Camp established 23 June 1945

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Note: Obituary for General Charles S. Todd, USMC, Guam, posted June 2004
Although the camp was established for American officers from Zentsuji, thirty enlisted men & civilians [see list] were sent here earlier to cook and serve as medics. Other records indicate they came from the Kawasaki Camps in Osaka, both #2 and #5 and Tsumori. Early arrivals in blue
British officers were moved to numerous camps including Hanaouka (Sendai #7), Mitsushima, and Nagoya POW Command among others. Unknown [for now] destination for Dutch officers.

Name (357 men), Rank, Service, Place of Capture, Unit, Ser No, Notes
Includes numerous Dutch, British and Australian Officers and some civilians from Wake Island.
Adair, William G.,Capt,USA,Bataan,MP Det North Luzon,O-388722
Adams, E.O. Stephen,Pvt,USMC,Wake,1st Def Bn,307129
Albrecht, Randolph Newnson,Capt,USA,Marasin Panay,63rd Bn,O-2031873,Major on RPL
Anderson, Edward L.,Ens.,USN,South Atlantic,SS Stanvak Calcutta,97722,6 Jun 1942
Anderson, Joseph A.,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Anderson, Noren V.,1st Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,11th Div (RA),O-890067
Anderson, Rasmas,Capt,USA (CE),S. Luzon,202nd Eng,O-950359
Anderson, Richard Kerfoot,Lt,USN,Fabrica Negros,Cavite Yard,70302,pic SC-223999
Anthony, Eugene H.,Capt,USA,Bataan,57th Inf (PS),O-373425
Apra, Augustine S.,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th CA (AA),O-336095
Armold, Harold A.,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Bataan,Quartermaster Depot,O-379745
Armstrong, George H.,1st Lt,USAAC,Corregidor,17th Pursuit Sqdn.,O-373852
Arvin, Charles Robert,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th (AA),O-351611
Baardson, Brynjolv,1st Lt,USA,Cebu,MP Regt,O-2031874,Capt per RPL [ex DS Ravnaas]
Backstrom, Bert H.,Capt,USA (PS),Corregidor,91st CA (PS),O-332146
Baggett, Warren C.,1st Lt,USAAC,Cuyo Island,48th Matl Sqdn,O-268018
Bahr, Edwin Henry,CM1c,USN,Corregidor,USS Finch,3145679
Baker, Lloyd,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,Finance Dept,O-372852
Baldwin, James H.,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Corregidor,Army Trans Service,O-384778
Bartlett, Leland D.,Major,USA,Corregidor,4th Cem Warfare,O-213258,Lt Col per RPL
Bassett, Robert Van Rensselaer Jr.,Lt,USN,Java Sea,USS Pope,75398,3 Mar 42
Belenkoff, Nicolas,1st Lt,USA,Iloilo,61st Div Hq,O-2031875,RPL misspelled as Belindof
Besbeck, Louis B.,Capt,USA,Bataan,45th Inf PS,O-262526
Bess, Clarence Riley,Capt,USA,Bataan,31st Inf,O-22060
Besson, Robert B.,Major,USA,Carmen PI,21st Inf (PA),O-20771
Bidgood, Clarence,Major,USA (CE),Bataan,71st Eng,O-19777
Bird, William Wiley,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,27th BG 91st Sqnd,O-425233
Bjoring, Robert G.,2nd Lt,USAAC,PI,27th BG,O-427504
Blass, Daniel Luther. 1st Lt, USAAC, 20th Ours Sqn, O-411921
Boettcher, Arnold A.,Major,USA (CE),Bataan,PI Eng Depot,O-275224
Boggs, Kenneth L.,Capt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th CA (AA),O-277052
Bond, Dow George,Capt,USA (AA),Bataan,515th CA,O-405201
Boscarino, James F.,Plt Sgt,USMC,Wake,1st Def Bn,212065
Boyd, William Knight,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,2nd Obs Sqdn,O-365186
Boyer, Jack Karper,Capt,USA (AA),Bataan,515th CA,O-398138
Boyt, Eugene P.,1st Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,201st Combat Eng,O-405083
Bradley, Jack W.,1st Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,515th CA,O-416658,Cabcaban
