Fukuoka #1-B
Pine Tree Camp (Hakozaki)

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Fukuoka #1-B Fukuoka

See special webpages on Fukuoka #1 by Wes Injerd for in depth information on this camp (Location, History, Layout, etc.), including stats on all Fukuoka area camps.

Note: The "B" of #1-B stands for "Branch," meaning a main camp location, as opposed to a "D" or Dispatch camp, to which POW's were dispatched for work with a company there, e.g. at a coal mine.
The designation "601 Fukuoka POW Camp Kashii (Pine Tree Camp)" often seen in search results is simply a GENERIC designation for Fukuoka camps, due to the fact that the Fukuoka Area POW Camp Headquarters was based in Fukuoka City -- Kashii was the 3rd location for Fukuoka #1, the final location was nearby, in Hakozaki, hidden in a grove of pine trees.

Hirao Caves, excerpts from IMTFE - where the Japanese Western Headquarters moved after bombing raids

Testimony at Fukuoka #6: "...many victims of this scoundrel..."

Primary Labor Use:
FUK-01_POW_Work_Duty_Records_1945 - shows POW labor during April and May 1945
Payroll Records (RG 407 Box 57) - contains a few pages from the Japanese records of payments to POWs from July 1944 to April 1945
Fukuoka Camps - Management of POW Labor - Includes companies employing POWs, type of work involved, average number of POW laborers, and physical condition of POWs

Japanese Camp Staff:
FUK-01_Honda and Katsura_photos - infamous guards at the camp

Camp Rosters at Liberation:

US POW transfers from the Philippines to Fukuoka (RG 389 Box 2209) - Red Cross telegram of Sept. 17, 1943, 167 Americans listed
Evacuee rosters for Kyushu camps (RG 407 Box 100) - rosters of Dutch, American, British POWs and civilians at Nagasaki Port (Dejima Docks) in Sept. 1945
Asst. rosters for Fukuoka camps #1~#7 (RG 407 Box 102) - contains also list of missing, AWOL, in local hospitals
Rosters for Fukuoka camps #1~#8 #9~#27 (RG 407 Box 104 Folder 1) - rosters for all nationalities, including next-of-kin, addresses (missing page for Dutch roster Camp #2)
Rosters for Fukuoka camps #14~#27 (RG 407 Box 104 Folders 2 and 3) - standard rosters for all nationalities, including special recovery roster (Dutch, Australian, British) for Fukuoka #17 (Omuta) dated Sept. 14, 1945
Assorted rosters (RG 407 Box 148) - includes camps #6-D Tanoura, #2 Nagasaki, #9 Miyata, #6 Orio
Rosters for POWs evacuated from Fukuoka camps by air (RG 407 Box 104 Folder 4)
Asst. death rosters and certificates (RG 407 Box 187) - Asst. nationalities at Fukuoka camps #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 21, 23, 25, 27
Additional death rosters (RG 407 Box 191)
Books I, II: Recovered American & Allied personnel, Japan and Korea, compiled 9/23/1945 and 10/24/1945 (images of front covers only; each "book" is about 1-1/2" thick)
Book 6: Australian (1 British included here)
Book 7: American (includes some at Fukuoka #23, Sasebo, Makassar)
Book 8: British (includes some at Makassar), British Indians & English (1 American included here)
Book 9: Dutch (some at Makassar & Java)
Book VI: Unreported deaths - American & Allied military and civilian (includes British, Australian, Dutch)

Interviews & Reports:
Gijsbertus van Donkelaar - images courtesy of Allison van Donkelaar, granddaughter