Umeda Japanese Staff

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Source: The following report was supplied by the daughter of Lt. Col. Roy E. McElfish, Virginia M. Damberg. McElfish was transferred from Osaka to Zentsuji in January of 1943. The report was prepared upon rescue at Rokuroshi, 27 August 1945.

Inclosure No. 3 (McElfish Report)
List of Japanese personnel, Osaka District, Prisoner of War Camp, Japan, and List of personnel at Umeda Bunsho Camp, Osaka, Japan.

District Commander, Osaka District - Colonel Murata
Camp Commander, Umeda Bunsho (Relieved March10, 1943) - 2d Lt. Yamada
Camp Commander, Umeda Bunsho (March 10, 1943 to July 31, 1943) - Sergeant Kinari
Paymaster - Sergeant Kato

Japanese Army Guards and Administrative personnel at Umeda Bunsho:

Gunzoku Mariyama
Gunzoku Shimayashi
Gunzoku Shinya
Gunzoku Yamada
Gunzoku Sasamitsu
Gunzoku Furakawa
Gunzoku Ishimoto
Gunzoku Matsumoto
Gunzoku Yokoyama


Mr. Usui (civilian)
Mr. Fujioka (civilian)
Mr. Kishimoto (civilian)
Mr. Suwa (Army)