Hakodate #1-D
Kamiiso POW Camp
Closed June 1944 - Men sent to 1-B (Asano Coal)

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Source: Photograph History Overview of the Hakodate Area Group
(courtesy of David Langton, historian for the 2nd Cambridgeshires)
ASANO Cement plant
Established 1 Oct 1943
Camp Terminated on 7 June 1944 when POWs transferred to MAIN CAMP and to 1-B (ASANO CEMENT)
Liberated Sep 1945

Additional Research by Netherlands researcher, John Slootmaekers regarding Red Cross records.
International Red Cross Committee: Camp Commandant as of 11 Jan 1945 was Lt. Col. Shigao Emoto

Japanese book, "Hokkaido no Horyo Shuyojo" (POW Camps of Hokkaido) by Hitoyasu Shirato (2008).
Related: photos of mine area (Japanese site)

Deceased: Horace E. Brown and Raymond V. Fallowes (British) PDF
Kamiiso group photo, 1944
Kamiiso group picture

Names on reverse side of photo

Images courtesy of David Reader