Hokkaido Island POW Camps
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This is a short overview of five POW camps in the Hakodate area (therefore HAK- designations are used for camps). We have the complete rescue rosters giving name and rank only, segregated by nationality. The rosters (40 pages) have not been digitized.See also this detailed history of the Hokkaido camps. Contact us for futher information.

Map: RG 407 lower Hokkaido showing port of Hakodate
Map of all Hakodate Camp locations

Main camp, 2650 Bibai-Machi, Sorachi-Gun, Hokkaido. The rosters includes 238 Brit, 50 USA, 53 Dutch, 8 Aust. 1 Canada and one Estonian as recorded 15 Aug 1945.
Branch camp #1 was at Aza Nishi-Ashibetsu, Ashibetsu-machi, Sorachi-Gun and had 349 Brit, 5 USA and 155 dutch.
Branch Camp #2 was at Akahira-machi, Sorachi-gun and contained 167 Brit and 114 Americans.
Branch Camp #3 was at Utashinai-machi, Sorachi-gun and contained 26 Brit and 284 Americans. (Description & American Roster)
Branch Camp #4 was at Ashibetsu-machi, Sorachi-gun and had 3 Brit, 52 Yanks and 45 Aust. Most of the Americans were captured on Wake Island.

Dispatched Camp #2D (Kameda)
13 Mar 45: Established at Hokkaido, Kameda-gun, Kameda-mura, Aza Minato; unknown number of POWs
7 June 45: Terminated. POWs were transferred to No.2 Branch Camp (Akahira)

List of deceased: PDF files

Original archival documents:
Rosters for camps, Main and 1 to 4 (RG 389 Box 207)
Transfer rosters (RG 407 Box 102) - Recovery lists from Hokkaido camps to Fukuoka camps, with aircraft numbers; rosters for Fukuoka Camps #1 to #3