Trapped with the Enemy

Trapped With The Enemy
Four years as a civilian POW in Japan
By James O. Thomas, Assistant Station Manager, Pan American Airways, Guam, December 1941.
ISBN: 1401044131

Thomas traces the difficult and fearful lives of the civilians taken to Japan after Guam was seized, December 10, 1941. A remarkable first hand view of Doolittle's raid "looking up as the bombs fell" in Kobe to the horrendous vision as Kobe disappeared under a rain of firebombs. At the end of the war, fellow military from Guam were stunned to realize the civilians remained when all believed they were repatriated. An inspiring tale of courage and the tenacity to survive.

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 "Scanning the skies, we spotted a twin-engined bomber coming in from the northeast at a low altitude. We stopped to watch its approach. It didn't sound nor look like a Nip plane... then we spotted the insignia, a circle with a star in the center. My heart jumped into my throat. My God, it was an American plane, so
low we saw the pilot in the cockpit... in one blazing, exhilarating moment, 2:40 P.M. on April 18, 1942, the Doolittle raid on Kobe had happened. The attack had lasted less than ten seconds, but its effect on Japan was staggering."

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