2nd Lt. Richard L. Gillett
USAAC, 17th Pursuit Squadron, Bataan

E-mail (December 7, 2003) from Ron Gillett, Fullerton CA regarding his father, Richard L. Gillett, POW at Roku Roshi POW Camp

I couldn't help but showing off my dad just a little bit. We just returned from Los Alamitos Joint Training Base where our Congressman, Ed Royce (R-CA), presented my father with a Bronze Star for his service in WWII. I attached a photo of the event.
I appreciate what you do to keep their story alive.
By the way, he knew several of those in the pictures [Zentsuji rescue pictures] and told me of the story of "Peg-Leg Garrett", who he kept in touch with for many years after the war. Back to Roster