Roster of Guam Personnel
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NOTE: Latest version is always available in a spreadsheet format. Just ask and we'll send copy- 174 Kb--- June 7, 2005. Nominal rolls supplied by Mark E. Horan of Windsor Locks, Ct.; NUMEROUS corrections of the Insular Force men compliments of Bert Johntson, grandson of William Johnston who died in Kobe as a prisoner of the Japanese

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Note- If roster name is linked on the roster below, an information page is available for the man with further information, pictures, etc. Please let us know of any errors.

REVISIONS: Captain George Johnson McMillin, USN, Governor of Guam at capitulation, wrote a summary report to the Dept of the Navy after the war. It is a unique document as it was supposed to list the names of all men and women assigned to Guam, list of the wounded and killed, and a description of the action leading to the surrender. Numerous errors have been corrected.
Dates of POW deaths are added by Roger Mansell and sources cited [Benedict, Brown, Bustamante, Gahley, Giles, Kellogg, Knighten, McMurry, Meyers, Reed, Sneddon, Sobey, Van Horn, Wickham, etc.]
[corrections and notations in brackets and/or red type]
Last: 7 June 2005- misc corrections for Insular Force men

Administrative Group, Agaña [13 Officers, 16 EM]
Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Camp of Rescue or Death, Notes
Blaha, Joseph Henry,CY,4087334,USN,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.10
Bright, Graham Paul,Lieut,unk,USN (SC),KIA 41.12.10,Died during invasion leaving Government house
Campbell, Fred Levi,Pay Clerk,77874,USN,Zentsuji, Warrant Officer
Carlson, Arnold John,Lieut,70525,USN Supply Corps,Rokuroshi,Manager
of Agaña Bank per Morgan interview home state Washington
Carney, Francis "Frank" J.,Ens,87629,USNR (CEC),Kawasaki Tokyo #2,transferred from Zentsuji to Kawasaki 12 Jan 1943 - killed in B-29 raid at Kawasaki POW Camp 25 Jul 1945- transferred from Zentsuji on 1 Sep 1942 with 20 other men
Charles, Myron Winston,SK1c,2015075,USN,Osaka Area
Cochran, Mortland,CMM,2560981,USN,Kawasaki Tokyo #2
Davis, James Edward,Lt Jg,83705,USN (ChC),Rokuroshi,
Dietrich, Clyde Chalmer,CEM,3806201,USN,Kawasaki Tokyo #2
Eads, Lyle Willis,Y1c,3209319,USN,Zentsuji
Egan, Willmont Edward,SC1c,3683810,USN,Osaka Area
Fariss, Luther Albert,CY,3596212,USN,Zentsuji,
[Fariss per insurance application RG 24 Box 6]
Fisher, Walter Howell,CBM,2949235,USN,Zentsuji
Giles, Donald Theodore,Cmdr,57042,USN,Rokuroshi
Graf, Paul Mason,Lt Cmdr,58939,USN,Rokuroshi
Handy, Harry Gray,SK1c,2580658,USN,Osaka Area
Haun, Robert Clinton,WO,79720,USN,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.10
[Warrant Officer]
Hellmers, John Anthony,CCStd,2226386,USN,Zentsuji
Johnston, Albert Sidney,CSK,2736582,USN,Sendai area
Jones, Vincent Young,Y2c,3361628,USN,Kawasaki Tokyo #2
Lile, Roy Thompson,CSK,2869684,USN,43.1.22,Tanagawa-1425 hr-diarrehea and malnutrition
Linn, Frank King "Bandy",Bmstr,3926526,USN,Zentsuji
Madsen, Elwood Christian,Lieut,62076,USN,Rokuroshi
Magee, Thomas III,Lt Jg,87198,USNR,Rokuroshi,
Thomas Magee III per RG 24 Box 6
Martin, Joseph Jr,,Ens,84583,USNR Supply Corps,Rokuroshi
McMillin, George Johnson,Captain,7732,USN,Mukden,
transferred from Zentsuji to Taiwan along with Danielson 24 August 1942- Wallace and Danielson Diaries
Mellon, Hugh Robert,Ens,87150,USNR Supply Corps,Rokuroshi,
Not on Mc Millan List
Newman, Samuel Arthur,Lt Cmdr,59237,USNR,Kawasaki Tokyo #2,
served as editor of "The Guam Recorder" newspaper.p vii The Island of Guam Ana Publ 1992. Transferred to Kawasaki (Osaka) 1 Sep 1942
Schiffbauer, Robert Arnold,SK1c,3163344,USN,Zentsuji
Schwartz, Jack William,Lt Jg,86571,USNR (CEC),Rokuroshi,transferred to Kawasaki (Osaka) on 1 Sep 42
Small, Vernon McCoy,CMM,2948784,USN,45.7.25 KIA,died 25 July 1945 in air raid [Kawasaki Steel Mill] along with Carney per Myers p 168
Taylor, Jacob Eugene,CSK,3678961,USN,Zentsuji
Wolfsheimer, Frank,Ens,87707,USNR (CEC),Rokuroshi,Frank Woldsheimer per RG24 Box 6 transferred to Kawasaki 1 Jan 43 then back to Zentsuji on 31 July 43

Administrative Group,Insular Force [19 EM]
Franquez, J.T. NSK1c
Cruz, P.M NSK2c
Duenas, J.L. NSK1c
Franquez, P.T. NSK2c
Santos, J.G. NSC2c
Salas, C.L. NSK2c
Ramos, J.H. NSC1c
Manibusan, A.M. NSC2c
Perez, Ignacio L. NSK3c
Salas, Salvador L. NSK3c
Mesa, E.C. NSK3c
Manalisay, M.A. NSK3c
Untalan, J.P. NS1c
Lujan, J.C.C. NS2c
Taitano, J.S. NY3c
Crisostomo, J.A. NY1c
Leon Guerrero, J.L.G.,NY2c
Perez, Juan T. Ncox
Arceo, Gregorio C. NS1c 

