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Many of these rosters are or will be posted on this web site. Some will be links to a site by historians who have made the great effort to preserve the names of the gallant men and women who fought, died or were captured by the Japanese in the early stages of World War II. Many are in spreadsheets and are available for the asking (QPW, XLS, or TXT delimited). If not linked, simply ask for the file. PLEASE LINK ONLY IF POSTING TO YOUR SITE!

HMS Exeter-
KIA Report
HMS Exeter- Died as POWS
2nd Cambridgeshire: [includes KIA and all names but not all details]
Hong Kong- All Defenders External LINK
Australians: Numerous units
Canadians: "C" Force website

US Units- By request only:
34th Pursuit; 17th Pursuit, 3rd Pursuit
701st Ordnance Company (Avn)
803rd Eng Bn (Avn) - based upon the Goldblith Report and extensive research by Paul Ropp
Roster of North China Marines (html file)

By Request
Roster of ALL captured US Marines who survived is now available as a spreadsheet. Also separate lists for Wake. N China Marines, 4th Marines and Contractors
of Wake Island and includes contractors
Roster - (Payroll muster) 59th, 60th, 515th & 200th Coast Arty
Roster: USS Pope, USS Perch, USS Canopus
Air Corps: 5th Air Base Group, 19th Bomb Group, 27th Bomb Group (L)

2/4th Machine Gun Battalion Ex Members Assoc.

Many rosters here:
POW Rosters, Part III - Unit Rosters
More US Units:
Guam- All Units (HTML file)
803rd Engineers (Bataan)
803rd Engineer Aviation Battalion Unit History (Box 669) - Part a - Part b -  Letters, orders, original rosters, photos (courtesy of John Hicks)
33rd QMC Regt (Truck)- Clark Field
USS Canopus- ask for file
Lots more- just ask

59th External Link for Order of Battle
60th External link for Order of Battle
7th Materiel Squadron and 2nd Provincial Infantry on Bataan (external link)
USS Wake - HTML file - captured in China; officer roster not found (yet)

US Army Air Corps Units: 6 Dec 1941 in the Philippines

27th Bombardment Group (Light) [external site; link not working at present] - includes:
Headquarters Deaths
Headquarters Squadron Deaths
16th Bomb Squadron Deaths
17th Bomb Squadron Deaths
91st Bomb Squadron Deaths
48th Materiel Squadron Deaths
2nd Observation Sq Deaths
454th Ordinance Sq Deaths
15th Bomb Squadron Deaths

Military Units in the Philippines - PDF list from The Quan

192nd Tank Battalion - HQ Company, Company A, Company B, Company C, Company D, Medical Detachment

Philippine Scouts:
26th Cavalry Regiment
91st Coast Artillery Regiment
More rosters at the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society

91st Div (Philippine Army)
Luther Stevens had a long prewar career in the Philippine Constabulary which made him an excellent choice to command the 91st Div (Philippine Army). He was promoted to Brig. Gen. and served at that rank throughout the campaign. My father served in the 71st Inf (PA) but when the 71st Div was broken up, the 71st Inf became part of the 91st Div (PA) and placed under Gen. Steven's command. (My father's Silver Star Citation from was signed by B/G Luther Stevens.). By the end of the action on Bataan he was the most senior front line commander of the Western Sector. At the surrender, he and the American officers under his command, including my father, were trucked South to the Mariveles area on Bataan. After some rough treatment they were placed under the command of a "civilized" Japanese Colonel and Stevens was able to get the men some captured American rations. Over the next 2 days they were trucked from Southern Bataan to Balanga and joined the Death March. Gen. Stevens was beaten during the Death March and arrived at Camp O'Donnell in poor condition. He was saved by being moved to Capas with the senior officers but did not make the initial voyage with them to Taiwan. Instead, he followed in Dec 1942 aboard a ship named Yuzan Maru. The Senior officers on Taiwan were transferred to Japan and then Manchuria in Oct-Dec 1944. Gen. Stevens arrived at the Mukden POW camp on 21 May 1945. I learned from a tape recording made from a former POW, Maj. Roy Doran, that Gen Steven wrote an autobiography. Doran had read the diary while at Mukden and remarked that it was a fascinating story. I've never heard any other mention of it. If unearthed it likely fill in some large holes in the story of the 91st Div (PA). (courtesy of Jim Erickson)

91st Coast Artillery Corps (material courtesy of Dave Duhan)

91st CAC (PS) Duty Roster: Page1   Page2

In memory of 1st Lt. Roger W. Swain, 91st CAC (perished on Oryoku Maru)

Coastal Highway Named in Honor of Swain (May 28, 1945 article) - Related article - Sign (Presidio)
Letter from Brig. Gen. Lawton about Presidio streets named after CA men - June 23, 1948

Richard Enoch Tucker - USS Canopus (courtesy of daughter, Debbie Jaco)