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These links are deemed accurate for sources of information. PLEASE make recommendations for links you believe are accurate and interesting for POW Research.

Singapore Malay Volunteers- learn the history & Units of the Malay Volunteers- fast growing web site

Naval History and Heritage Command: U.S. Prisoners of War and Civilian American Citizens Captured and Interned by Japan in World War II: The Issue of Compensation by Japan by Gary K. Reynolds, Information Research Specialist (2002)

Searchable Special Recommended Web Data Bases for information regarding individual POWS & KIAs
MIA- American effort to locate, and identify remains of MIAs

Naval Disasters of WWII-
Duncan's Naval Research- Simply the best site anywhere for information about every major ship lost in any manner and facts of WWII.

Merchant Marine as POWs- Complete list of all Merchant seaman held by the Japanese (and Germans), among the very first POWs in the Pacific War (see main page here)

HMAS Perth- Full story, roster, etc. Excellent site for study.

General Overview of all POW sites:
Massacres by the Japanese- well organized and extensive information on the major Japanese massacres. Perhaps someday Japan may acknowledge these facts.

The HONG KONG battle- a stunning data base of those who fought and died in the defense of Hong Kong. An impressive historical achievement.

C Force Reports and Stats - Canadian POWs, mostly from Hong Kong, documents where the men were rescued and where and how some perished.

BRITISH NAVY - Force Z - rosters, etc. of ships lost in Pacific and much more.

Commonwealth Medical Personnel -Story of the POWs of the Japanese including the Medical personnel who cared for them. This will embrace amongst others the POWs of Burma, Thailand (Siam), Burma-Thailand Railway, Sumatra Railway, Changi, Manchuria and Timor.

The Chinese WAR SLAVE pages [link no longer good]. New site explores the enslavement of Chinese, thousands taken to Japan. Worse treatment than imaginable with an extraordinarily high death rate. Must read!

Roll of Honour -Another great research project of Ron Taylor. Very detailed list of mostly British POWs including an updated Java Index of men captured in Java area plus hell ship rosters. Great stuff!

FEPOW- "Far East POW" Community, an excellent British organization that helps document both military and civilian internee in the Pacific.

Children of the Far East POWS - excellent information and a special British charity that is spearheading the drive to create the first permanent memorial to all FEPOW in Britain

ADBC- The American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor: a useful site for research, memoirs, unit histories and further contact. See also the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Memorial Society (Descendants Group).

American Ex-Prisoners of War - not very useful for research but has "request for help" listings.

American POWs of Japan blog site -- Lots of good information here.

Bataan Blogspot - Robert Hudson's blog with a multitude of photos and stories (be sure to read his own story)

Dutch POW Camps under the Japanese: This excellent site by Henk Beekhuis gives information on civilian and military POW camps in the Dutch East Indies as well as other SE Asian camps, including Japan. Very good database on transport ships (hellships). (Google translation to English)

Dutch National POW Database: Deceased list in detail.

Netherlands East Indies (NEI) - Site specifically dealing with the camps in the Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia) The site is written in Dutch but also contains ENGLISH versions of the Dutch features.

Sites relating to Specific Camps:
Fukuoka Camp #1 - An OUTSTANDING site covering the history, pictures, rosters, and life in these camps on Kyushu, all located by the Japanese next to military airfields. [Webpages are now a part of]
Fukuoka Camp 17 - A Lewiston Idaho school history project started in fall of 2002 by the teacher, Linda Dahl Weeks. [Webpages are now a part of]
Korean Camps - Excellent and scholarly report of the 1000+ men, mostly Australians, shipped to Korea in August 1942 on the Fukkai Maru.
POW Camps in Taiwan (Formosa) - Outstanding site regarding Formosa (Taiwan) that is rapidly expanding. Photos, rosters, details.
Canadians in Hong Kong- new site relating the experience of these men at start of war in Hong Kong. Worthy of an OBE
The Old China Hands- site devoted to documenting the internment camps for civilians in China.Hiroshima POWs - includes complete English translation of book written by Shigeaki Mori about American POWs killed in Hiroshima and his incredible work to inform families.
Bataan Missing- dedicated to the thousands of American servicemen who were imprisoned and died of starvation, disease and mistreatment on the Bataan Death March and in Japanese prison camps in the Philippines.
Hiroshima POWs - includes complete English translation of book written by Shigeaki Mori about American POWs killed in Hiroshima and his incredible work to inform families.

Individual Experiences:
Stanley Willner Story - Saga of a Merchant Mariner captured by a German raider, used as a slave by Japanese on Death Railway.
Hank Cowan's Story - Captured on Bataan, sent to Nichols Detail and finally rescued at Cabanatuan. One of the Ghost Soldiers.

