Commonwealth Roster
Tokyo (Yokohama) 3B
Stadium POW Camp

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Special thanks to Tony Banham, noted historian and writer.
See his extensive site about the Battle for Hong Kong and detailed rosters.

Commonwealth Prisoners


Campbell, Thomas
,Gnr,872768,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry [42.10.07 Dysentery at Shinagawa Hosp]
Crossan, Harold,Sapper,1875331,RE,22 Fortress [42.10.03 at Shinagawa Hosp]
Forth, Albert,Sapper,2057662,RE,22 Fortress [45.01.11 at Tok-14B-Shibaura Engineers (Tsurumi)]
Grint, William Henry,Gnr,4532721,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry [43.02.08 at Tok-03B-Stadium- Malnutrition Beri Beri & heart- 0500 hrs]
Megson, Frank Cyril,WO2,1866583,RE,unallocated [45.02.16 (18th?) at Shinagawa Hosp]
Morgan, Henry Francis Joseph,LSgt,T/45960 ,RASC,12 Hong Kong [45.02.12 at Shinagawa Hosp ex 14B (11D)]
Price, Robert,Pte,3055186,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated) [43.02.03 at Shinagawa Hosp-Dysentery & malnutrition 1245 hrs]
Starck, Charles Roy,Gnr,840312,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry [43.03.05 at Shinagawa Hosp- Dysentery & malnutrition 1700 hrs]

Atkins, James Edward,Gnr,860141,RA,30 Coast Brty
Audas, John William,Gnr,4449988,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Bailey, Bertram,Gnr,868935,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Bankier, Robert,L/Cpl,3054800,INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Barry, Francis Thomas,Pte,6201446,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Bell, Robert,AB,C/SSX17158,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Berkeley, Thomas Richard "Taggy",Gnr,842025,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Billington, Reginald Clifford,Gnr,,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Birchall, Leonard Joseph,Sqdn Ldr,C722,RCAF,413 Sqn [shot dowm S.E of Ceylon- "The Saviour of Ceylon" -Trincomalee]
Birrell, James,LSgt,1874425,RE,22 Fortress
Bishop, Charles Robert,LBdr,883330,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Boswell, Cyril Lumly Lynne,AB,P/J69622,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Bowen, Dennis Eden,Gnr,1492318,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Boyle, James,Pte,2753368,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
Brack, Edward,Gnr,855650,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Bremner, James,Spr,2006984,RE,40 Fortress
Brinkley, Thomas George,LSgt,1871481,RE,40 Fortress
Broderick, John,Gnr,1708288,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Brown, George E,Pte,T/57347,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Burrell, Robert Frederick,Bdr,855027,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Burton, Cyril,Gnr,860939,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Cairns, Stanley,LCpl,3054460,INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Campbell, Edgar Donald,Pte,S/6845774,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Carrol, Patrick (Derick?),Pte,3063255,INF,Royal Scots B Coy
Carter, Daniel Patrick,Pte,3053786,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
Catlin, Brian,Sgt,570179,RCAF,413 Sqn [shot down near Ceylon with Birchall]
Childress, Charles William,Pte,62317,RAMC,Med Corps 27 Coy
Christian, Neville,LBdr,,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Clark, Raymond William,Spr,1573992,RE,22 Fortress
Clarke, Joseph Charles,Gnr,850161,RA,8 Coast (Unallocated)
Cochrane, George,Pte,3054963,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
Collen, Henry Walter,AB,C/SSX17766,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Collier, Edward J.,Pte,6202141,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Cooke, William Joseph,LStoker,,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Cooper, Harry,LCpl,6213229,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Coppard, Reginald Andrew,LCpl,6084946,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Cox, Sidney George,Spr,2070908,RE,22 Fortress
Crofts, Robert (Croft?),Cpl,1024148,RE,22 Fortress
Croston, George,CQMS,1863576,RE,40 Fortress
Darby, John James,Gnr,860242,RA,8 Coast (Unallocated)
Davis, Anthony,Gnr,3312339,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Devlin, Edward (Devlon?),Pte,2753168,INF,Royal Scots D Coy
Dickson, James Patterson,Gnr,1669524,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Dickson, Walter,Pte,2754351,INF,Royal Scots
Dingwall, Thomas,Pte,3504364,INF,Royal Scots B Coy
Downing, Edward,Gnr,1492354,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Downs, James Westby (Westley?),Pte,7263665,RAMC,Med Corps 27 Coy
Dunlop, Robert,Pte,3053766,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
Durden, Thomas Peter,Pte,T/119694,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Durkin, Patrick (DArkin?),Pte,3054434,INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Dyke, Frederick Robert,Pte,6213438,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Earl, Norman Leslie,Sgt,1055502,RA,12 Coast (unallocated)
Edgeley, Horace,Gnr,5048602,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Edwards, Cyril,Pte,S/4189971,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Finlayson, James,LCpl,3054087,INF,Royal Scots D Coy
