Rescue Roster 30 Jan 1945

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This list was researched and edited by Roger Mansell, former Director of The Center for Research on Allied POWS Under The Japanese. Links are provided to the The Proviso School (Illinois) Bataan Memorial project that honour the men of the 192nd Tank Batallion. A verification & cross-check by Jim Erickson, Texas A&M, is gratefully acknowledged [see his hell ship web site].

We know that at least 21 Filipino soldiers died in this daring raid as they were the force that bloacked the Japanese from sending troops to prevent the escape.

In RG 404, Box143 is the diary of Lt. Col. Arthur Lee Shreve (Keijo-Korea roster) who wrote an extensive diary on Cabanatuan.
Source: NARA Record Group 407, Box 89

Name,  Rank,  ASN,  Service,  Unit
Abraham, Abie, SGT, 6881528, INF, 31st Inf
Adams, Don Herald, PVT, 20843826, CAC, 200th F
Addington, Ermon R., M SG, R&881304, MD, Sternburg Gen Hosp
Ahlschwede, William C., PFC, 17011277, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Albee, Dean W., CIV, na, AGO, ATS
Albin, Louis B., M SG, 1508020, USAAC, 20 ABG 27 Mat
Alford, John S., PVT, 14013408, CAC, 60th D
Allan, John C., , PSX262538, British, Royal Navy
Ames, Jack C., PFC, 280554, USMC, 4th 1 Bn Hq Rescued at Bilibid?]
Amos, Frederick C., CAPT, O&250131, CAC, HD Hq
Amos, Harold Malcolm, SGT, 6939439, MD, Ft McKinley
Ancelet, Herman C., PVT, 19052809, ORD, 745th Ord
Anderson, Lloyd E., PVT, 19017224, CAC, 60th G
Archibeque, Esperidon "Nino", TSG, 20842359, MD, 515th MD
Arnold, Harry G., G SG, 187451, USMC, 4th B
Ash, Uriah, Pvt, 15070284, QMC, QM Mtr Transp
Bailey, John H., Pvt, 13038318, QMC, QM Port Area
Baker, Robert J., 1 SG, 720936, QMC
Bank, Bertram, CAPT, O&354455, USAAC, 27 BG (L) 17 BS
Barber, George E., Dvr, 139431, British, RA Svc Corps
Barker, William H., PFC, 6558627, MD
Barneman, John K., MAJ, O&266084, CH, 60th CAC
Barnes, Lellon, PVT, 38011876, CAC, 515th B
Barnes, Richard H., PFC, 6283889, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Barnhardt, Floyd, SSGT, 6793906, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 20 Purs Sqn
Barry, Louis B., PVT, 19051709, CAC, 59th H
Bary, Robert L., CIV, na, AGO
Basinger, Millard L., CPL, 6222007, CAC, 59th A
Batcheler, John F., SSGT, 6557116, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 21 Purs Sqn
Baumgardner, Earl Gearheart, LT, 59985, USN, 16th Nav Dist Hq
Baxter, Melvin D., PVT, 18038676, CAC, 60th A
Beasley, Harold F., SSGT, 6262444, AC, 19 BG (H) 28 BS
Beck, Richard P. "Dick", PFC, 6669098, AC, 19 BG (H) 14 BS
Bell, Robert, Sgt, 3529539, British, Manchester Rgt
Bellair, Archie D. Jr., PVT, 6283837, CAC, 60th B
Bennett, Lee, PVT, 6957050, CAC, 59th CA
Berry, Edward L., CPL, 272997, USMC, 4th 3 Bn Hq
Bills, Otis Ray, CRM, 3811003, USN, USS Canopus
Blair, Mason, CIV, na, AGO
Blanchard, Lloyd Paul, CPL, 38055577, CAC, 59th CA
Bliss, Raymond W. Jr., 2 LT, O&385792, CAC, 59th F
Boatwright, Russell D., PVT, 18046446, CAC, 59th E
Boaz, Fern Gray, CMM, 2792979, USN
