Hakodate POW Camp #2-B
Akabira, Hokkaido

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(SUMITOMO KOGYO) [Sumitomo Mining Co.]

Satellite map
Aerial (Aug. 1948; courtesy of Japan Map Archives)
Area map

Time Line:
13 Mar 1945: Hakodate #2 Dispatch Camp established at HOKKAIDO, KAMEDA-gun, KAMEDA-mura, AZA MINATO.
Some British and a few American POWs were from the Taiko Maru which sailed from Taiwan in late February 1945, arriving in Moji around March 10th. POWs then sent to Hakodate #2-D for work at HAKODATE KOUN (Hakodate Transport).
7 Jun 1945: Established; POWs transferred from #2-D to Akabira
15 Sep 1945: Rescue effected

Akabira camp
Aerial pictures of camp
More photos (rescue pictures from air)
Historic photos (Japanese website; see also Akabira City)
Employer of Labor:
Kameda location: POWs were used by Hakodate Port Transportation Co.
Akabira location: Sumitomo Mining Co. (Asano Coal)

Hell Ship:
Many known to be from the Taiko Maru

Total = 281 POWs (167 British, 114 American). Four deaths at Kameda location.
See Hakodate Overview for archival originals of rosters.

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