi Prefecture

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Aerial Picture: see page 345 of Official Chronology of the US Navy in WWII by Robert Cressman.

Original documents (PDF):


NAG-02_Asst_Reports - Contents:
IMG_0001-woodhead statement ref Wagner.JPG
IMG_0002-weston memo ref traitor Osborne.JPG
IMG_0003-Tillman ref no heat Jan 1945.JPG
IMG_0004-Stow regarding beating of Michey Owens.JPG
IMG_0005-Spencley (RRC) ref Wagner death.JPG
IMG_0006-Levenberg vague summary.JPG
IMG_0007-Neimeyer re interpreter Kameoka.JPG
IMG_0008-Kissel report summary.JPG
IMG_0009-Kissel report.JPG
IMG_0010-kissel report.JPG
IMG_0011-Joanilho statement ref death of J Rogers-poisoned sake.JPG
IMG_0012-interrogation of Hiroshi Tanaka.JPG
IMG_0013-interrogation of Hiroshi Tanaka.JPG
IMG_0014-interrogation of Hiroshi Tanaka.JPG
IMG_0015-Shinoda statement.JPG
IMG_0016-Shinoda payments.JPG
IMG_0017-Miyatake statement.JPG
IMG_0018-Miyatake statement.JPG
IMG_0019-Miyatake statement.JPG
IMG_0020-Miyatake statement.JPG
IMG_0021-Miyatake statement.JPG
IMG_0022-Miyatake statement.JPG
IMG_0023-Vining affidavit.JPG
IMG_0024-Vining affidavit.JPG
IMG_0025-Vining affidavit-note Waggoner death.JPG
IMG_0026 interrogation of Masahazu YAMAGISHI.JPG
IMG_0027 interrogation of Masahazu YAMAGISHI.JPG
IMG_0029 investigation report Nag-02 Narumi.JPG
IMG_0030 investigation report Nag-02 Narumi.JPG
IMG_0031 investigation report Nag-02 Narumi.JPG
IMG_0032 investigation report Nag-02 Narumi.JPG
IMG_0033 investigation report Nag-02 Narumi.JPG
IMG_0034 investigation report Nag-02 Narumi.JPG
IMG_0035 Nagoya Camps labor descriptions.JPG
IMG_0036 Nagoya Camps labor descriptions.JPG
IMG_0037 Nagoya Camps labor descriptions.JPG
IMG_0038 Nagoya Camps labor descriptions.JPG
IMG_0039 POW discipline rules.JPG
IMG_0040 POW discipline rules.JPG
IMG_0041 POW discipline rules- Osaka area.JPG
IMG_0042 POW discipline rules Osaka.JPG
IMG_0043 Med report by Riley on Narumi 22 Mar 44.JPG
IMG_0044 Med report by Riley on Narumi 22 Mar 44.JPG
IMG_0045 Med report by Riley on Narumi 22 Mar 44.JPG
IMG_0046 Med report by Riley on Narumi 22 Mar 44.JPG
IMG_0047 Waggoner report.JPG
IMG_0048 Waggoner report.JPG
IMG_0049 Waggoner report.JPG
IMG_0050 Waggoner report.JPG
IMG_0051 Waggoner report.JPG

Men employed as slaves for Daido Electric Steel Company and made wheels at the Nippon Wheel (Vehicle) Mfg. Company. Address Sambon Matsu, Atsutaku, Nagoya City; also known as Narumi Atsuta Japan Vehicle Company LTD (Nippon Sharyo Company., LTD). Company also repaired locomotives. The work supervision set-up was the same as other camps. Blog article re Nippon Sharyo.

Hell Ships:
(Special thanks to Vince Lopata)
British and Canadian POWs- arrived in camp 7 Jan 1944. [SS Soong Cheong (15 Dec 43) to Takao, Formosa; Transferred to Toyama Maru (departed 30 Dec 43)- arrived 4 Jan 1944]
Nissyo Maru- believed to have carried all but a few of the Americans

SCAP Investigation Report:
Camp Inspection Report written post war by Capt D'Angelo and 2nd Lt Maulsby. Also includes list of men in hospital at time of rescue
Special: Affidavit of Dr W.N. Riley describing condition and conduct of this camp. Departed camp May 1945 with 300 British & Canadian men- sent to Nagoya #8 Tateyama
First Person Report: USS Buchanan crew description of rescue.
A REAL Hero: Keech, Richard Eugene, Post war, when his son-in-law severely abused his daughter, he saved her life. Convicted of murder and served life in prison.

Special thanks to Gordon SCAGGS for transcribing many of the attached affidavits and reports.

Camp Rosters   (273 men)
Pending: 189 Yanks (see below), 64 Brits, 11 Canadian, 2 Dutch, 2 Portuguese, 1 Russian, 1 Polish, 1 Jamaican, 1 Czech, 1 Finnish
Deceased rosters- name, date of death & cause
Known: Two B-29 Officers and one enlisted man were detained pending medical experimentation- war ended Japanese plans to kill these men.
British: 64 men with unit added
Canadians and Others: Revised with actual roster data

Camp Commanders:
8 Dec 1943 - 1 Jan 1944: 1st Lt Shuntaro Habe
1 Jan 1944 - 6 Apr 1945: 1st Lt Kiyoshi Tanaka
Guard Photographs Group picture with identifications - THE FACES OF EVIL
Japanese Staff Picture - courtesy of Kissell
SCAP Request for information about TANAKA the "BULL".

Interrogation Report: Interviews with MacDonald and Meuli regarding beatings and guard identifications. MacDonald identifies photographs of "Pontiac", "Speedo day", and "Fur Collar Mike". Alleges "Fish Face" involved in beating of Wagner [Waggoner] and Owens.
Woodhead Affidavit: Details the brutal beatings and deliberate starvation of Waggoner. Woodhead calls him "Wagner" in error.
Request for Owens diary: diary not located yet
Weston Affidavit: accuses Osbourne of collaboration with Japanese.
Weston Memorandum: Charles Weston, USN, accuses PFC Osborne of collaboration
Stow Memorandum: Description of Owens' beating for theft.


Reprieve from Hell by Samuel Moody (2006). Blog article.