Regular Navy
Lane, Robert Bruce, CBM, USN, 2009070, Zentsuji
Insular Force
Aguigui, Dioniceo NS2c
Aguigui, Jose NS2c
Aguon, Jesus I. NS1c
Aguon, Pedro I. NS2c
Aguon, Vicente Cruz NS2c
Bamba, Jesus M. NS2c
Barcinas, Joaquin C. NS2c
Benevente, Tomas Q. NS2c
Borja, Jose B. NS2c
Borja, Eugenio NS2c
Cabrera, Vicente C. NS2c
Camacho, Ramon Civilian Pay Office Employee
Camacho, Ramon Civilian Photographer volunteer KIA 41.12.10 manning machine gun with Chargualaf
Camacho, Jose S. NS2c
Campos, Juan R. NS2c
Castro, Jesus L.G. NS2c
Castro, Geromino R. NS2c
Cepeda, Juan S. NS2c
WIA 41.12.10
Cepeda, Juan Q. NS2c
Chargualaf, Vicente Ch. NS2c
Chargualaf, Vincente Cruz NS2c KIA 41.12.10 manning machine gun on Plaza
Chaufauros, Francisco H. NS2c
Concepcion, Juan M. NS2c
Crisostomo, A.P. NS1c
Cruz, Pedro G. NS1c
Cruz, George S. NS2c
Cruz, Jose Soriano NS2c
Cruz, Juan Perez NS2c
Cruz, Miguel Rojas NS2c
Cruz, Juan C. NS2c
Cruz, Jesus Cruz NS2c
KIA 41.12.10
Cruz, Joaquin L.G. NS2c
Cruz, Jesus Anderson NS2c
Cruz, Jose Quenga NS2c
Cruz, Juan G. NS2c
Cruz, Geromino D. NS2c
Delgado, Jesus C. NS2c
Eustaquio, Eduardo C. NS2c
Fegurgur, F.F. NS2c
Fejerang, Jose C. NS2c
Fejerang, Gregorio C. NS2c
Fejerang, Joaquin T. NS2c
Fejerang, F.M. NS2c
Flores, Angel L.G. NS2c KIA 41.12.10
Flores, G.T. NS2c
Flores, Jesus Muna NS2c Mendiola, Jesus S. NS2c
Garcia, F.M. NS2c
Garrido, Jesus L. NS2c
Guerrero, Julian M. NS2c
Guzman, Jose M. NS2c
Guzman, Jesus M. NS1c
Ignacio, Enrique M. NS2c
Limtiaco, Vicente A. NS2c
Lizama, Hepolito P. NS2c
Lizama, Jose S. NS2c
Lujan, Joaquin G. NS2c
Mafnas, Jose R. NS2c
Aguon, Vicente F. NS2c
Malijan, Jose M. NS2c
Manglona, Ramundo NS2c
Cruz, Jesus H. NS2c
Manibusan, J.C. NSK3c
Mendiola, P. NS2c
Meno, Jose M. NS2c
Meno, J.P. NS2c
Nauta, Pedro Q. NS2c
Nauta, Jesus Q. NS2c
Ogo, Ramon S. NS2c
Pablo, Jose Cruz NS2c
Pangelinan, I.P. NS2c
Pangelinan, V.R. NS2c
Pangelinan, V.N. NS2c
Perez, Juan T. NS2c
Perez, Jose T. NS1c
Perez, Pedro Diaz NS1c
Perez, Doroteo C. NS2c
Quitugua, Jose L. NS2c
Rosario, Manuel T. NS2c
Sablan, Antonion Cruz NS2c
Sablan, Pedro T. NS2c
Sablan, Antonio Rojas NS2c
Sablan, Pedro C. NS2c
Salas, Joaquin L.G. NS2c
Salas, D.L.G. NS2c
Salas, A.L.G. NS2c
Salas, Ignacio C. NS2c
San Agustin, Juan R. NS2c
San Agustin, Geo. S. NS2c
San Nicolas, Juan R. NS1c
San Nicolas, Pedro C. NS2c
San Nicolas, Jesus NS2c
San Nicolas, Joaquin P. NCM2c
Sanchez, Vincente Q. NS2c
Santos, Jose D. NS2c
Santos, Vicente C. NS2c
Santos, Wencesrus M. NS2c
Sgambelluri, S.G.C. NS1c (Detective)
Soriano, Jose S. NS2c
Tajalle, Tomas N. NS2c
Torres, Juan M. NS2c
Torres, Tomas N. NS2c
Villagomez, J.P. NS2c

RADIO Agaña [21 EM]
Bircher, Norman Dewey,Aerog2c,3932897,USN,Osaka Area,WIA 41.12.10
Cramer, Clinton Jerald,RM1c,2913944,USN,Osaka Area
Gordy, Tom Watson,RM1c,2678489,USN,Tokyo area
Guith, Frederick Gorman,Prtr1c,3109075,USN,Zentsuji
Jones, Luther Wilbur C.,Aero,3463232,USN,KIA 42.9.11,evader - captured and executed
Jones, Robert William,Aerog2c,3720963,USN,Osaka Area
Kellogg, Harvey Guy,RM1c,3163918,USN,Died 43.3.25 Zentsuji
Miller, Clifford Lockert Jr.,RM1c,2951516,USN,Hirohata
Musselwhite, Otis Warren,RM1c,2682550,USN,Tokyo area
Myers, Hugh Hadley,CRM,3412278,USN,Tokyo area
Parmenter, Alan Weldon,RM1c,2013913,USN,Hirohata
Sager, William Henry,Aerog1c,3810837,USN,Zentsuji
Smith, Frederic Ferguson,RM1c,3812571,USN,Omori
Tweed, George Ray,RM1c,3927093,USN,Rescued 1945 invasion,Hidden on Guam for entire war
Tyson, Albert Joseph,RM1c,2043672,USN,KIA 42.10.22,evader - captured and executed
Walker, Dorsey Robert,EM1c,3464111,USN,Tokyo area
Wells, Frederick Porter,Y3c,3809655,USN,Hirohata,
[a.k.a. "The Fox"]
Williams, Clyde Perry,Y3c,2743572,USN,Osaka Area
Yablonsky, Adolphe,Y1c,2433528,USN,KIA 42.09.11,evader - captured and executed [Honolulu Memorial says 42.09.14]
Young, Edmund Clarence,RM1c,2122376,USN,Osaka Area
Young, Joe Robert,CRM,3928965,USN,Kawasaki Tokyo #2

Radio Agaña Insular Force [7 EM]

Camacho, V.R. NS2c
Cruz, J.V. NS2c
Cruz, Vicente Diaz NS2c
Guevarra, V.A. NS1c
Sablan, V.S. NS2c
Taitano, F.S. NS2c
Tydingco, C.L. NS2c

Radio Libugon [8 EM]
Barnum, Donald Warren, CRM, 3929942, USN,Nagoya #10 Fushiki
Dullard, Edward James, RM2, 3211031, USN,Osaka #9 Notogawa
Ellis, Robert Reid,RM1c,3368814,USN,Zentsuji
Faulkner, Stuart Thomas,RM2c,3812151,USN Hirohata
Joslin, Harold Eugene,RM2c,385735,USN,Zentsuji
McCune, Don Lee,RM2c,4013053,USN,Hirohata
Parr, Rexford Gerald,RM2c,3560412,USN,Osaka Area
Smith, Markle Tobias,RM1c,2913531,USN,
Nagoya #10 Fushiki

Insular Force Navy Band [18 EM]
Cruz, L.T., N1st Mus
Perez, J. M., N1st Mus
Camacho, J.S., N1st Mus
Salas, J. I., N1st Mus
Damian, C.B., NMus1c
Sablan, J.M., NMus1c
Achaigua, F., NMus1c
Pangelinan, Tomas, NMus1c
Mesa, J. M., NMus1c
Damian, A.B., NMus1c
Cruz, F.P., NMus1c
Unpingco, J.R., NMus2c
Cruz, A.T., NMus2c
Cruz, V.C., NMus2c
Paulino, C.R., NMus2c
Diaz, V.T, NMus2c
Cristobal, A.L., NMus2c
Fejerang, J.R., NMus2c

