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Fukuoka 17 Camp Photo

This site originated 2002. It began in 2001 when my 6th grade library students learned the story of the Death March, disease, starvation, and internment in a Japanese Prison Camp through the experiences of our former Post Master, Wayne Petrie. I can still picture them today; sitting, stunned, and many with tears in their eyes as the reality of what these men endured for the freedom of which they (the students) were now privileged.

After presenting, I admit I was surprised at the overwhelming response of the students. They wanted to know more and wanted to write to the veterans. I was able to get addresses of men who had been in the same camp as Petrie. We had not expected so many responses, we wrote only to honor them with a thank you letter. Yet, we received so many letters in return that I felt these "submissions," along with the books, photos, and letters they also sent, needed to be preserved. And thus I began this website.

I sum up the value of our project with this one comment from a former Camp 17 POW. After having received a letter from the students, he wrote, in part...

"Until I received your letter, I had given up hope that anyone cared."

As I continue this work, to the best of my ability, I will not let another ever believe "no one cared."
-- Linda Dahl Weeks

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