Osaka POW Camp #2-D

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Osaka 2-D UMEDA:
Located a few blocks from the Umeda train station, about one mile from the waterfront.
Osaka 2-D UMEDA
OSAKA-shi, KITA-ku, USHIMARU-machi
Time Line:
22 Nov 1942:
Established as UMEDA Branch Camp
18 Feb 1943: Renamed 2-B
10 Mar 1943: Renamed 2-D
21 May 1945: Destroyed POWs transferred to
Tsuruga 20-B

Satellite map
Aerial maps: 1948 - 1947 Osaka area (courtesy of Japan Map Archives)

Photographs & Sketches

Photographs of the destroyed camp, sketch of camp by Murray Sneddon and picture of loading docks where POWs worked.

Frank Hoeffer-
Personal description of camp destruction - external link with excellent time line (link may be outdated; use Google cached page)
Primary Labor Use:
Stevedore; employer was Japan Transport (Nippon Tsuun)

Camp Rosters at Liberation:
This is a re-created roster. This camp was destroyed in an incendiary raid - no surviving rosters found. Provided by the daughter of Wright P. Shill, Jr.; Data has been cross checked with NARA lists by Center For Research, Roger Mansell, Director.

List of deceased at Umeda Bunsho; includes list of those who perished at Itchioka after transfer from Umeda.
Original archival documents - Report of deaths, rosters

Affidavit of TSgt Jesse Leon Stewart, USMC from Wake Island. Tells of camp conditions and actions of Lt. Namba

Japanese Camp Staff -
As reported by Lt Col McElfish

Books Describing Life at Umeda
A book worth looking for...and buying!

Individual Stories/Links:
Laughter in Hell by Stephen Marek (privately published 1954)

Andy Andrews POW-152 - Well done book, excellent description of camp and one of the best portrayals of life on a hellship