NAVY YARD, PITI [1 Officer, 7 EM]
Gaines, Oliver Wallace,Lt Cmdr,20364,USN,Piti Yard, Rokuroshi, Beach Master
Wells, George Bernard,WO,O-82173,USN,Piti Yard,Zentsuji,WO per RPL
Snater, Bernard Jake,CMM,80743,USN,Piti Yard,Died 45.7.25 Kawasaki,air raid [Kawasaki Steel Mill](died 25 July 1945 in air raid [Kawasaki Steel Mill] along with Carney per Myers, p 168) see Carney above] Story of the Raid and the death of these three men
Strauch, Henry Ernest,CMM,29508,USN,Piti Yard,Died 45.7.25 Kawasaki,air raid [Kawasaki Steel Mill] (died 25 July 1945 in air raid [Kawasaki Steel Mill] along with Carney per Myers, p 168)
Jelinski, Alfred Valentine,CMM,2338756,USN,Piti Yard,Tokyo area
Kucharski, Leo Frank,BM1c,2340640,USN,Piti Yard,Osaka area,ex Osaka Main
Leininger, Jack,WT1c,3109541,USN,Piti Yard,Hirohata
Smoot, Malvern Hill,CMM,2715243,USN,Piti Yard,KIA 10 Dec 1941,evader

Insular Forces [Piti Navy Yard] [31 EM]
Afleje, J.,NS1c
Aguon, J.L.G.,NS1c
Anderson, Frank,NMM1c
Aquiningoc, J.J.,NS1c
Blas, V.C.,NCox
Blas, Jose Lujan,NF3c
Borja, Jose M.,NS2c
Camacho, V.P.,NS1c
Camacho, E.G.,NF1c
Castro, Jose Castro,NF2c
Castro, Jesus C.,NCox
Cepeda, F.S.,NS2c
Champaco, V.A.,NF1c
Concepcion, F.A.,NF2c
Concepcion, Manuel Cruz,NS1c
Concepcion, Antonio,NS1c
Concepcion, Manuel Castro,NCox
Crisostomo, Juan A.,NS2c
Cruz, P.S.,NF2c
Cruz, J.N.,NS2c
Cruz, Jose A.,NS1c
Duenas, P.S.,NQM2c
Duenas, P.S.,NQM2c
Farfan, J.C.,NY2c
Fejeran, J.P.,NBM2
Fejeran, E.P.,NF2c
Fejerang, Antonio S.,NS2c
Fejerang, F.P.,NCox
Fejerang, Luis C.,NF3c
Fejerang, J.C.,NCox
Gomez, N.S.,NF2c
Indalecio, V.I.,NS1c
Leon Guerrero, J.M.,NS2c
Lizama, Jose S.,NS2c
Lujan, J.G.,NF1c
Lujan, F.V.,NS2c
Lujan, J.G.,NF1c
Lujan, P.C.,NGM2c
Mendiola, F.V.,NBM2c
Meno, J.M.,NS2c
Mesa, Juan C.,NF2c
Nauta, Felix Q.,NS2c
Nauta, Vicente Q.,NCox
Pangelinan, F.V.,NF2c
Perez, Jesus L.,NS2c
Perez, V.Q.,NF2c
Perez, Jose S.,Ncox
Perez, Jose C.,NS1c
Quinata, A.A.,NF2c
Quitugua, E.R.,NCox
Rivera, M.B.,NF2c
Sablan, J.P,NS1c
Sablan, H.A.,NS1c
Salas, J.I.,NF2c
San Nicolas, G.C.,NF1c
Sanchez, J.T.,NF1c
Santos, G.C.,NS2c
Santos, V.C.,NCox
Santos, J.Q.,NF1c
Santos, J.S.,NF1c
Santos, J.B.,NF2c
Siguenza, J. I.,NBM1c
Siguenza, J.T.,NS2c
Taitano, M.C.,NQM1c
Taitano, Luis S.,NF2c
Ulloa, Joaquin L.,NS2c
Ulloa, Juan L.,NS1c
Unpingco, Jose A.,NCOX
Unpingco, Jesus A.,NF2c
Untalan, J.G.,NCox

U.S.S. PENGUIN [4 Officers, 50 EM]
Regular Navy
Allen, David Martin,GM3c,3558102,USN,USS Penguin,Mukaishima,WIA 41.12.8 [mentioned Nixon Diary- 14 Dec 1943]
Bairey, Verne Nicholas,MM1c,3207590,USN,USS Penguin,Tokyo area,CT
Benson, Arthur Wise,Bkr2c,3283123,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji
Carrillo, Andrew James,QM1c,381984,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.9
Cruz, J.J.,Mess Attend 2c,,Chamorro,USS Penguin
Davidson, Harry Willard,WT2c,3683318,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata
Dean, John Robert,SC3c,2436820,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata
Epperson, Bobbie,RM2c,342122,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata
Ernst, Robert Walter,SM3c,3812969,USN,USS Penguin,KIA 41.12.10,Executed on beach
Fraser, Rollin George,BM1c,3110965,USN,USS Penguin,KIA 41.12.10,Executed on beach

Gwinnup, Ralph Henry,EM1c,2914235,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.8
Hale, Edward Everett,EM2c,3933244,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata,WIA 41.12.8
Hanzsek, Joseph,MM1c,2435703,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,PA - WIA 41.12.8
Haskins, Thomas Theron,S1c,3115716,USN,USS Penguin,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.08
Haviland, James William III,Lieut,59306,USN,USS Penguin,Rokuroshi,WIA 41.12.8
Hinton, Cecil Edmond,CM1c,2742064,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji
Howard, Edward Neal,WT2c,2915025,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata
Hurd, Seba Guarland,SM3c,3371486,USN,USS Penguin,KIA 41.12.10,Executed on beach
James, Howard "A",Y1c,3108815,USN,USS Penguin,Osaka area
Johnston, Clarence Bruce,MM1c,3161832,USN,USS Penguin,Executed 42.10.22,evader - captured & executed
Krump, Michael L.,CMM,3159710,USN,USS Penguin,Executed 42.9.11,evader - captured & executed