Foley, Wilson Robert,Cpl,1873249,RE,22 Fortress
Ford, Fredrick James,LCpl,6202783,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Ford, James Allan "Jimmie",2nd Lt,184663,INF,Royal Scots
Fuller, Geoffry John,LSgt,822526,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Gearing, Frank Norman,LCpl,1871553,RE,22 Fortress
Glasby, Ronald,Gnr,863212,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Gordon, Albert Edward,Gnr,870547,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Gough, Joseph Patric,Spr,1874013,RE,22 Fortress
Grant, George Alfred,Gnr,842853,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Griffin, Gerald,Gnr,872915,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Griffiths, Patrick William,Gnr,860021,RA,8 Coast (unallocated)
Gunderson, Alex,Pte,3055404,INF,Royal Scots 2 Bn Hq
Hamilton, William,Gnr,850821,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Hancock, William D.,AB,P/J104280,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Hard, Charles Leonard,PO,107592,RAF,
Hardie, Gordon,Pte,3054536,INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Harper, Eric,Spr,1871755,RE,22 Fortress
Harrington, William Lock,LSB/Att,C/MX54944,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Hatwell, Benjamin Albert,Pte,6211499,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Hawkins, Edward John,Spr,1872516,RE,40 Fortress
Head, Richard "Mickey",Pte,6203509,INF,Middlesex C Coy
Hetherington, Thomas Ritson,Pte,3055190,RA,Royal Scots B Coy
Hibbard, Ernest,Spr,,RE,40 Fortress
Higgins, Leslie,Spr,,RE,40 Fortress
Hills, William Richard,Pte,670050,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Holmes, Charles Robert Arthur,Cpl,6200971,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Hooren, Douglas (Hoosen?),Spr,,RE,40 Fortress
Hueston, Thomas,Gnr,840540,FA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Humphreys, Edmund Thomas Murray,Sapper,1875043,RE,40 Fortress
Hunt, Harry Howard,Gnr,2049690,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Innes, David McGillivray,AB,D/JX136257,RN,RN (Unallocated)
James, Edward,Cpl,3054884,INF,Royal Scots C (unallocated)
Jeremiah, Elvet (Jermiah?),Gnr,863765,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Johns, Lewis Edward (Leslie?),Sgt,2315049,RE,40 Fortress
Johnson, Edward George,Cpl,2656682,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Jones, John,Pte,3054934,INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Jones, Owen Llewellyn,Gnr,1609704,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Joynes, Albert,Pte,6202175,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Kerr, Archibald,Pte,3054494,INF,Royal Scots B Coy
Lawton, Wilfred,Gnr,3527780,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Lear, Thomas L.,Bdr,,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Legg, William Thomas,LCpl,5493520,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Lewis, William,Sgt,1866861,RE,22 Fortress
Liley, Harry,LCpl,2325776,RCS,Hong Kong Sigs
Lister, Charles Kenneth,Pte,S/224861,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Luckhurst, Henry Herbert,LSgt,825116,RA,RA Pay Corps
Madge, Clarence George (Mudge?),LCpl,5015815,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Magona, Fredrick Ernest,LBdr,8724,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Mann, William Sydney,Cpl,6516583,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Marsh, Barry Fred George,Spr,1432558,RE,40 Fortress
Marshall, Augustus,Pte,6201209,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Martin, Thomas Andrew,Spr,1873367,RE,RE (Unallocated)
Masson, Gerald,Gnr,,RA,
McCall, Rowland Cox,Sgt,3054202,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
McCann, Thomas (McMann?),AB,ESD/X1851,RN,RN (Unallocated)
McCormick, Joseph,Gnr,850696,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
McDonald, Angus Douglas,Pte,3055691,INF,Royal Scots
McDonald, George William John,Gnr,870506,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
McDonnell, Thomas (MacDonall "Dad"),Gnr,863236,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
McGhee, John,Pte,3055334,INF,Royal Scots D Coy
McQuaig, Colin,Pte,3054401,INF,Royal Scots B Coy (Unallocated)
McWilliam, James,Pte,3054455,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
Mellor, Herbert,LCpl,6201445,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Meredith, Henry,Pte,3055021,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
Mew, Ronald E.,Bdr,892802,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Middleton, Alfred Thomas,Pte,6202785,INF,Middlesex C Coy
Middleton, Thomas William,Stoker,C/KX107161,RN,HMS Tern
Mitchell, Frank,Pte,3052456,INF,Royal Scots 2 Bn Hq
Mitchell, William,Pte,30551998,INF,Royal Scots B Coy
Moralee, Albert,Pte,6202174,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Murray, Ernest,Gnr,8515580,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Murray, James,LCpl,3055198 (3054416),INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Neave, Malcolm Edward Chalmers,Sgt,3054502,INF,Royal Scots C Coy
Noble, Charles,Cpl,6202116,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
O'Brien, Denis,Pte,3054968,INF,Royal Scots C Coy
O'Hara, Patrick,LBdr,872560,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Oliver, Eric Garnett,Spr,1877170,RE,???
