Wilson Affidavit

Roku Roster
RG 24, Box 2176
H.S. Wilson, Major- report of action on Wake Island- citation for action- Legion of Merit; sent to Ofuna (16 May 42) - Zentsuji (31 May 42); 23 Jun 45, sent to Rokuroshi- liberated 7 Sep 45 (wgt=97#); left Rokuroshi 8 Sep 45- mentions that the Japanese civilian interpreter at Zentsuji, George Hamada, did much to keep up American morale. Three page report of Wilson's pre-war activity as military customs inspector. Writes of incident in 1936 at Hilo where he refused to bow and salute Jap flag. Wilson drew pistol and forced the Jap guard back on his ship- Japs apologized but never forgot. When captured, Japs said he caused the war and was to be decapitated; convinces them he was not the same man as "many Americans have the same name" and the "otherman" was a civilian while he was an "officer."