First Captured, Last Freed: Memoirs of a P.O.W. in World War II Guam and Japan
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Hale- Post war as a Warrant Officer
Edward E. Hale
Chief Warrant Officer Third Class
United States Navy
Edited by: Helen Heightsman Gordon, Ed. D.

by Roger Mansell
Author of "The Zentsujians- The American POWs from Guam"

A rare gem based upon diaries, photographs and letters from "Eb" Hale, a crewman aboard the minesweeper, USS Penguin. Sunk on the first day of the war, he experienced three and a half years of captivity. In one of the most notorious of slave camps, Hirohata, he and his mates from Guam survived daily brutality and starvation. A must read for every historian.

Hale as a POW- Jap Photo

Hale as a POW in Zentsuji

Flag Raising at Hirohata, 2 Sep 1945 
Day of Surrender - 2 Sep 1945
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Sign stolen from the Argentina Maru
Sign aboard the Argentine Maru- transported POWS to Japan from Guam
Removed and saved by Hale
Now at the Hoover Institute Archives
Stanford University

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