Brauer, Leslie Douglas,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Bray, Cleveland H.,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Brooks, Les C.,Capt,USA (PS),Bataan,45th Inf (PS),O-383935,Attached 31st Inf PA
Bryant, Frankie M.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Corregidor,34th Pursuit Sqdn,O-418156
Bull, Harcourt G.,Capt,USA (CA),Corregidor,92nd CA (PS),O-270185
Burke, Edward L.,Capt,USA,Carmen PI,194th Tk Bn,O-397078
Burkhart, Thomas F.,1st Lt,USA (PS),Bataan,45th Inf. (PS),O-347240
Burwell, Frank H. Jr.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,71st Inf.,O-386462
Butler, Ray Smith,CEM,USN,Corregidor,1th Vav Dist Cavite,1144030
Byrne, Jerome S.,Capt,USA,Corregidor,91st CA (PS),O-21404
Cadmus, Walter George,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,31st FA,O-391338
Calas, George Constantine,Capt,USA,Bataan,HQ Philippine Dept,O-300767
Campbell, James Atlas,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,FEAF,O-430466
Carlson, Arnold John,Lt (SC),USN,Guam,Admin Group,70525
Cave, Glenn Edward,1st Lt,USAAC,Corregidor,3rd Pursuit Sqdn.,O-411937,pic SC-223997
Cerny, Harry W.,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Chandler, Robert J.,Capt,USA,Bataan,803rd Eng Bn Avn,O-21386
Chestnut, Albert H.,2nd Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,Hq 24th Pursuit Sqdn,O-378229
Chevaillier, Lewis Beall,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,60th CA,O-380494,SC-223948
Christensen, Arthur G.,Major,USA,Bataan,Inf,O-20871
Clinton, Jack W.,Ens.,USN,South Pacific,Pat Sqdn 11,104079
Coffee, James F.,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,86th FA (PS),O-383331
Coleman, John Scott,Capt,USAAC,Bataan,FEAF,O-243526
Combs, Oliver Bert,Major,USA,Bataan,11th FA (PA),O-207587
Conrad, Eugene Blair,Capt,USA,Bataan,31st Inf,O-394417
Cope, Joseph Workman,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Cope, T. Truman,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Cormack, Bruce L.,1st Lt,USA (SC),Bataan,252nd SC (PS),O-375707
Cory, Allan M.,Major,USA,Bataan,51st Inf (PA),O-317610
Cotton, Percy M.,Lt JG,USNR (SC),Cebu,Supply,79465
Covington, James M.,Capt,USA (QMC),Corregidor,Hq QMC,O-224100
Cowart, Frank Earl,Capt,USAAC,Canton China,6th Trans Gp,O-511023,27 Dec 43 [Link will open PDF file]
Critchlow, John Nisbet Jr.,Lt,USNR,Bay of Bengal,USS Grenadier (SS-210),,21 Apr 43
Crosby, Allen F.,2nd Lt,USA,Condon, N Luzon,121st Inf, PA,O-417944,24 Jun 1942
Crosland, Donald M.,1st Lt,USAAC,Mindanao,34th Pursuit Sqdn,O-417944
Culp, Willis. Powell III,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,17th Pursuit Group,O-426558
Currens, Ronald Bryce,1st Lt,USA (Ord),Bataan,PI Ord Depot,O-379991
Curtis, John Charles,Capt,USA,Tacloban,83rd Inf (PA)
Dalness, Harold E.,Capt,USA,Corregidor,51st Inf (PA),O-562066
Dalton, Joseph Francis,Lt,USN,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,,Pangdelon Java 4 Mar 1942
D'Arezzo, Alfred John,Capt,USA,Bay of Bengal,301st FA,O-21109
Davis, James E.,Lt JG,USN (ChC),Guam,Admin Group,,Chaplain
Dawson, Leland W.,1st Lt,USAAC,North China,51st Fighter Gp,O-668211,30 May 1944 pic SC-223998
De Crooy, Juliene Guillaume F.,Stoker,KNEI,Bandoeng,Patrols Susvis,25420/D
Deeter, Morton L.,1st Lt,USAAC,Bataan,20th Air Base Gp,O-399089
Delop, Wesley F,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Dillard, Samuel H. III, 2nd Lt, USAAC, O-421737- caught escaping- tranferred to Osaka Prison- rescue location unknown
