Hakodate POW Camp #1-D
Kamiiso, Hokkaido

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KAMIISO-gun, KAMIISO-machi, Hokkaido
ASANO Cement plant
Satellite map
Aerial (Nov. 1944; courtesy of Japan Map Archives)

1 Oct 1943: Established
7 June 1944: Camp terminated when POWs transferred to Hakodate Main Camp (Bibai) and to 1-B Ashibetsu
Sep 1945: Liberated

International Red Cross Committee: Camp Commandant as of 11 Jan 1945 was Lt. Col. Shigao Emoto (per Netherlands researcher, John Slootmaekers, regarding Red Cross records)

Japanese book, "Hokkaido no Horyo Shuyojo" (POW Camps of Hokkaido) by Hitoyasu Shirato (2008).
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None found for this particular labor camp. See Hakodate Overview for archival originals of other rosters.

Horace E. Brown and Raymond V. Fallowes (British) PDF
Kamiiso group photo, 1944
Kamiiso group picture

Names on reverse side of photo

Images courtesy of David Reader

Black and white composite
(courtesy of David Langton, historian for the 2nd Cambridgeshires)