Fukuoka #3

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Fukuoka #3 POW Camp
Prisoner of War Information Bureau states first located in suburban section of city of Yawata (Yahata); new camp was then erected in suburb of Tobata (HQ and Military Hospital in Kokura); POWs always worked in Yahata Steel Mills; area now the city of KITAKYUSHU.
Exact location: the latitude and longitude of the camp are: 33 degrees 54 min 0 sec North and 130 degrees 51 min 2 sec East [Courtesy of John DeBriere]


Satellite     Exact location     Area MAP

Aerials courtesy of Japan Map Archives:
Yahata camp area aerial 1948-04-06
Tobata camp area aerial 1948-02-22
Kokura Hospital area aerial 1948-04-06

23 Sep 1942;
Established at YAHATA-shi, NAKA-machi, Known as YAHATA Provisional POW Camp [Also known as "The Citadel"] Satellite View
Nov 1942: 36 US Marines arrive from Woosung.
1 Jan 1943: Renamed FUKUOKA POW CAMP YAHATA Branch Camp
1 Mar 1943: Renamed 3-B
13 Sep 1945: Rescue effected

Camp Layout:
Sketch by Sgt Davis
Sketch of camp location: by David Nash
Location map - text (helps explain the various locations of Fukuoka #3)
Recent photo of where camp was, looking east, showing hillside

Bombing Raid: Description of the first B-29 raid over Japan- Target Yawata - excellent narrative of the first major raid over Japan.

Books (2) Describing Life at Fukuoka #3

Special Pages for all Fukuoka Camps

Special: The Survivors from the submarine, USS Grenadier SS210. [EXTERNAL Link] Rescued at Tobata

Camp Photographs
Main Street, B-29 dropping food (shows handmade flags) and overview from nearby hill. Private collection of Pat Hilley and NARA Pictures

Major William O. Dorris accepting the surrender of Japanese Camp Commander.
80-G-346525: Former Japanese commandant of POW camp, Fukuoka #3, Major Rikitake, yielding sword to Major W.O. Dorris, USA, present commandant of POW camp in Tobata, Kyushu, Japan. [Fukuoka #3] 15 Sep 1945. Major Dorris was leader of the rescue team for the Fukuoka camps. Records indicate he was rescued in the Philippines in early 1945.

More Photos - includes picture of first camp, "The Citadel." A couple more photos can be seen here at the Bataan Commemorative Research Project website.
Slave Labor: Slave Laborers at the Yahata Steel Mills (NIPPON SEITETSU YAHATA SEITETSU-SHO)

Hell Ships:
Camp had numerous survivors of the Oryoku Maru; Some men from the Clyde Maru; Asama Maru - carried survivors of the USS Grenadier from Singapore (Sept 1943); Wake CPNAB men arrived on the Tachibana Maru

Gibbs Report:
Tobata #3- Full summary of camp conditions and movements. Commentary by Sgt Kirk to correct the Gibbs mis-statements.
Investigation Report (DOCX file)

Medical logs - Japanese document (DOCX file), Report on Health of POWs, Feb. 1943 to Nov. 1944; chart on Monthly Death Rate, Dec. 1942 to July 1945 (transcription courtesy of Scott Proudfit)

NARA Notes: About this camp, recorded during our research of Record Group 389 - very useful for personal research

Secret Camera ! - Rare & startling pictures of POWS being deliberately starved. Taken by T.S. Kirk, USMC. Used with permission. More pictures of camp!

Camp Affidavits, Statements and Testimonies

Billie Emerick interview (DOCX) - Special biography produced by Emerick's nephew, Scott Proudfit.
Diary of Paul Polk (DOC) - American civilian on board "Stanvac Calcutta" which was sunk

Camp Rosters at Liberation:
British: Military  Civilians
xls file of British (comparison with original documents, transcription courtesy of Proudfit)
Deceased at Fukuoka #3
Rosters do not include men transferred to other camps- these are the rescue rosters.
Roster of all nationalities (Excel file, RG407 Box 102, transcription courtesy of Proudfit)

FUK-03_Rosters_1946-02-16.pdf (ORIGINALS)

Japanese Camp Staff: 
Complete staff as of liberation

Christmas Service, Dec. 24, 1944

Program (DOCX file)
(courtesy of Scott Proudfit)