Dixon, Louis LeRoi,2nd Lt,USA (Ord),Bataan,PI Ord Depot,O-890079
Donoho, Marshall M.,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Dreher, Alfred Benjamin,Capt,USA,Mindanao,440th Ord (Avn),O-354795
Drobek, Peter J.,1st Lt,USA,Iloilo,63rd Inf (PA),O-890173
Eddington, Harold F.,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,59th CA,O-337519
Emerson, Kary Cromus,Capt,USA,Bataan,Hq II Corps,O-375860 [External Link- RECOMMENDED]
Erhardt, Charles Wilson,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,59th CA Btry C,O-370677
Erickson, Edward A.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Mindanao,17th Pursuit,O-417948
Evans, Fred B. Jr.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,26th CAV (PS),O-333757
Evans, Robley D.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,45th Inf (PS),O-399426
Farris, Stephen C.,Capt,USA,Corregidor,92nd CA (PS),O-22022
Faulkner, Ace E.,Capt,USA (CE),Bataan,Hq 14th Eng Bn (PS),O-308907,Major per RPL
Fisher, John W.,1st Lt,USA (PS),Bataan,72nd Inf. (PS),O-418005
Fitzpatrick, Lyle J.,Lt Col,USA,Iloilo,63rd Inf (PA),O-300496
Flournoy, Walter Nevins,1st Lt,USMC,Guam,Sumay,5343,Capt
Forinash, Cecil Lavone,Capt,USA,Bataan,2nd Obs Sqdn,O-379104
Fortney, Thomas H.,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th CA 2nd Bn E Co,O-340841
Foy, Thomas P.,2nd Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,200th CA Btry H,O-890148
French, Edward William,PFC,USMC,Guam,Sumay,279856
Fulton, Robert Burwell 2nd [187.3-b],Lt,USN,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,71606
Gaines, Oliver Wallace,Lt Comdr,USN,Guam,Piti Yard,20364,Beach Master Piti
Galbraith, William Jackson,Lt Comdr,USN,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,62687
Gallagher, Frank E. "Ned" Jr.,1st. Lt,USMC,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,6163
Gallagher, George Adrian,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,71st Eng (PA),O-890342
Garrett, Fred F.,1st Lt,USA,Marshall Islands,27th Sqdn 27th BG,O-740163,16 Dec 1943 pic SC-223950
Gasperini, Silvio E. Jr.,Capt,USA,Bataan,12th Inf (PA),O-23203
Gates, Julian Jack,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,27th Sqdn,O-412099
Geer, Paul,2nd Lt,USA (PS),Bataan,86th FA (PS),O-376876
Geis, Robert W.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,24th FA,O-296513
Gensberg, Frank,Capt,USA (PS),Bataan,88th FA (PS),O-369039
George, Anthony Raymond,Capt,USA,Bataan,200th CAC,O-341331
Gilbert, Basil J.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,28th Air Gp,O-358847
Giles, Donald T.,Comdr,USN,Guam,Admin,57042
Gillett, Richard L.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,17th Pursuit,O-418038
Gladys, Stanley J.,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Bataan,QM Corps,O-890083
Goldblith, Samuel A.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,803rd Eng Bn (Avn),O-391719
Gordon, Jerome A.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,71st Eng Bn (PA),O-890344
Graf, Paul M.,Lt Comdr,USN,Guam,Admin Group,58939
Graham, Leonard C.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,27th BG,O-370449
Gregg, Donald C.,Capt,USA,Cebu,MP Regt,O-953163,Major per RPL
Griffin, Thomas F. Jr.,1st Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,1st Inf (PC),O-367731
Gross, Franklin D.,Cpl,USMC,Wake,1st Def Bn,269556
Gutter, Leo F.,Major,USA,Bontoc PI,43rd Inf,O-288861
Hall, Ridgley L.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,1st Bn Hq 200th CAC,O-370168
Hansen, Ralph W.,Capt,USA (QMC),Bataan,12th QM Rgt (PA),O-245809
