Identification of Tokuichi TANAKA
Alias "The Bull" & "Fish Face" 

Narumi Main

Source: NARA RG 331 Box 940; Mansell NARA 7
Transcribed by: Gordon Scaggs

Date: 17 February 1947

Report of Investigation Division, Legal Section, GHQ, SCAP

Inv. Div. No. 720      CRD No.      Report by: Taro SHIMOMURA

Title: Tokuichi TANAKA alias "The Bull," "Fish face."

Synopsis of facts:

Identification of Subject, formerly a civilian attaché 1/cst Narumi POW Camp, as being the "Bull" requested by Pros. Div. Military and biographical history set out. Photograph of Subject requested.


At Tokyo:

This investigation is predicated upon a request from Prosecution Division for the identification of Tokuichi TANAKA as being the "Bull." The description of the "Bull" as forwarded to this office from Prosecution Division reads:

"Tokuichi TANAKA was a civilian attaché 1/c at Narumi POW Camp from 6 April 1945 to September 1945. His latest address: Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken; living with his wife and parents.

Description of "The Bull" – about 5’5" tall; 140-150 punds; well built; close-cut black hair; sometimes wore glasses; spoke some English; perfect teeth; lips like a "Negro"; 26 years of age; crippled n right hand and always had it covered; wounded right forearm."

A check of the indices in Investigation Division and CRD revealed the following information:

Nagoya Br. Camp #2 28 Dec 43 – 31 May 45
Nagoya Br. Camp #3 31 May 45 – Sept 45
Probable home address: Gifu-ken, Takayama-shi,
Oji-machi, 3-chome 201

His apprehension was requested on 30 Aug 46, and he was interned at Sugamo on 31 Aug 46.


1 Pros
1 Inv Div (File #51)
1 Inv Div (File #127)
3 Inv Div (File #720)

In an affidavit executed on 2 Sept 1945 at Letterman Geberal Hospital, San Francisco, California, Ivey B. KNIGHT, Cpl. ASN 14029853 states:

"The Bull" was 5’5" tall, weighed 140-150 punds, well built, sometimes wore glasses, had close cut hair, and spoke some English. He was crippled in his right arm and kept it covered constantly and never used it."

In an affidavit executed on 15 Sept 1945, at the 29th Replacement Depot, Luzon P.I., John Macadoff, Sgt. ASN 6944387, states:

"Another amn there at the camp who administered the beatings of the above-named American POWs was wearing Jap uniform but not in the Army. He was employed as a guard. They were known as "goons" by the Americans. His name was TANAKA and had a wound in his right forearm. As a result of this, his fingers and right hand were stiff. He was 5’2" tall, weight 130, knew little English. He was a nice-looking man about 26 years old, lips like a Negro, perfect teeth ….. These men, TANAK and HORI did the beatings of men. They did all this work themselves."

On 5 Feb 1947, this agent interrogated Tokuichi TANAKA at Sugamo Prison and a verbal statement was taken. Subject stated his age as 39 (Japanese age) and home address as Gifu-ken, Takayama-shi, Oshi-machi, 3 chome #2010. TANAKA is wounded in his left forearm just above the wrist so that his wrist will not move. His hand and fingers are stiff except for a slight movement. TANAKA is about 5’5" tall and weighs about 140 lbs.

subject further stated that he was the only TANAKA at Narumi Camp besides Camp Commandant, and also the only TANAKA at Funstsu Camp, besides a Shigeji TANAKA who later married and changed his last name to SHIMIZU, taking the family name of his wife.

Subject denies beating any of the prisoners. He stated that all he did was slap a few prisoners for stealing.

Mr. Gray, Prosecution Division, stated that Tokuichi TANAKA was known as "Fishface" at Nagoya #2 and that about fifty affidavits against Tokuichi TANAKA have been received from former Prisoners of War.

On 3 Sept 1946, I, NOBORI of the Military Section, Political Section, Central Liaison Office of the Japanese Government submitted the military and biographical history of Tokuichi TANAKA, the original of which is being transmitted to the Criminal Registry Division with their copy of this report.


Date of Birth: 1 Jan. 1909

1. Military History:
10 Jan. 1930 Entered 3rd Comy., 9th Engineer Regt. Kanazawa.
30 Nov. 1931: Discharged from active service (1st Private, Engineer).
8 Mar. 1932: Recalled to 2nd Comy, 9th Engineer Regt., Kanazawa, on account of Shanghai Incident.
15 June 1932: Discharged (Sup. Private, Engineer).
10 Sept 1937: Recalled to 1st Comy., 9th Engineer Regt. Kanazawa.
30 Oct. 1937: Wounded near the Soochaw River.
8 Sept. 1938: Exempted from Military Service, discharged (Corporal, Engineer).
1 June 1943: Employed at Osaka POW Camp as employee guardsman; chiefly served at work place under Main Camp.
28 Dec 1943: Removed to 11th Branch Camp (Narumi), Osaka POW Camp, served at work place.
31 Mar. 1945: Army Koin (regular employee)
3 Apr 1945: The title of Camp was changed to 3rd Branch Camp (Narumi), Nagoya POW Camp.
5 June 1945: Transferred to 3rd Branch (Funatsu).
19 Sept. 1945: 3rd Branch Camp (Funatsu), Nagoya POW Camp was closed.
30 Sept. 1945: Dismissed from Army Employee.

2. Biographical History:

1. Education:
26 Mar. 1922: Graduated from Seikoku National School
(Primary Course), Takayama City.

2. Profession:
26 Mar. 1922: Household work (Plasterer).
9 Jan. 1930: (the same after the discharge in 1930).
16 June 1932)
9 Sept. 1937) do.
9 Sept. 1938) Farming.
31 May 1943)

A request has been made for the photographs of Tokuichi TANAKA.


The Tokyo Office ~ at Tokyo ~ will upon the receipt of photographs of TANAKA, cause them to be sent to former POWs for the purpose of definitely establishing his identity as "The Bull."



Reference:RG331-X-Box 940-Nag-02B-Narumi files & Death Lists