Lake, Olin Sumner,CQM,3051724,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.8
Lumpkins, Floyd,F1c,3369214,USN,USS Penguin,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.8
MacLean, Robert Brown,SK3c,3165955,USN,USS Penguin,Died 44.2.14 Umeda,Pneumonia [Died, 14 Feb 1944, Umeda Busho, Osaka, pneumonia- Nixon & Meyers Diaries]
Magelssen, [Sverre] Walter,S1c,3421711,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata,WIA 41.12.8
[McMillan states, in error, Maggelson]
McFarlane, John Graham,CEM,3755210,USN,USS Penguin,Kawasaki Tokyo #2
McKenzie, Lester William,F2c,3213970,USN,USS Penguin,Toyama #7,WIA 41.12.8
Molnar, Earnest,S1c,3600152,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata
O'Brien, Robert William,CBM,2911728,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.8
O'Neill, Frank James,BM1c,3282372,USN,USS Penguin,KIA 41.12.10,Executed on beach
Olson, Robert Torell,F1c,3285797,USN,USS Penguin,Osaka area
Patterson, Rae,CWT,4083387,USN,USS Penguin,Kawasaki Tokyo #2?,CA
Pineault, Leo Joseph,Cox,2044461,USN,USS Penguin,KIA 41.12.10,Executed on beach
Rathbun, Lorenzo Everett,RM2c,3682748,USN,USS Penguin,unk,WIA 41.12.8
[RG 24, Box 6]
Ratzman, Martin Earl,S1c,3761866,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.8
[RG 24, Box 6]
Reed, William James,F2c,3422135,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji
Reed, Reginald Walter,SM1c,3753025,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata
Sawyer, John Wilbur,S1c,2834125,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji
Schweighhart, John,GM1c,2282954,USN,USS Penguin,KIA 41.12.10,Executed on beach
Senchuk, Walter,Ens,96158,USNR,USS Penguin,Rokuroshi,OH Dayton
Settles, Edwin Wayne,S1c,3001464,USN,USS Penguin,Hirohata,IL - WIA 41.12.8
Shaw, Gilbert James,PhM1c,3162800,USN,USS Penguin,Omori,NE
Smith, James Madison Jr.,F1c,2685189,USN,USS Penguin,Osaka area
Staff, Jack Wadsworth,S1c,2235308,USN,USS Penguin,Osaka area,NJ
Stansberry, Clifford Devine,S2c,3166668,USN,USS Penguin,Tokyo area,conflict w McMillin Rpt
Taitano, J.L.,Mess Attend 1c,,Chamorro,USS Penguin
Tattrie, Norman Sidney,MM1c,3369422,USN,USS Penguin,Tokyo area,WIA 41.12.8
Tenorio, J.G.,Mess Attend 3c,,Chamorro,USS Penguin
Vergara, C.,OC1c,,Chamorro,USS Penguin
White, Robert Gabriel,Ensign,unk,USNR,USS Penguin,KIA 41.12.10,KIA
Wilkerson, Melvin Cecil,S1c,3563693,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,
Severe mental breakdown in POW camp per Frank Perry interview by Joe "Fingers" Zentsujians in Kansas p 34- still at VA Hospital in Waco as of 1989
Wilson, Rex Elwood,EM3c,2722177,USN,USS Penguin,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.8
Wood, Edwin Allen,Ens,90920,USNR (SC),USS Penguin,Rokuroshi,WIA 41.12.8
Zimmer, Robert William,F2c,2791616,USN,USS Penguin,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.8  

Navy Fleet Reserve [USS Penguin][10 EM]
Cepeda, J.,F1c
Chargualaf, R.,OC1c,,,,,WIA 41.12.10
Concepcion, J.C.,S1c
Cruz, E.,Cox
Flores, Joaquin Lago,S1c
Flores, Jesus Lujan,S1c
Guzman, Tomas,OC1c
Matanane, Jose,MM2c
Perez, J.A.,MM1c,,,,,WIA 41.12.10
Salas, V.A.,S1c

U.S.S. R.L. BARNES [1 Officer, 8 EM]
Regular Navy
Allain, Joseph Alban,MM1c,2122045,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.10
Colavecchio, Felix Anthony,BM1c,2043862,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Zentsuji
Eudy, Earnest Franklin,WT1c,2615849,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.8
Gayhart, Clarence Irwin,EM1c,2870180,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Zentsuji
Holmes, Jesse Godfrey,CMM,2067844,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Tokyo #5 Kawasaki
Maloof, George Meetry,BM1c,214874,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Osaka area
Nestor, John Louis,Lt,5270,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Rokuroshi
Raymer, Francis Marion,Cox,2915183,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Osaka area
Whitaker, Kenneth Francis,CWT,2678614,USN,U.S.S. R.L. Barnes,Zentsuji

Insular Force [USS Barnes] [18 EM]
Aguon, J.S.,NSC3c,,Ins For
Aguon, F.S.,NS1c,,Ins For
Blas, F.A.,NMM1c,,Ins For
Chaco, Juan,NF3c,,Ins For
Chaco, J.R.,NF2c,,Ins For
Cruz, A.P.,NY2c,,Ins For
Evangelista, V.M.,NF3c,,Ins For
Ignacio, L.C.,NQM3c,,Ins For
Laguana, Agustin J.,NS2c,,Ins For
Mendiola, Jose A.,NSC1c,,Ins For
Quidachay, M.Q.,NF3c,,Ins For
Rios, Jose S.,Ncox,,Ins For
Sablan, Antonio,NF1c,,Ins For
Santos, F.S.,NS2c,,Ins For
Santos, S.C.,NMM2c,,Ins For
Tenorio, J.T.,NS1c,,Ins For
Unpingco, J.R.,NF1c,,Ins For   

Regular Navy, Messman Branch [41 EM]
Acfalle, V.R.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Aflague, Noberto Gogue,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Anderson, George,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Anderson, Ant'D,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Baza, J.D.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Butler, R.E.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Camacho, Jesus,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Camacho, Artero,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Camacho, J.N.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Castro, J. C.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Castro, Jose T.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Castro, F.G.R.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Certeza, D.Q.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Charfauros, Arthur B.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Concepcion, J.Q.,Mess Attend 1c,,Ins For
Concepcion, J. Cruz,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Cruz, F.S.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Cruz, Jose T.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Cruz, Antonio,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Cruz, Robert F.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Cruz, Eduardo Rios,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Dungca, Felix T.,Mess Attend 1c,,Ins For
Garrido, F.D.B.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Leon Guerrero, J.J.A.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Manibusan, Nicolas,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Manibusan, J.A.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Matanane, C.A.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Merfalan, Vicente M.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Mesa, John T.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Nauta, Francisco S.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Pangelinan, Vicente Gogue,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Perez, Joaquin F.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Quenga, Felix,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Quitugua, F.A.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Rabon, J.B.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Repicio, J.D.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Reyes, Geronimo C.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Rosario, Gregorio Del,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Sablan, Jose,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Taitano, Joaquin L.,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For
Toves, Frank Ellis,Mess Attend 3c,,Ins For

Fleet Reserve, Chamorro [3 EM]
Ada, Manuel,OS1c,,Ins For
Aflague, Jose,QM2c,,Ins For
Miner, Jose Anderson,SC2c,,Ins For   

YP-16 [6 EM]
Regular Navy
Saunders, Philip Earl,CBM,3801732,USN,YP-16,Osaka area [NARA official records misspell his name as "Sanders" in error]
Ashton, Henry Jay,BM2c,2071242,USN,YP-16,Hirohata
Fabian, Henry Jr.,MM2c,2232774,USN,YP-16,Osaka area
Binns, Donald Adair,Cox,3419733,USN,YP-16,Zentsuji

Wash, Jack Lawrence,S1c,3822756,USN,YP-16,Zentsuji
Dahlsted, Arthur Benedict,F1c,3287088,USN,YP-16,Osaka Area

Insular Force [YP-16, 4 EM]
Camacho, J.C.,NS2c,,Ins For
Guerrero, F.C.,NS2c,,Ins For
Mesa, F.F.,NF3c,,Ins For
Rios, J.S.,NF3C,,Ins For 