Harding, Harry J.,Major,USA,63rd Inf (PA),Ililo Panay,O-392110
Harrington, Wilson H.,Cmdr,USNR,Cebu,USN-Cebu,14537
Harrison, Thomas Robert,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,21st FA (PA),O-416400
Hart, Frank H.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,PI Constabulary,O-890403,2nd Rgt 11th Div
Hartung, Arvel N.,PFC,USMC,Wake,1st Def Bn,287010
Harty, Kevin Denis,Lt,USNR,Bay of Bengal,USS Grenadier (SS-210),97492,Malacca Strt 300 miles No of Penang
Harwood, Otto,Lt Col.,USA (QMC),Bataan,Luzon Force,O-7932,Col per RPL
Haviland, James W. III,Lt,USN,Guam,USS Penguin,59306
Hay, John H.,CM1c,USA,Panay,63rd Inf USAFFE,O-031872,Major per RPL
Heichel, Byron L.,Capt,USA (AF),New Ireland,63rd Bomb Sqdn 43rd BG,O-421699,7 May 1943- between Kavieng & Rabaul
Hein, Herbert Ross Jr.,Ens.,USNR,Marshall Islands- Jaluit,USS Yorktown Torpedo Sn 5,83396
Henfling, George W.,Capt,USA (AA),Bataan,515th CA,O-385001
Hesler, Delbert Preston,1st Lt,USA (Ord),Bataan,454 Ord Co Avn,O-329523
Hevenor, Herman P.,Civilian,na,Wake,Admin Group,na,missed departing Clipper, 8 Dec 1941
Hightower, Wayne R.,2nd Lt,USA (SIGS),Bataan,Signal Service,O-432155
Hill, Ralph Orr,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th CA (AA),O-354465
Hilley, Arthur Gale,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,27th BG,O-421703
Hilton, D. Dale,Lt JG,USN,Marcus Island,USS Enterprise Scout Sq 6,77739,4 Mar 1942 pic SC-223998
Hines, Carrol R.,1st Lt,USA (PS),Bataan,57th Inf. PS,O-388289
Hines, Clifford Cecil,Capt,USA,Bataan,86th FA Bn (PS),O-281538
Hohl, George Michael,Major,USA (PA),Bataan,32nd Inf Bn 31st Div (PA),O-192406
Hopmann, Urban C.,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,22nd Inf (PA),O-383804
Horney, Eugene Stedman,Capt,USA,Panay,63rd Inf,O-351529
Howard, Charles E.N. Jr.,Major,USA,Bataan,2nd Bn 88th FA (PS),O-018521
Hummel, John J.,2nd Lt,USA,Corregidor,194th Tk Bn,O-405991
Hunt, Wylie M.,Ens.,USN,Arctic Ocean,VP41 Pat Wing 4,104905
Ivey, Richard G.,Capt,USA,Corregidor,60th CA (AA),O-021116
Jensen, Jens Kristian,2nd Lt,USA,Cebu,Cebu Brgde Visayan Force,O-031867 [ex DS Ravnvaas]
Johnson, Gustaf E., 2nd Lt, USAAC,,,O-682483, departed Roku 29 Aug 45
Johnson, Harlan Thode,Lt,USN,Marshall Islands- Jaluit,USS Yorktown Torpedo Sqdn 5,70181
Johnson, Lyman E.,Capt,USA,Bataan,194th Tk Bn,O-228316
Johnson, Russell B.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,20th Air Gp,O-391012
Johnson, Willard C.,Lt,USN (SC),Corregidor,USS Canopus,63547
Jonelis, Frank G.,1st Lt,USA (PS),Corregidor,91st CA (PS),O-362228
Jones, Richard I.,Lt Col,USA,Bacolod Negros,57th Inf (PS) detached,O-292839
Jones, Robert John,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,2nd OBS Sqdn,O-406695
Kalbfleish, Edwin Jr.,2nd Lt,USA (PS),Bataan,92nd CA (PS),O-418576
Kampmann, Charles W.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,USAFFE,O-417968
Keene, Campbell D.,Comdr,USN,Wake,Naval Air Station,43910
Kennaman, Jack Richard,2nd Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,200th CA (AA),O-590141
Kennedy, Richard Alan,1st Lt,USA,Iloilo,63rd Inf (PA),O-031876,Capt per RPL
Kiernen, John L. Jr.,2nd Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,2nd Corps Hq,O-890215
Kimble, Horton E.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,28th Mat Sq 20th AF,O-401617
Kirkpatrick, Harlan Good,Lt,USN,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,77100
Kliewer, David Donald,2nd Lt,USMCR,Wake,Air Group 21 VMF 211,O6387
Kline, Claude N.,2nd Lt,USA (PS),Bataan,57th Inf (PS),O-890240
