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Osaka 11B became Nagoya 2B

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Doucett, Peter,Rifleman,G/18332,Royal Rifles of Canada,Canada,44.02.05,acute colitis
Matheson, Harold,Rifleman,E/29927,Royal Rifles of Canada,Canada,45.01.26,cardiac beri beri

Cochran, Harry T.,S SG,6880527,27th Bomb Gp (L),USA,45.01.17,crushed fracture of facial bone
Waggoner, Doyle Winslow,AOM1C,2741920,,USA,45.07.17,beri beri
[actually died as a result of severe beating and deliberate starvation]
Peters, Raymond Charles,CWT,2994976,USS Tanager,USA,45.07.26,acute enteritis & beri beri (29th per NARA)
Seideman, Louis,PVT,32120767,,USA,44.08.26,acute enteritis & beri beri (Kissel states he died at Fuk-04-Moji- ashes brought to camp later- ex Nissyo Maru)

Yohan, Uni Pietto, 1st LY, Dutch Navy- executed by sword by Lt Tanaka- claimed Yohan tried to escape- not true

Angus, George Ian,Pte,,HKVD Field Force Eng,British,44.01.29,cardiac beri beri
Bel, H.,Pte,,HKVD,British,44.11.03,cardiac beri beri
[Alias name used by George Baladin of Quebec City, Canada]
Burgin, Ermest,AB,D/SSX20669 ,HMS Thracian,British,44.02.14,double Pulmonary Infiltration
Crump, Edwin Herbert,Sigman,5381830,Royal Sigs,British,44.10.18,beri beri & malnutrition
Gibbs, Arthur Henry,LCpl,6202707,Middlesex 1 Bn,British,44.04.22,cardiac beri beri
Gittins, William Minto,Sgt,3161,HKVD-Corps Arty,British,45.03.05,acute pneumonia
Gow, David,Sgt,3375,HKVD-ASC,British,44.04.12,both dry pluerisy & acute pneumonia
Hood, Jack Mair,Cpl,DR294,HKVD-ASC,British,44.03.21,beri beri & chronic colitis
Jack, James McKenzie,RSM,209,HKVD-Corps Arty,British,44.09.15,chronic peritonisis & beri beri
Nix, Kenneth Roy,Bndsman,6202380,Middlesex 1 Bn,British,44.02.08,chronic colitis & beri beri
Rogers, J,WO,105,HMS Cornflower (Hong Kong),British,44.01.15,cardiac beri beri and both
Rough, Harry Robson,Pte,3055925,Royal Scots 2 Bn,British,44.03.16,chronic colitis
Scott, William,Pte,3053613,Royal Scots 2 Bn,British,44.03.16,acute colitis & heart failure
Shuster, Edward,Cpl,4051,HKVD-Field Coy Eng,British,44.03.01,gasric ulcer & perforative peritonitis
Walker, William Laird,WOII,2691,HKVD-Corps Arty,British,44.03.03,chronic colitis
Ward, Thomas Richard,SSgt,2607974,Mil Police Provost staff,British,44.03.20,contusion in middle of forehead -epitherial ex foliation of the right (?); acute pneumonia