YP-17 [6 EM]
Regular Navy
Arnett, Lowren Augustus,S1c,2916382,USN,YP-17,Osaka area
Bluma, Lawrence Eugene,BM2c,3419732,USN,YP-17,Zentsuji
Dutro, Harold William,F2c,3760667,USN,YP-17,Hirohata
Foote, Arthur Earnest,MM1c,3855619,USN,YP-17,died 45.8.25,died 25 July 1945 in air raid [Kawasaki Steel Mill] along with Carney per Myers p 168
Podries, Anthony Joseph,MM1c,3364049,USN,YP-17,Hirohata
Prickett, Hiram Jefferson,QM1c,2678192,USN,YP-17,Osaka area
Townsend, Homer Lamar,CBM,3596005,USN,YP-17, Zentsuji

Insular Forces [YP-17, 4 EM]
Flores, J.Y.,NF3c,,Ins For
Leon Guerrero, J.P.,NF3c,,Ins For
Perez, M.B.,NS1c,,Ins For
Torres, Jose P.,NF1c,,Ins For

U.S. NAVAL HOSPITAL [10 Officers, 5 nurses, 55 EM]

Lineberry, William Taylor,Capt,12501,USN (MC),USNH,Rokuroshi
Cecha, Albin Hastings,Cmdr,9793,USN (MC),USNH,Omi
Van Peenen, Hubertus John.,LtCmdr,62189,USN (MC),USNH,Rokuroshi
Moe, Tilden Iver,Lt Cmdr,62165,USN (MC),USNH,Rokuroshi
[insurance application, RG24, Box 6]
Gottlieb, Mack Leonard,Lieut,100921,USNR (MC),USNH,Omori
Eppley, James Edward,Lt Jg,80583,USN (MC),USNH,Tokyo Area
Feder, John George,Lt Jg,83504,USN (MC),USNH,Fukuoka #7 Ube
Markowitz, Herbert Abraham,Lt Jg,87411,USN (MC),USNH,Fukuoka #3 Yawata
McInnis, Harry Burford,Lt Jg,84732,USN (DC),USNH,Osaka #5 Notogawa?

Nurses   Nurses were exchanged on the SS Gripsholm
Christiansen, Lorraine,Lt Jg,N&80296,USN,USNH,Repatriated June 1942
Fogarty, Virginia J.,Lt Jg,N&80178,USN,USNH,Repatriated June 1942
Jackson, Wilma Leona,Lt Jg,N&64890,USN,USNH,Repatriated June 1942
Olds, Marion "Mary" B.,Chief Nurse,N&64345,USN,USNH,Repatriated June 1942
Yetter, Doris M.,Lt Jg,N&80149,USN,USNH,Repatriated June 1942

Albertazzi, Dorman Vernon,PhM1c,3756108,USN,USNH,Zentsuji [RG 24, Box 6]
Arnold, Joseph Stephan,PhM1c,2793264,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Atwood, Clayton Woodrow,PhM2c,3932558,USN,USNH,Osaka area
Baker, Francis Earl,PhM1c,3369373,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Bell, Louis Whorton,CM1c,3719900,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
[RG 24 Box 3 states rank CM2c] 
Benedict, Donald Andrew,PhM3c,2386496,USN,USNH,Osaka area?
Berry, Bryan Webster,PhM3c,2625320,USN,USNH,Tokyo Area
Bowen, Charles Augustus,PhM2c,2072195,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Bowman, LeRoy Wilson,PhM3c,2625375,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Carscallen, Edwin William,PhM2c,2385311,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Custer, Edwin Morton,CphM,2907307,USN,USNH,Fukuoka area,No Picture
Daniels, Alfred Lee,HA1c,3562662,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Daul, Arthur Percival,CphM,82030,USN,USNH,Fukuoka #4 Moji,
Warrant Officer per Mosher
Deiderich, Aloyius Michael,PhM2c,2999262,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Dunlap, Wilson Willard,HA1c,3821648,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Fenn, Frank Lewis Jr.,PhM1c,2124176,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Frontis, Irving,CphM,2616294,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Goetz, Howard Clarence,PhM1c,3598959,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Harrod, Reid Donald,PhM1c,3598800,USN,USNH,Osaka Area
Hetzler, Melvin Ray,PhM2c,3856718,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Iannarelli, Anthony Nicholas,PhM2c,2998114,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Jones, Roy Dillard,PhM1c,3414921,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Keck, Truman Wilbur,PhM1c,3557965,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
La Casse, John Joseph,PhM3c,3858547,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Lebovitz, Harry Benjamin,PhM1c,3369042,USN,USNH,Fukuoka #7 Futase
Malone, Clifford Bernard,PhM2c,3759242,USN,USNH,Osaka area
Marshall, Peter "B" Jr.,PhM3c,3372319,USN,USNH,Hirohata
[External Link]
McLeod, Marvin Donald,HA1c,3561620,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Merritt, Lonnie Cleophas,CphM,2614070,USN,USNH,Osaka area?
Meyers, Adolph Wessel,CphM,3803670,USN,USNH,Tsuruga Osaka #5,Zentsuji, Tanagawa, Umeda, Tsuruga
Mosher, Alfred Raymond,PhM3c,3933450,USN,USNH,Fushiki
Nalls, Nathan Cass Jr.,PhM2c,3559478,USN,USNH,Tokyo Area
Odneal, Harley Miles,PhM2c,3420927,USN,USNH,Osaka area
Odom, John Carroll,PhM2c,3369398,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Olson, Gordon Erland,PhM2c,2581131,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Ploke, John Francis,PhM1c,3159544,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Rice, William Edward,PhM2c,2657253,USN,USNH,Omori ex Hirohata
Roepke, Fred Conrad,CphM,3206649,USN,USNH,Zentsuji,Zentsuji, Moji, Zentsuji
Rowe, Abner Peter Jr.,PhM1c,2681498,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Rye, Jens Olaf,PhM2c,2071392,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Salley, Ansel Arthur,PhM1c,2617420,USN,USNH,Hakodate Area
Salsbury, Richard Leroy,PhM3c,3721365,USN,USNH,Osaka area
Schwab, Albert John,PhM2c,3857790,USN,USNH,Osaka area
Shipp, John Stanley,PhM2c,3720773,USN,USNH,Fukuoka #3 Yawata
Sprague, J. Wilson,PhM2,3720726,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Sterling, William Thomas,CphM,80713,USN,USNH,Hakodate Main,
Warrant Officer per Mosher
Storey, James Wilson,PhM1c,3463688,USN,USNH,Hakodate Area
Thomason, Richard B.,CphM,3556205,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Valois, Robert Leslie,PhM2c,3820497,USN,USNH,Omori
Weaver, Paul Richard,F1c,2796499,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Wilkinson, Alexander Roberts,PhM3c,2660880,USN,USNH,Zentsuji
Williams, Henry Belmont,PhM2c,3562634,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Wilson, Elmer Wallace,PhM3c,3760085,USN,USNH,Hirohata
Young, James Clifton,CphM,1741559,USN,USNH,Hakodate Area
Young, Jack Robert,PhM3c,3820841,USN,USNH,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.8