Knox, Henry M.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,192nd Tk Bn,O-423003 [external link]
Koenig, Fred W.,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Bataan,QM Graves Registration,O-373098
Kuhne, Clinton W.,Capt,USA,Bataan,43rd Inf (PA),O-325003
Kwiatkowski, Joseph D.,Capt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th CA (AA) G Btry,O-344706
La Boon, Fred Phillip,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,17th Ord Co,O-366669
Laird, Eugene E.,Major,USA,Bataan,Ist Div PA,O-272496
Langworthy, Alonzo E.,Capt,USA (CA),Corregidor,92nd CA (PS),O-262897
Lasher, Erwin William,Capt,USA,Panay,67th Div 65th Inf,O-953370
Lauff, Bernard J.,Ens.,USNR,Wake,Pat Wing 2,97651
Lay, Kermit Russell,2nd Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,Asst Provost Marshall 1st P Corps,O-890211
Layton, Buxton Lawn Jr,Major,USA,Iloilo,63rd Inf 61st Div (detach 59th CAC),O-353221,Lt Col per RPL
Lazzarini, Louis T.,Capt,USA (CW),Bataan,Air Force Hq (Chem Officer),O-342224
Le Barts, Kenneth A.,2nd Lt,USA (SC),Bataan,2nd Obs,O-407062
Leggett, James L. Jr,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,803rd Eng Bn Avn,O-371518 [external link]
Levitt, Harry,1st Lt (MC),USA,Bataan,45th Inf 1st Bn,O-392792
Lewis, William E. Jr.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,92nd CA 301st FA,O-394519
Lineberry, William Taylor,Capt (MC),USN,Guam,US Naval Hospital,12501
Lingo, Edward F.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,515th CA (AA),O-417261
Long, John W.,Capt,USA,Bataan,45th Inf (PS),O-333779
Loomis, Donald D.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,202 Eng Bn,O-890223
Lowe, Mason Richard,Lt,USNR,Panay,16th Naval Dist Staff,78419,25 May 42
MacNulty, William K.,Lt Col.,USMC,Guam,Sumay,587
Madden, Clarence E.,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Bataan,34th QM Co,O-275545
Madsen, Elwood C.,Lt,USN,Guam,Admin Group,62076
Magee, Thomas III,Lt JG,USNR (MC),Guam,Admin Group,87198
Mallette, James Irie, 2nd Lt, O&890279, USA (INF), 31st Ink K, Died Rokuroshi 04 Aug 1945, Distinguished Service Cross
Manneschmidt, George C.,Capt,USA,Bataan,Constabulary 1st Reg 71st Div,O-257129
Marks, Mortimer,Capt,USMCR,Guam,Sumay,5124
Martin, Joseph Jr.,Ens.,USNR (SC),Guam,Admin Group,84583
Massello, William Jr.,Major,USA,Corregidor,60th CA Btry E,O-18749 [external link]
Mattioli, Joseph,2nd Lt,USA,Corregidor,52nd Inf,O-890174
Matzen, Charles Dudley,Capt,USA,Farica Negros,HQ Negros Sector,O-2031869
Maxfield, George Glenn,Capt,USA,Corregidor,HQ HArbor Def,O-242496
May, Earl V.,CMM,USN,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,79826,WO per RPL
Maynard, Clarence F.,Major,USA (CE),Corregidor,Engineers Phil Dept,O-110378
Mc Afee, Carlos E.,Major,USA,Bataan,Philippine Div JAG,O-238759,Lt Col on RPL
Mc Clure, John F.W.,Ens.,USN,Corregidor,Cavite,,NORPL
Mc Elfish, Roy E.,Lt Col,USA,Corregidor,Finance Dept,O-220021
Meek, Ward Benjamin,2nd Lt,USA (PA),Bataan,CE (PA),O-319474
Meis, William L. Jr.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,31st Inf Div (PS),O-890272
Mellon, Hugh Robert,Ens.,USNR (SC),Guam,Admin Group,87150
Mendelson, Sheldon H.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,,O-375162,unit ommitted
Michalek, Emil T.,1st Lt,USA,Iloilo,61st Inf (Ord),O-2031866
Miller, Ernest B.,Lt Col.,USA,Bataan,194th Tk Bn,O-182955
Miller, Melvin,Capt,USA,Bataan,24th FA (PS),O-288596
Mitchell, Elmer G.,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Moe, Tilden Iver,Lt Comdr,USN (MC),Guam,US Naval Hospital,62165
