Captive of the Rising Sun

Captive of the Rising Sun
The POW Memoirs of R Adm Donald T Giles - [Out of Print]
By (Edited) Donald T. Giles Jr.
ASIN: 1557503206, US Naval Inst., 1994

As senior officer on Guam, Giles decided the disposition of his meager forces on Guam. Taken to Zentsuji in Japan, he was the Senior officer until other officers arrived from the Philippines. A remarkable first person narrative. Some inaccuracies are evident in description of the battle but otherwise very accurate.

"Bullets were thudding into the wall behind the plaza to our rear. With the firepower that was being directed against us.... continued defense of our position appeared hopeless."
Giles story tells of his leadership in the battle for Guam and internment at Zentsuji and Rokuroshi. Against hopeless odds, Guam was surrendered and the men transported to Japan for slave labor.