Insular Force [Naval Hospital] [7 EM]

Castro, J.S.N.,NHA2c,,Ins For
Guevara, F.D.,NHA2c,,Ins For
Guerrero, S.T.,NHA2c,,Ins For
Rivera, A.S.,NHA2c,,Ins For
Santos, J.S.,NHA2c,,Ins For
Terlaje, J.S.,NHA2c,,Ins For
Untalan, J.M.,NHA2c,,Ins For

Regular Navy [4 EM]
Aguigui, F.T.,Mess Attend 3c,,USN,Govt House,unk
Mendiola, T.S.,Mess Attend 1c,,USN,Govt House,unk
Oliva, Honofre,CK2c,497-97-56,USN,Govt House,unk
Techaira, R.L.G.,Mess Attend 3c,,USN,Govt House,unk 

INSULAR PATROL [1 Officer, 28 EM]
U.S. Marine Corps
: Mc Millan list did NOT include Standlea who was assigned before the invasion
Todd, Charles Solon,Capt,5205,USMC,Ins Patrol,Rokuroshi [Also served as Governor's Aide; McMillin report lists Todd as 1st Lt in error] [Obituary]
Ankrom, Merlin Winfield,PFC,273934,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata

Baggett, Ralph N.,PFC,301267,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji
Bagwell, Woodrow L.,PFC,285676,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji
Ballinger, Richard Willis,PFC,253627,USMC,Ins Patrol,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.10
Bay, William Russell,PFC,301720,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata
Bomar, William Wiltshire Jr.,FC,unk,USMC,Ins Patrol,KIA 41.12.10 [KIA-LA Evening Herald, 19 Feb 1942; buried Little Rock Natl Cem]
Bryk, Chester John,Pvt,311161,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata
Budzynski, John Joseph,PFC,301035,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata
Burt, William Harold,PFC,unk,USMC,Ins Patrol,KIA 41.12.10
Bustamente, Lawrence Robert,PFC,266735,USMC,Ins Patrol,Died 44.3.16 Hirohata,Died, starvation and infected boils 16 Mar 1944 per Reed Memoir

Chuck, Harris,PFC,301176,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata
Church, Ray Howard,PFC,301335,USMC,Ins Patrol,Tsuruga
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Combs, Charles "Charlie" Allen Jr.,PFC,301234,USMC,Ins Patrol,Osaka area,Omaha NB
Dunn, Garth Grafton Jr.,PFC,288855,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata
Goebel, Daniel William,PFC,296196,USMC,Ins Patrol,Osaka area
Hanson, Knute Clarence,PFC,296199,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji
[per RG 24, Box 6]
Hinkle, Robert Moore,PFC,310927,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata
LaGrone, Harry John,Pvt,308764,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji,Bn 18.3.9
Lewis, Cecil Walter,Pvt,311453,USMC,Ins Patrol,Osaka area
Martin, Max Holland,PFC,309442,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji
Neal, Gayle,PFC,309443,USMC,Ins Patrol,Osaka area
Podlesny, John Raymond,Corp,252024,USMC,Ins Patrol,
Osaka #9 Notogawa
Redenbaugh, Carl Eugene,PFC,299711,USMC,Ins Patrol,Osaka area
Roslansky, Marvin Arthur,Pvt,306037,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji
[RG 24, Box 6]
Schubert, Arthur George,PFC,277405,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji
Seegar, Harold Aloysius,PFC,276280,USMC,Ins Patrol,Osaka area
Shane, George Joseph,Sgt,236695,USMC,Ins Patrol,Hirohata
Smalling, Hollis,PFC,280056,USMC,Ins Patrol,Zentsuji
Standlea, William Dale,Pvt,307094,USMC,Ins Patrol,Tsuruga Osaka #5,Zentsuji Tanagawa Umeda Tsuruga
Van Horn, Ray Earl,Corp,282830,USMC,Ins Patrol,Died 45.7.3 Chikko,Killed 3 Jul 1945 (Chikko) Giles p 198

U.S. MARINE BARRACKS, SUMAY [6 Officers, 118 EM]
MacNulty, William Kirk,Lt Col,587,USMC,Sumay Det,Rokuroshi
Spicer, Donald,Major,932,USMC,Sumay Det,Rokuroshi
Starr, Marvin Tipton,Capt,4748,USMCR,Sumay Det,Rokuroshi
Flournoy, Walter Nevins,1st Lt,5343,USMC,Sumay Det,Rokuroshi
[Correct spelling submitted by grandson, Scott Whitehouse, USN]
Marks, Mortimer Allen,Capt,5124,USMCR,Sumay Det,Rokuroshi
Morgan, Glenn Dean,Capt,5270,USMCR,Sumay Det,Rokuroshi
[Replaced Lou Walt, USMC. upon arrival in Guam 1941]
Dunsmoor, Earl Worcester,Pay Clerk,7463,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji

Andersen, Frank Raymond,PFC,268091,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Anderson, Harry Edward,Corp,273552,USMC,Sumay Det,KIA 41.12.8,IL
Babb, James Woodrow,PFC,284297,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji,WIA 41.12.8
Barnett, Carroll Dale,PFC,303498,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Bearden, Ivan Chester,PFC,301268,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Bender, Edward,PFC,301425,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Bowman, Rupert Orrin,PFC,301723,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Boyle, Martin,Corp,250464,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Brown, Roy T.,PFC,284669,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Buerger, Burdell Oscar,PFC,281733,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Chrichton, Clint Millard,PFC,276703,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
[ Adjutant General list, RG 270, Box 143 (erroneously) states rank as Cpl and spells name Chrichton]
Cohen, Sam Lears Jr.,ACK,298336,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Combs, Jay "B",Mess Sgt,257152,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Copeland, Frank Emory,Corp,282358,USMC,Sumay Det,Tsuruga,ex Umeda
[mentioned- Nixon diary, 1 Feb 1944]
Cutler, Jack Marvin,Pvt,279849,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Dalrymple, Russell Edward,Pvt,303029,USMC,Sumay Det,Nagoya #9 Toyoma
Damon, Walter LeRoy,Mess Sgt,214524,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Danielson, Dewey C.,FM1c,303962,USN,Sumay Det,Mukden,
[transferred from Zentsuji to Taiwan along with Captain McMillan, 24 August 1942- Wallace Diary]
Darter, Harold Leslie,Pvt,302246,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Desaulniers, Armand Claude,PFC,296319,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Dixon, Vernon G.,ACK,307306,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Drolette, James Alexander,Pvt,307861,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Dupuis, Edward Charles,FM1c,291336,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Emch, Robert W.,Pvt,302084,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Ercanbrack, Earl Benson,1st Sgt,226537,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Erdman, James,Corp,272665,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
[Rescue list shows Corp]
Ford, Cecil Cassells,SSgt,267487,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Frederick, Revice Noble,FM1c,290723,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
French, Edward William,PFC,279856,USMC,Sumay Det,Rokuroshi
Garrison, John Breckenridge,PFC,297075,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Giles, Doyle Bertram,PFC,296582,USMC,Sumay Det,Died estimated Mar 1943 Osaka,Died Osaka unknown cause approx 23 Mar 1943 per Reed memoir
Golich, George C.,Corp,273403,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Hagood, Fletcher Marvin,Corp,230852,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
[Marks Memoir contains card with signature "HAGOOD"]
Herd, Leo,ACK,304277,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Hernandez, Pedro "Pete" Rodriguez,PFC,310851,USMC,Sumay Det,Fuziki- Nagoya #10
Higgins, William Dabney,PFC,265378,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Honan, Thomas Raymond,Sgt,243571,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Humphrey, Herbert Joseph,PFC,287537,USMC,Sumay Det,Tsuruga ex Osaka Main ex Zentsuji
Huston, James Leon,PFC,303030,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Jaspits, John,Corp,199259,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Jones, Artis Willis,PFC,288574,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Jones, John Henry,PFC,296586,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
[RG24, Box 6]
Kallgren, Harry Marshall,Pvt,309796,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Kauffman, John W. Jr.,PFC,310904,USMC,Sumay Det,Executed 41.12.10,KIA on plaza after surrender
Knighten, Jesse Willard,Sup Sgt,253938,USMC,Sumay Det,Died 44.3.23 Osaka area,cause unknown per Reed Memoir