War Mysteries Solved: The disappearance of the US Submarine Gudgeon

The Start of the Pacific War:
Dutch East Indies - History of the military campaigns including Orders of Battle. A remarkable achievement by a young scholar in Slovenia.
Shanghai- The attack by the Japanese, July 1937. Site includes 102 startling pictures of the attack by a Swiss national, Karl Kangelbacher, who lived in the city.
Wake Island - The complete story of the invasion and fall of Wake

Financing the War - Japan promoted opium sales in China -a fascinating look at the "real" story.

The Geneva Convention (1929) relating to the treatment of POWS. Full text.

Myths and Outright Lies:
FDR-Churchill - Did FDR know the Japanese fleet was coming? Proof from German intercepts now revealed.
Singapore - Churchill once said that he will be remembered in history as a great leader, "For I shall write the history." The real story of how Churchill knowingly lied about the surrender and maligned the Australian fighters he sent into battle without proper equipment.
More on the Churchill deception about Singapore.

Coventry Bombing -The WWII bombing of Coventry has been portrayed for years as a cold-hearted Churchill decision not to let on the Allies had the German enigma code cracked. Turns out it had more to do with a bad jamming frequency used by early British electronic warfare. The British X-Geraet jammer stations were slightly off frequency and failed to confuse the German pathfinder bombers.

Hirohito's speech announcing the "unconditional" surrender - deception of his own people.

Lies From the Smithsonian- Rebuttal to the distortions and outright lies regarding the Japanese-Americans in WW II. The exhibit was partially funded by a Japanese WAR CRIMINAL. Your tax dollars at work distorting history.

Nazi transfer of enriched uranium to Japan
(More on the Japanese development of an atomic bomb, see Hog Wild – 1945: One B-29, One Soviet Conspiracy by Dwight Rider)

Articles of interest for POW Research:
War Casualties: Casualty count of All wars fought by the United States
The Plan to invade Japan- Operation Downfall
ANZAC Day- On 25 April every year Australians commemorate Anzac Day. It is Australia's most sacred day.
POWs of the Japanese- Web site of Lt Col Winstanley with extensive articles regarding Burma-Thailand Death Railway and numerous camp illustrations
Merchant Marine in WWII. George Duffy's valuable research on the men who sailed the supply ships.
Operation RAMP- (Return of Allied POWs) Listing of B-29 missions to drop food to starving POWs.
War graves register for British Commonwealth. Register for all Commonwealth men killed in World War I and II.
Commonwealth Deceased at the Yokohama Cemetery - plus mystery of missing Aussie graves
Corregidor- Excellent site if you want to understand about the composition of the batteries. Not easily navigated but has excellent discussions and historical essays by determined researchers.
Atrocities of WWII- both German and Japanese. Well researched and accurate but not for the weak of heart.
The life experience of partners of ex-POWs of the Japanese: An outstanding study by Betty Peters, Nursing Research Coordinator, Australia.

Hell Ships:
West Point Listing of Known hell ships- constantly update and very accurate.
Arisan Maru- Roster of the almost 1800 men who perished when this hell ship was sunk. Prepared by the son of former POW William E. Bowen.
Oryoku Maru: Detailed roster for every man on board giving name, rank, unit and place of actual death. A monumental research achievement by Jim Erickson.
Montevideo Maru - excellent site that questions the Japanese records- was this the ship?
Oryoku Maru - site by son of POW killed on this ship. Excellent work! Now includes the Erickson roster of all men on the Oryoku. Includes photographs, stories of survivors. Plus more information, particularly regarding the Moji POW Hospital (Fukuoka #4).
Transport ship database - becoming one of the most accurate online databases on hellships (link is Dutch to English translation)

Book- The best book on this subject is: "Death on the Hellships" by Greg Michno. Worth every dime and the only book worth buying.

YouTube search

Just plain interesting links:
Rare actual photo of American Revolutionary soldier, Captain George Fishley!

New York City pulled out all the stops for the Fourth of July, 1853. Military units and veterans of the War of 1812 paraded. Carelessness with firearms, said the New York Times, produced "the usual catalogue of small disasters."

Individual Units:
192nd Tank Battalion - Bataan - A high school project to remember and teach. Accounts for almost every man who was in this unit on Bataan, along with their stories.
The Philippine Scouts - Extensive site remembering the Philippine Scouts that fought so honorably on Bataan and Corregidor.
4th Marines - info on the often-ignored 4th Marines who fought courageously on Bataan and Corregidor; see also From Shanghai to Corregidor - Marines in the Defense of the Philippines (PDF)
North China Marines - Excellent site documents the Marines in Peking, Tientsin and Shanghai
USS Houston - web site designed to honor the men of this ship, sunk off Java. Most survivors enslaved on the Thailand-Burma "Death" Railway
Defense of Bataan - much history here on the various units on Bataan
200th and 515th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) - many photos and stories at this website developed by the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Foundation of New Mexico; of note is the Bataan Memorial Park

Bataan Commemorative Research Project
ADBC Japanese POW

FEPOW Community Useful Information
Children of Far East Prisoners of War (COFEPOW)
Prisoners Of War Of Japanese
POW Taiwan