Onyette, Greenville Charles,WO,R69853,RCAF,413 Sqn [shot down near Ceylon with Birchall]
Otway, Caesar Edward,Capt,,RE MC,40 Fortress
Owens, Patrick Michael,Gnr,3653520,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Parnaby, Robert,Pte,3054827,INF,Royal Scots C Coy
Parry, Raymond,AB,CJX/138568 ,RN,RN Hq
Pascoe, Alfred,Pte,3055923,INF,Royal Scots D Coy
Patterson, Benjamin,AB,C/JX144738,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Pearce, Henry Leslie,Pte,T/119697,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Percy, Arthur G,Spr,1877448,RE,40 Fortress
Peters, Desmond Arthur,CQMS,1863135,RE,22 Fortress
Pettican, Arthur Frederick (Petican?),Gnr,872471,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Phillips, Frederick Cecil,Sgt,627748,RCAF,413 Sqn [shot down near Ceylon with Birchall]
Phillips, George Albert,LCpl,6202981,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Porter, Leonard,LCpl,6202780,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Price, Arthur Clement,Lt,,RAMC,Med Corps 27 Coy
Price, Ernest Thomas,Stoker 1c,C/KX.81053 ,RN,HMS Tern
Prosser, Donald Edgar,Gnr,8425583,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Purvis, Peter White,LCpl,27478,INF,Royal Scots 2Bn Hq
Rainbird, Jack Reginald,Stoker,C/KX108188,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Reed, Alfred Thomas,Gnr,835777,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Regan, Patrick,Gnr,,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Revell, Herbert,Drmr,6203208,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Rich, Bertram (Rick?),Gnr,872456,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Richards, William,Gnr,1061664,RE,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Robb, Robert Cameron "Rob",Sgt,3052451,INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Roberts, John Richard,LSgt,7884537,RA,RA Pay Corps
Robertson, John,Pte,3054039,INF,Royal Scots A Coy
Robertson, Robert Crawford,LCpl,T/62710,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Robinson, James Valentine,Pte,,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Robinson, John Thomas,Gnr,872688,RE,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Rolls, Ernest,LCpl,6200799,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Rose, Herbert Frederick,LCpl,,RE,40 Fortress
Rowland, Arthur Frederick,Pte,6202325,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Rowland, Edward (Ernest?),Pte,6202781,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Sadd, William Verdun,Gnr,840412,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Saunders, John Thomas,Gnr,853618,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Senior, Jack,LCpl,T/61024,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Shaw, William B. "Taffy",LCpl,6203915,INF,Middlesex Z Coy
Smith, Frank William,AB,P/JX175717,RN,HMS Thracian
Smith, James William,Bdr,838349,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Smyth, Christopher Francis,Gnr,,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Spinks, Horace Alfred,Gnr,,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Stallon, George Harry,Pte,6204480,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Stubbs, George,Gnr,1426942,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Summers, Ernest George,SSgt,1866895,RE,unallocated
Tattam, George Morris Anthony,Sgt,6200751,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Taylor, Albert,Pte,6200997,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Taylor, Eddy,Gnr,1493125,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Taylor, John William,Gnr,1426623,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Taylor, Thomas,LSgt,,RE,40 Fortress
Thomkinson, James Frederick (Tomkinson?),Gnr,856990,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Todd, Frederick,Gnr,,RAMC,Med Corps 27 Coy
Turnbull, Harry,Spr,3187237,RE,40 Fortress
Turner, Arthur,Gnr,872621,RA,8 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Tyner, William Charles,SSgt,6630623,MC,RAMC
Wallace, John,Spr,208931,RE,40 Fortress
Waller, Charles,Spr,1871669,RE,40 Fortress
Wallis, Albert H.,Spr,1877102,RE,40 Fortress
Waring, Henry,Mst at Arms,,RN,HMS Beverley
Wattam, Thomas Alfred (Wottam),Pte,,RASC,12 Hong Kong
Webber, Bertram,PO MM,P/MX69233,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Whelan, Patrick,LCpl,3053513,INF,Royal Scots B Coy
Whippey, Charles,LSgt,304406,INF,Royal Scots A Coy (Unallocated)
White, Albert John,P/O,D/J107206,RN,RN (Unallocated)
White, Charles James Stanley,AB,P/J46351,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Whittle, Robert Norman,Gnr,3769930,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Whybourne, Arthur H.,Gnr,843066,HKSRA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)
Wickens, Alfred,Pte,6202796,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Wilcox, Albert Henry,Cpl,1873897,RE,22 Fortress
Wilkes, Frederick (Wilks?),LCpl,3054983,INF,Royal Scots (unallocated)
Williams, Arnold,Gnr,863574,RA,30 Coast (BPR)
Willison, Walter,AB,D/SSX22117,RN,RN (Unallocated)
Wilson, John Edward,LCpl,6203271,INF,Middlesex (Unallocated)
Winser, George Clement,Sgt,8061713,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Wood, Alan,Gnr,868895,RA,5 HAA 7 Btry
Woodfield, Edward William,LSgt,1871509,RE,40 Fortress
Woods, Patrick,Pte,3059362,INF,Royal Scots C (unallocated)
Wynn, John William,,PLY/X7214,RN,Royal Marines Tamar
Yates, Harold Robert "Bob",Gnr,840631,RA,12 Coast Regt (unallocated)