Kozlowski, Leonard Stanley,PFC,285111,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
[RG24, Box 6]
Kuonen, Charlie R.,PFC,297150,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
LaChappa, John Emilio,PFC,307624,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Larsen, William Keith,Pvt,310921,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Laser, Henry Frederick,Sup Sgt,242912,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Law, Phinas Allen,Ack,250185,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Lee, Robert James,Corp,281264,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Legato, Albert,Corp,289599,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.8
Ligon, Lane Everett,Pvt,309446,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Lufkin, Sewell Robert,Corp,260024,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Lyles, John Henry,Sgt,248374,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
[Lyles, John Henry per RG 24, Box 6]
Maass, Edward,PFC,288292,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Manning, Don Knighton,ACK,280466,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
McMurry, Cloyd Carter,Sgt,251742,USMC,Sumay Det,Died 44.9 Umeda,accidently killed by a passing train in yard at the Tanoji train yard work detail from the Umeda Bunsho
Meletis, Paul John,PFC,257285,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Miller, Albert Ray "Pete",PFC,308773,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
["Pete" per daughter Hazel Rose]
Molloy, George Donald,Sgt,248477,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Moore, Howard Carson,Sgt,220855,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata,WIA 41.12.8
Moore, Richard Kenneth,Pvt,307446,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Moreno, Alfonso Joseph,FM1c,292105,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Morrow, Clifford V.,PFC,311452,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Moss, Wynn Thomas Jr.,Pvt,279548,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Mucciacciaro, John David,PFC,299705,USMC,Sumay Det,Tsuruga
Mueller, John Allison,PFC,309797,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Nettles, Howard,Pvt,309512,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Newton, Robert Alysious,Sgt,273450,USMC,Sumay Det,Kobe #2 ex Kobe Castle,Rescued by Brits at Kobe #2
Nichols, Frank Jr.,PFC,310215,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Nichols, Glenn E.,Corp,240979,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area,WIA 42.12.10
Mentioned-Nixon Diary 12 Jun 1944- born in China to Marine family
Nixon, Harbart [Thomas] C.,PFC,307091,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area,WIA 41.12.8 [Thomas C.- Harbart was error on birth certificate copy per interview, 9 Sep 2001; see "Laughter in Hell" by Marek. Nixon is major subject of book.]
O'Shea, John J.,Plt Sgt,199566,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Ordoyne, Eulice Joseph Sr.,Pvt,299771,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
[Grandson added "Sr" - states rank was Corp at rescue]
Ormseth, Russell Bernard,PFC,276017,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Orr, Luther Davis Jr.,Pvt,306170,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Osborn, Max Bernard,PFC,305959,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Peak, Martin Henry,PFC,300837,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Perkins, Elbert Samuel,Pvt,310933,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Plummer, Nathan Smith,PFC,248374,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Pogue, Bill Barton,Pvt,308783,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Ramsey, Edgar Allen,Corp,245720,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji

Ritthaler, Paul R.,Fld Ck,279949,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
[RG 24, Box 6]
Ross, Howard DeFrance,PFC,269599,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji,nickname "Seagull"
Rossetto, Otto,Plt Sgt,230155,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Rucker, John Dooley,PFC,300504,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Runck, John Frederick,Sgt,260211,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Rybicki, Clarence John,Corp,278155,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Schlegel, Alfred Arlington,PFC,279828,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Seymour, Charles Ray,PFC,285066,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
[middle initial changed from A to R by son, Rick Seymour- click to see newspaper report]
Shaul, Emmitt Wane,Corp,273066,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Shively, David Thomas,Pvt,311456,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Smith, Lee Thomas,Pvt,309008,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Smith, Elwood,Pvt,311167,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Smith, John Marvin,PFC,310919,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Sobey, William Henry,Sgt,160025,USMC,Sumay Det,Died 44.11.29 Zentsuji,meningitis [Died of meningitis at Zentsuji, approx Dec 1943, Barnett interview, Binns interview. Giles, p 197, gives date as 29 Nov 1944. Navy Dept released news 5 Sep 1945 that Sobey died of "beri-beri", no date specified. Sobey joined Marines in 1915 and was 52 when captured.]
Spellman, Edward James Jr.,Pvt,310926,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata,WIA 41.12.10
Stone, Frank Marion,Plt Sgt,70336,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
Summers, George Roger Jr.,PFC,290895,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Taylor, Marion Alexander,PFC,286045,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Thiel, Robert Anthony,Corp,276961,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Thoren, Oscar LeRoy,Corp,281369,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Trascher, Floyd Lance,PFC,284308,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Turk, William Herbert,PFC,271264,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Vontom, Sherwood Richard,Sgt,249516,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Wallace, Howard Earl,Corp,282170,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Waller, Clyde Roy,Corp,278191,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Ward, James Sample,Corp,268048,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata
Watts, Willard Williams,PFC,296496,USMC,Sumay Det,Sakurajima
Weaver, James Walter,PFC,266090,USMC,Sumay Det,Osaka area
Wickham, John Edward,PFC,297443,USMC,Sumay Det,Zentsuji
[RG 24, Box 6]
Wood, Jeff Calfin,Pvt,307410,USMC,Sumay Det,Hirohata

Note: McMillin lists Corp. Ralph J. Holewinski as present but he never left Wake Island where he was wounded and captured     Top

Rescued Civilians were rescued at Futatabi Camp in Kobe

Brunton, Foster D.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works [Kobe]
Brinkerhoff, Harold K.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe]
Encerti, Dominic,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe]
Feary, Robert L.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works [Kobe]
Flaherty, Hubert W. "Albert",CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hughes, William R.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe],WIA 41.12.8
Johnston, William G.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,died 43.10.11 Kobe Intl Hospital of malnutrition, enteritis and myocarditis
Kluegel, Jack V.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,died 41.12.10 KIA. charged out of Admin bldg firing a pistol

Lowe, Enoch B.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe]
Nelson, James E.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe]
Sachers, Hans H.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe]
Underwood, James H.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe]
Walker, Charles L.,CIV,na,Nav,Pub Works,Futatabi [Kobe].  