Montgomery, Robert D.,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,803rd Eng Bn Avn,O-286822
Moore, George Melvin,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,59th CAC,O-354624
Morgan, Charles Allison Jr.,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,Chem Warfare Hq,O-374346
Morgan, Glenn Dean,Capt,USMCR,Guam,Sumay,5270
Morin, Benjamin R.,2nd Lt,USA,Damortis N Luzon,192nd Tank B Co,O-413499 [Very interesting PDF article- Morin became a Jesuit priest; more here]
Morris, Wilbur L.,1st Lt,USAAC,Kai Islands,380th Bomb Gp,O-728016
Muir, John S.,Capt,USA,Bataan,194th Tk Bn,O-167343
Nelson, John A.,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Nestor, John Louis,Lt,USN,Guam,USS Barnes,5270
Noles, John Roy,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,7th Mat Sqdn,O-389974
Novak, Frank J.,Cpl,USMC,Teintsin,NCM,268349
Oden, J.A. Jr.,1st Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,515th CA,O-890152
Olcott, Chester W.,Ens.,USNR,Wake,Naval Air Station,101201
Orr, William A.,Major,USA,Bataan,PI Div (PS),O-21064
Oyen, Alvin Oliver,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th CA (AA),O-312311
Parker, James Y.,Capt,USAAC,Corregidor,20th Air Base Gp,O-20712
Patterson, Horace Buford Jr.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,27th BG,O-424720 [Archive for his diary]
Payne, Thomas Benjamin,Lt,USN,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,70168
Pennell, Robert,Capt,USA,Bataan,24th FA (PS),O-22139
Perrine, Ronald K.,na,civilian,Wake,PCNAB,na
Peterie, Lester L.,1st Lt,USA (CA),Corregidor,60th CA Btry G,O-375896
Phillips, Russell Allen,1st Lt,USAAC,Marshall Islands,117th Bomb Gp,O-726463,13 Jul 1943
Pierce, Henry J.,Capt,USA,Bataan,45th In (PS),O-384072
Pierson, Orel A.,Lt Comdr,USNR,Shanghai,SS Harrison,68801
Placko, Franek,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,12th Sig Co (PS),O-372230,Capt on RPL
Porter, Felix N.,Capt,USA,Bataan,11th Inf Div,O-351006
Porter, Gwinn U.,Major,USA,Corregidor,60th CA,O-19210
Potter, George H.,Major,USMC,Wake,1st Def Bn,O4259
Powell, Elmer B.,1st Lt,USAAC,Bataan,17th Pursuit Sqdn.,O-407090
Powell, James P.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,3rd Bn 23rd Inf,O-316636
Powell, Robert P.,1st Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,Hq Ist PI Corps,O-374911
Powell, William Henry Jr.,1st Lt,USAAC,Bataan,3rd Pursuit Sqdn.,O-407091
Pray, John I.,Capt,USA,Bataan,31st Inf,O-22214
Putnam, Paul A.,Major,USMC,Wake,Air Group 21,4036
Quist, Jason Noble,Capt,USA,Bataan,57th Inf (PS),O-368437
Ragusin, George Alfred,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,14th Eng (PS),O-890116
Rhodes, Cyril,Gnr,RA,Singapore,122nd Field Regt
Riall, Benjamin William,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Bataan,Harbor Def QM Ft Mills,O-354532
Rice, Glenn,1st Lt,USAAC,Bataan,19th BG 30th Bomb Sq,O-346992
Richards, James F.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,200th CA,O-890136
Rider, Neil O.,PFC,USMC,Tientsin,NCM,277675
Robbins, Robert Clifford,1st Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,14th Eng (PS),O-411138
Robinson, John J.,Pvt,RA,Singapore,Manchester Regt,3529066
Robinson, Timothy Earl,Capt,USA (CE),Bataan,2nd Corp HQ,O-299849
Rosemont, Eugene,Capt,USA (QMC),Bataan,HQ South Luzon,O-308671
Ross, James M.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,17th Pursuit Sqdn,O-408850
Ruchs, Berry T. Jr.,1st Lt,USAAC,New Ireland,43rd Bomb Gp,O-437876
Rue, Edwin W.,Capt,USA,Bataan,HQ 1st Tk Gp,O-334725
Russell, Nelson H.,1st Lt,USA (Ord),Corregidor,693rd Ord Avn,O-365172
