Fukushima Known Facts

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Location: 37.46'N - 140.29'E
Strength: 141- no known Americans [US estimate of 14 Aug 1945]
Description: Camp located on the outskirts of town along the Rikuu Highway near the racetrack and public athletic field. ]Established 11 July 1942 per camp committee report.
[Source: RG 331- Report to MacArthur]
NOTE: Full Camp report is now available as "doc" file courtesy of Christine Best - ask for copy.
All the internees in this camp were captured at sea by German armed raiders and brought by the Germans to Yokohama. There they were officially given into Japanese custody by the Germans on the 10th July 1942 and were told by a Japanese official that they were being placed under the care of a Special Branch of the Police of the Fukushima Prefecture. On the night of the 10th-11th July they were taken by train to Fukushima, reaching the camp at about 9.00 a.m.
Four additional internees arrived in November 1942 and one in November 1943.)

Known to have survivors of the POW transport, Asaka Maru

[E-mail from Mark Derby]
The passengers of the Australian liner Nankin, captured by a German raider, were taken to Yokohama in 1942. "The passengers from the ship were taken to an internment camp (Shuuyoujo) in Fukushima that was a converted monastery [originally the Sentou Noutorudamu Shuudouin (sp?)], and were kept there for three years.
There is a book about the camp called something like "Fukushima no
Shuuyoujo" (Fukushima Internment Camp) by Shigeru Konna and published by Fukushima Bungei Shunju"

[E-mail from Christine "B" of England] Daughter of Internee, Malcolm Ingleby Scott, survivor of SS Kirkpool, (route from the UK >Capetown>Montevideo ) was torpedoed in the S. Atlantic by the German raider 'Thor' in April 1942 with only 16 survivors.
Camp complement at rescue:
MEN: 98 men excluding 2 deaths/ British civilians 33, British seamen 24, Greek seamen 19,Straits Chinese 9, South and West Africans 6, British Arabs 5, Spaniard 1, Armenian1,
WOMEN: 29 adults (British, British Indian, Chinese and 1 Greek, 13 children)

NARA Records:
Control Number DC-331-UD:1189(L)
Media: Textual records
Descr. Level List
Record Group 331
Series UD:1189(L)
Title Box List for "Area" Case Files
Dates 1945-1948
Creating Org. Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP). Legal Section.
Administrative Division. Scope & Content
Box 964
Area Case Files: Se-101, Report on the Civil Internment Camp at Fukushima,
Japan and Part II, Report of the Camp Committee Fukushima Internment Camp, Fukushima, Japan