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Trapped With The Enemy
Four years as a civilian POW in Japan
By James O. Thomas, Assistant Station Manager, Pan American Airways, Guam, December 1941.
ISBN: 1401044131

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We Stole To Live
"My life of crime began at Ofuna and ended August 15, 1945."
By Joe "Fingers" Brown, crewman of PBY shot down in Alaska Gulf off Kiska. Well illustrated with pictures of 95% of all men in camp!
Available from author: $15.00
Mr. Joe Brown
23002 State Highway P
Bell City MO 63735
Tel: 573-733-4374
First Captured, Last Freed
Memoirs of a POW in WWII Guam and Japan
by Edward E. Hale
Crewman of the USS Penguin

A rare gem based upon diaries, photographs and letters from "Eb" Hale, a crewman aboard the minesweeper, USS Penguin.
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The Eighty Thieves
American POWS in WWII Japan
By Anthony N. Iannarelli Sr & John G. Iannarelli

Navy Corpsman captured on Guam and resued at Hirohata
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Laughter in Hell
By Stephen Marek
Privately Published 1954
[Out of print - extremely rare]

The true experiences of Lt Guirey (USN) and TSgt Nixon, USMC (Guam). Extraordinary descriptions of Tanagawa, Umeda and Tsuruga POW camps. Worth any price up to $60.00.
Captive of the Rising Sun
The POW Memoirs of R Adm Donald T Giles - [Out of Print]
By (Edited) Donald T. Giles Jr.
ASIN: 1557503206, US Naval Inst., 1994

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Don Binns and his daughter JoAnn Eunice Binns (e-Book), "A Survivors Story: An American POW in Japan during WW II". Interesting e-book but written from memory rather than with use of a diary. Binns was a Navy man captured on Guam. Anecdotal and with numerous errors.
UPDATE - Book available; see also webpage on "Don and Eunice." Many photos of camp and POWs in Gallery.
Books NOT worth 2 cents- A waste of money and full of plain, ordinary baloney