Russell, Robert M.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Kai Islands,380th Bomb Gp,O-796200,pic SC-223998
Rutz, Clarence A.,2nd Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,71st Eng Bn (PA),O-890302,Capt per RPL
Ryan, John A.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,16th Bom Sq 27th Bomb Gp,O-430804
Ryder, John "Jack" French,Lt,USN,Java Sea,USS Perch,77101,3 Mar 1942
Saar, Elmar,Capt,US Merchant Marine,Indian Ocean,MV Sawokla,na,29 Nov 1942
Satterwhite, David S.,Major,USA (CA),Corregidor,Harbor Def (HQ),O-223278
Savage, Thomas S.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,192nd Tank Bn,O-890434
Sawyer, Tom J.,Capt,USA,Bataan,200th CA,O-385499
Schacht, Kenneth George,Lt,USN,Java Sea,USS Perch,74895
Schechter, Martin Aaron,2nd Lt,USA (SC),Corregidor,Sig Corp USAFFE,O-890042
Schwartz, Jack W.,Lt JG,USNR (MC),Guam,Admin Group,86571
Sellers, Roscoe H.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,51st Inf,O-890316
Senchuck, Walter,Ens.,USNR,Guam,USS Penguin,96158
Seymour, Clinton C.,1st Lt,USA (Tk Bn.),Bataan,26th Cav (PS),O-402992
Shaw, Kenneth Leigh,Pay Clk,USMC,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,O8100,WO per RPL
Sherry, Luther C.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,3rd Inf (PA),O-890295
Shure, Paul,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,57th Inf (PS),O-398846
Shurtz, Hubert W.,Capt,USA,Bataan,88th FA (PS),O-308280
Siciliano, Joseph M.,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,26th Cav (PS),O-339263
Silhavy, Robert Carl,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,14th Eng (PS),O-406766
Simmie, Albert F.,1st Lt,USA,Bantoc,Det. Service 121st Inf,O-890373
Simpson, Harry T.,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,59th CA,O-23054
Skeet, Horace H.,Pvt,RA,Singapore,Norfolk 4th Bn,5771449
Small, George,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,31st Inf,O-380788 (pdf article-clcik to "True Survivor")
Smith, Charles H.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,71st Eng,O-890343
Smith, Harold C.,Capt,USA,Bataan,Hq I Phil Corps,O-322848
Smith, Horace A. Jr.,1st Lt,USAAC,Bataan,27th BG 91st B.S.,O-351722
Smith, Travis J., 1st Lt, O-403578- Caught escaping- sent to Osaka jail 6 Aug 1945, rescue location unknown
Snow, Russell Wakefield Jr.,Ens.,USNR (SC),Corregidor,Mariveles Base,100730
Spainhower, John Wesley,Capt,USA,Bataan,57th Inf (PS),O-276384
Spears, William Oscar Jr.,Lt JG,USN,Java Sea,USS Pope,81028,3 Mar 1942
Spicer, Donald,Major,USMC,Guam,Sumay,932
Spoor, Ferris Grable,Capt,USA,Bataan,194th Tank (L),O-347171
Stansbury, Paul A.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Kei Islands,380 BG 530th Sqdn,O-734399,pic SC-223948/49
Starnes, Cameron Spencer Jr.,Capt,USA,Bontoc Luzon,43rd Inf (PS),O-291283
Starr, Marvin T.,Capt,USMCR,Guam,Sumay,4748
Stecker, William W.,1st Lt,USA,Caballo Island,92nd CA (PS),O-350224
Steiger, George E.,Capt,USA,Corregidor,59th CA,O-268185,web site (great chronology of events)
Stewart, Edward Ward,1st Lt,USA,Bataan,45th Inf (PS),O-401026
Stewart, William H.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,31st Inf,O-890237
Stirling, Warren C.,Capt,USAAC,Bataan,27th BG,O-23230
Strang, Arthur E.,Capt,USA,Corregidor,QMC (ATS),O-331726
Studer, Robert W.,1st Lt,USA (SC),Bataan,228th SC,O-21786
Stump, Claud Wallace,Capt,USA (AA),Bataan,200th CA,O-222502
Suttmann, T. Aloysius,2nd Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,515th CA (AA),O-890158
