Umeda POW Camp
Recommended Books

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3 Star
= very good  4 Star = Highly Recommended  5 Star = Accurate, worth every dime

Laughter In Hell by Stephen Marek. Very factual story of Lt. E.L Guiry, USN, and T/Sgt. H.C. "Tom" Nixon, USMC. Travails of two men, one from Guam and one from Corregidor as they pass through Zentsuji, Tanagawa, Umeda and Tsuruga. Well illustrated and gives a complete understanding of their lives as slaves and how they learned to organize and survive. Under the camp leadership of Zimo Tarnowski, a Navy Aerographer from the Philippines, they started a "school" to teach fellow prisoners how to steal food and eventually corrupt the prison staff. Out of print and hard to find but worth the price.

Not Recommended:
Yanks Don't Cry
- Martin Boyle: Written to make a movie.