PAN-AIR [11 Men] [Pan American Airways]
Arvidson, R.A.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Blackett, George L.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Brodofsky, Max,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Conklin, George M.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Gregg, Charles F.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
[Station Manager]
Hammelef, Alfred,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Oppenborn, Fred B.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Penning, Everett H.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Thomas, James O.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Vaughn, Robert J.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]
Wells, Grant S.,CIV,na,na,PanAm,Futatabi [Kobe]   

[*] = Notations in following section (civilians) from research by Mark S.Schwartz (San Diego) at Provost Marshall records. Accuracy of these notations has not been verified by webmaster of this site

Foden, George G.,CIV,na,na,Cable Sta,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hansen, Martin,CIV,na,na,Cable Sta,Futatabi [Kobe], A Danish citizen per David Lotz of Yigo Guam
Henning, Roy C.,CIV,na,na,Cable Sta,Futatabi [Kobe]
MacMichael, Sidney,CIV,na,na,Cable Sta,no record
O'Connor, Patrick J.,CIV,na,na,Cable Sta,Futatabi [Kobe]
Perry, Frank,CIV,na,na,Cable Sta,Tokyo Area,WIA 41.12.10
[sent to Zentsuji with Blaha]

Huston, Ronald N.,CIV,na,na,Std Oil,Futatabi [Kobe]  

LOCAL GUAM CITIZENS [19 Men per McMillan, actual 24]
[*] - Retired military
Barbour, James,CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Tokyo #5 Kawasaki
Butler, Chester C. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Cox, Otto T. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
D'Angelo, Guiseppe [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Durham, Walter E.,CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Elliott, Hiram W. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Fall, Fred W.,CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Tokyo #5 Kawasaki
Gay, Elmer L. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,no record
Haller, Fred,CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hudson, James M. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hughes, William R. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
[name repeated in Public Works list]
Jackson, Arthur W. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Kerner, Albert [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Kopp, E.C.,CIV,na,na,unk,died 45.01.31. Japan area undefined
Lole, Salvador,CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,no record,
Source: Palomo p 63
Manley, Albert P. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Tokyo #5 Kawasaki
Nelson, James E. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
[name repeated in Public Works list]
Notley, William H. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Olive, Euell F. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Payne, William A. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Sgambelluri, H. [Marcello],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Underwood, James H. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
[name repeated in Public Works list]
Vaughan, Wallace L. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Wolford, Harland T. [*],CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Futatabi [Kobe]
Wusstig, Ernesto,CIV,na,na,Cit Guam,Died as POW,First Civilian to Die in Captivity in Kobe

Hellmers, Ruby,CIV,na,na,US Cit,Exchanged on the SS Gripsholm
Hellmers, Charlene (Daughter),CIV,na,na,US Cit,
Exchanged on the SS Gripsholm
McNulty, Stanley S. (D.D.S.),CIV,na,na,US Cit,Futatabi [Kobe]
[corrected per e-mail of grandson, David S. McNulty, 4 Jul 2002]


[*] Bishop [Michael A. Olano, a Spanish citizen later released on an exchange ship per David Lotz, Yigo, Guam]
[*] Brother Jesús [de Begona, a Spanish citizen later released on an exchange ship per David Lotz, Yigo, Guam]
[*] Brother Gabriel [Badalamente, Br. Gabriel]
[*] Father Alexander [Feeley, Fr. Alexander]
[*] Father Arnold [Bendowske, Fr. Arnold]
[*] Father Alois [Lafeir, Fr. Alvin]
[*] Father Theophane [Thoma, Fr. Theophane]
[*] Father Felix [Ley, Fr. Felix]
[*] Father Mel [McCormick, Fr. Mel]
[*] Father Xavier [Marquette, Fr. Xavier]
[*] Father Ferdinand [Stippich, Fr. Ferdinand]
[*] Father Marchan [Pellett, Fr. Marcian]
[*] Father Adelberg [Donlon, Fr. Adelbert]

CONTRACTORS [Alphabetized] [Provost Marshall's List]
Aitken, Robert B.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Angell, Frank M.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Apedaile, Thomas D.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
[Corrected spelling per Sgt Nixon]
Ashby, Woodrow, O.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Bacon, H. Edward Jr.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Bendon, Thomas L.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Betz, Ralph,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Betz, Paul,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Burroughs, Harry F.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Campbell, Neil D.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Chambers, Leigh S.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Clary, Sr., Eugene E.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Corley, Nathan D.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Craver, Charles G.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Davis, Edward L.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Devine, Richard,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Downing, Cecil T.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Durham, Walter E.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Edmonds, Kenneth R.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Eldridge, Clark H.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Falvey, William J.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Farwel, Gurden J.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Fraser, Kenneth S.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Gahley, Martin P.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Died 44.3.20 Futatabi,age 40 pneumonia-Gregg diary
Gilbert, Francis M.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Gordanier, William F.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hardy, Kenneth F.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Harris, Leon A.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Haun, Harold L.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hermes, Joseph,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hoffstot, Robert O.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Hubbard, Robert P.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Kinnison, David W.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Kirsch, Robert E.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Lankford, Lee F.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Lucke, Harley J.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Maxim, Edward G.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Mead, Herbert S.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Meyer, Kenneth E.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Meyer, Halsey G.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Moneyhun, Charles E.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Morganthaler, Joseph,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Myers, Edward L.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Neass, Lawrence F.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
O'Leary, James B.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Occhipinti, Rosario F.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Petrovitch, John R.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Pleitner, Walter,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Robinson, Milton A.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Robira, Wallace M.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Roskowyk, Raymond G.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Rupert, Frank D.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Smith, Charles A.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Smith, Roy,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Smith, William,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Sterling, Bryant A.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Stickel, Zane A.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Stubbe, William J.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Taylor, Jack L.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Terry, James I.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Thomas, Gomer J.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Wallace, Donald D.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Watson, Mortimer E.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
West, Carl M.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
White, Alton R.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Wickman, Harold H.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Died 44.4.1
Futatabi,age 30 during gall bladder surgery-Gregg Diary, Hoover Inst Archives
Williamson, Earl,CIV,,na,unk,Died 42.2.12 undefined area
Woodruff, Arthur E.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Woolliscroft, Everitt B.,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]
Young, Jr., R. "Bill" Herndon,CIV,na,na,CPNAB,Futatabi [Kobe]

Misc. aliens interned in Kobe who died in captivity

This was
NOT part of the McMillan Report

Hickman  Died 23 Mar 1944, age 74, unknown cause, Gregg Diary, Hoover Archives
Griffiths, Harry John B., Died 31 Mar 1944, age 62, heart failure from carbon monoxide - hibachi used in confined space - Gregg Diary, Hoover Archives