War Relocation Authority


These PDF files are from the Ohio GODORT Digital Collections and have been collected here for the purpose of future transcription. I welcome any and all volunteer help in transcribing these and other documents.

1943-04-02-Notes on Japanese Holidays
1943-05-The Relocation of Japanese-Americans
1943-05-The Relocation Program: A Guidebook for Residents
1943-06-Semi-Annual Report
1943-10-16-Analysis of the Segregation Program
1943-12-20-What We're Fighting For
1943-12-Semi-Annual Report
1943-Causes of Unrest at Relocation Centers by Embree
1943-Nisei in Uniform
1943-Relocating a People pamphlet
1943-Segregation of Evacuees
1944-05-15-Buddhism in the United States
1944-12-28-Japanese Americans Educated in Japan The Kibei
1945-04-Myths and Facts About Japanese Americans
1945-04-Nisei in the War Against Japan
1945-05-Relocating Japanese Americans booklet
1946-02-20-The Stresses and Strains of Center Life by McFarling
1946-Administrative Highlights of the WRA Program
1946-Community Government in Relocation Centers
1946-Impounded People: Japanese Americans in Relocation Centers
1946-Legal and Constitutional Phases of the WRA Program
1946-The Evacuated People: A Quantitative Description
1946-The Relocation Program
1946-Token Shipment: The Story of America's War Refugee Shelter
1946-Wartime Exile: The Exclusion of Japanese Americans from the West Coast
1946-Wartime Handling of Evacuee Property
1946-WRA: A Story of Human Conservation
1947-People in Motion: The Post-War Adjustment of Evacuated Japanese Americans

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