Swearingen, Russell L.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,194th Tk Bn,O-426066,1st Lt on RPL
Teske, Clyde Lewis,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,QMC Luzon Hq,O-890450,1st Lt on RPL
Thomas, Arthur R.,Pvt,RA,Singapore,18th Div Ord,6468859
Todd, Charles Solon [Link], Capt,USMC,Guam,Military Aide- Gov of Guam,5205 [Obituary]
Todd, William Overton Jr.,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,Hq PI Dept,O-364892
Trifilo, Santo Samuel,2nd Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,71st Eng,O-890305,1st Lt on RPL
Trudell, George Thomas,Lt JG,USN (AC),Corregidor,Asia Fleet Utility Sqdn,79112
Ulrich, Antonio Monroe,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,Luzon Force Hq,O-407448
Unruh, Marion D.,Col.,USAAC,New Ireland,5th BG Hq,O-298478
Ushakoff, Michael M.,Capt,USA (CA),Bataan,24th FA,O-253933
Valkenaar, John J.,2nd Lt,USAAC,Mindanao,14th Bomb Sqdn,O-407078,1st Lt on RPL
Van Domburg, Theo. W.I.,Pvt,KNEI,Bandoeng,1st AFD Bergart
Van Kuyk, Gerardus W,Pvt,KNEI,Bandoeng,14th Bn,95156
Van Lommel, A.E.,Sgt,KNEI,Bandoeng, Mil. Luchtvaart,84288
Van Loo, Theodorus William,Sgt Major,KNEI,Bandoeng,10th Inf Bn,87033
Vandergrift, Jacob Jay,Lt JG,USN,Java Sea,USS Perch,82478,3 Mar 1942
VanPeenen, Hubertus John,Lt Comdr,USN (MC),Guam,US Naval Hospital,62189 [Summary of entire war experience]
Vassey, Howard Monroe,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,Hq PI Dept SC,O-390650
Verity, George L.,1st Lt,USAAC,Bataan,19th BG,O-337860
Vest, Lee H.,1st Lt,USA,Mindanao,440th Ord (Avn),O-392307
Walcher, Bruce,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Bataan,12th QM Bn (PS),O-384703
Wall, Carl H.,1st Lt,USA,Corregidor,31st Inf,O-374366
Warner, William Scott,2nd Lt,USAAC,Bataan,93rd BG 23rd Sqdn,O-409909
Webb, Henry Gorham (Spider),2nd Lt,USMCR,Wake,Air Group 21,6158
Weikel, Ivan W.,Capt,USA,Bataan,1st Div (FA),O-304190
Welcher, Alexander B.,Capt,USA,Bataan,24th FA 2nd Bn (PS),O-355496
Welles, William Thompson,Ens.,USNR,Bouganville,USS Saratoga,156407,1 Nov 1943
Wells, James Robert William,1st Lt,USA (CE),Bataan,71st Eng,O-390028
White, Walter A.,Capt,USA (QMC),Corregidor,ATS,O-278768
Wickord, Theodore F.,Lt Col,USA,Bataan,192nd Tank,O-345291
Wides, Norman A.,1st Lt,USA (PS),Bataan,45th Inf. (PS),O-384937
Wildish, Myron F.,1st Lt,USA (CA),Bataan,24th FA (PS),O-393096
Williams, John A.,Sgt,RA,Singapore,East Surrey Regt,6140488
Willis, Meade H. Jr.,Lt JG,USNR,Corregidor,Inshore Patrol 16th ND,113588
Wilson, Henry Stanley,Capt,USA (SC),Wake,Sig Corp,O-246336
Wilson, William Ritchie,Lt,USN,Java Sea,USS Pope,71397,nickname "Bill"
Winslow, Walter Gillespie,Lt,USNR,Sunda Straits,USS Houston,79582,Lt JG per RPL pic SC-224023
Witman, Victor W.,2nd Lt,USA,Bataan,71st Eng,O-890306,1st Lt on RPL
Wolfsheimer, Frank,Ens.,USNR (CEC),Guam,Admin Group,87707
Wood, Edwin Allen,Ens.,USNR (SC),Guam,USS Penguin,90920
Wray, Robert Stephen,Capt,USAAC,Bataan,3rd Pursuit,O-383759
Yeager, Frederick J.,Capt,USA,Bataan,51st Inf (PS),O-22969
Yoder, Ralph William,1st Lt,USA (QMC),Bataan,66th Sep QM (PS),O-391625
Youghivich, Robert William,Lt JG,USNR,Mirotai Moluccas,USS Canopus,,Not on RPL
Zimmerman, Joseph Wendell,Capt,USA,Corregidor,60th K CA,O-366997

Enlisted Men Known to have been there but were NOT there at time of rescue:
Graham, Earl C., 1st Sgt, 91st Squadron [per R. Bjoring]
Cutrer, Hugh E. Jr. [per R. Bjoring]
Lancaster, Ollie [per R. Bjoring]
Rayburn, Thomas D. [per R. Bjoring]
Keck, Trumon, CPhM, USN [actually was NEVER there despite claim of Dr. Van Peenan memoir]