Request for Mickey Owens Diary
(Diary not found in files)

Narumi Main

Source: RG 331 Box 940, Mansell NARA 7 records
Transcribed by: Gordon Scaggs

Date: 5 February 1947

Report of Investigation Division, Legal Section, GHQ, SCAP.

Inv. Div. No. 127       CRD No.       Report by: L.N. Barnard, Maj. Inf., O-191597

Title: Nagoya POW Camp #2 at Narumi.

Synopsis of facts:
OWENS presently reported residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, being contacted for diary. Supplementary statement from SHINODA desired.

Reference: Report of Mr. Robert M. Ousley, dated 29 January 1947.

At Tokyo:

In discussing this matter with Mr. Gray of the Prosecution Division, he advised that information had come to his attention to the fact that one Vincent J. OWENS, commonly known as "Mickey OWENS", formerly a Prisoner of War at Narumi Camp #2, had been a civilian employee of the Army Times and had maintained a diary which was believed to have considerable bearing on this matter. Mr. Gray advised that General Wolfe of the Fifth Air Force would be in a position to furnish the exact address of OWENS which was believed to be in Hawaii.

The Nagoya Office was telephonically contacted and requested to contact General Wolfe’s Aide for information concerning the present location of OWENS. As a result of this contact, the Nagoya Office telephonically advised that Vincent J. OWENS was presently reported residing at Box 1884, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Zone of the Interior has been requested by teletype, to contact Mr. OWENS and ascertain if his diary is available for use by the Prosecution in this matter and to ascertain his attitude toward returning to Japan as a witness for the United States if the Prosecution later feels that is presence is desirable.

In discussing reference report with Mr. Gray, he advised that he desired a supplementary statement taken from Kazuo SHINODA, going into [Report is incomplete]

1 Prosecution (Mr. Gary)
1 Nagoya
3 Inv. Div. (File #127)