Body, Robert J., PVT, 16013670, INF, 31st Inf D
Booth, Vernon, CIV, na, AGO, CE Supply Svc attached to Army
Bower, Clarence W., PVT, 6581175, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 93 BS
Boyle, James A., PFC, 18029963, AC, 19 BG (H) 7 Mat
Branch, Hugh E., CPL, 39601617, INF, 194th Tank
Braunberger, John, PVT, 19020667, INF, 31st Inf
Bridges, Donald W., SGT, 6577943, INF, 31st Inf
Bronk, Stanley E., 1STSGT, 212053, USMC, 4th M
Brotherson, Lynn Wesley, S1C, 2342063, USN, USS Luzon
Brown, Chester J., SGT, 19056654, MD, Phil Dept Med Det
Brown, Harry M., 1 LT, O&379525, MC, Gen Hosp #1
Brown, Julian B., SGT, 7084638, CE, 803rd Eng (Avn)
Browning, Paul M., PFC, 6820900, MD, Gen Hosp #1
Bryant, Preston L., PFC, 7060441, CAC, HD Hq
Buchanan, Charles E., PVT, 7008835, USAAC, 48th Mat
Burgess, Frank H., 2nd Lt, O&375128, , Phil Mtr Transp
Burke, Joseph F., S1C, 4133883, USN, USS Canopus
Burke, Robert Gordon, 1 LT, O&890099, QMC, Phil Mtr Transp
Burks, Joe C., PVT, 18036499, USAAC
Burns, Edward A., SGT, 17025753, MD, Ft McKinley
Burson, Curtis E., CAPT, O&354804, DC, 515th Med Det
Burtz, John, SK1C, 2829346, USN, USS Canopus
Byrne, Patrick, CPL, 1199553, INF, 20 ABG 28 Mat
Cabreira, Benjamin F., PFC, 39082300, MD, Sternberg Gen Hosp
Campbell, Roger Dewey "Sarg", SSGT, 20842384, MD, 200th Med Det
Carlsson, Carl A., PFC, 6910003, ORD
Chamberlain, Clifton H. Jr., 2 LT, O&389545, CAC, 59th G
Chapman, Richard S., CPL, 6150017, MD, Gen Hosp #1
Chavez, Ben T., PVT, 38012450, CAC, 200th F
Chavez, David Aristotle, SSgt, 20842397, MD, 515th Med Det
Chavez, Joe D., PVT, 38012244, CAC, 200th 1 Bn Hq
Chenoweth, Merwyn D., PVT, 19052574, ORD, 27 BG (L) 698 Ord
Choate, Bruce Neal, PVT, 20843742, CAC, 200th F
Clark, Eugene C., PFC, 17011544, MD, PD Med Detach
Clark, Warden S., CIV, na, AGO, AGO Corregidor
Claxton, William C., T SG, 6551735, MD, Gen Hosp #1
Cleaves, Nathan H. W., M SG [WO JG], 2365229, INF, USFIP So Luzon Force Hq ex 31st Inf Svc Co
Clements, Ernest E., SGT, 6374744, INF, 31st Inf E
Clow, George N., 1 SG, 6884361, AC, 20 ABG 28 Mat
Cobb, Julius W., PFC, 18000963, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 34 Purs Sqn
Colman, Homer J., CAPT, O&358918, INF, Phil Div (PS) 57 Inf Rgt
Commander, Eugene C., MSG, 170402, USMC, 4th Svc
Connacher, Peter, S SG, 19015775, QMC, QM Mtr Transp
Cook, John M., PFC, 18021134, MD, Ft McKinley
Cooney, Floyd W., SSGT, 6664610, CAC, 60th Hq
Copeland, Clifton E., SGT, 265728, USMC, 4th K
Coull, David A., PFC, 6978282, AC, 20 ABG 19 BS
Courtney, Lawrence H., PVT, 16008539, CAC, 59th G
Cowan, James Henry, PFC, 19028704, AC, 19th BG (H) Hq
Cox, Lorne B., PFC, 19020981, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Coy, Sidney A., PVT, 35100658, INF, 192nd D
Craycroft, Richard C., SGT, 6914346, AC, 27 BG (L) Hq
Crocker, Frederick W., Sgt, 6355453, CAC, 60th I
Culp, John N., SGT, 7000450, AC, 27 BG (L) 16 BS
Cunliffe, John, Pvt, 3526013, British, 1st Manchester
Damon, Howard, 1 SG, 6130291, CAC, 59th 2 Bn
Daniel, Claude P., 1 LT, O&400963, DC, 27 BG (L) Hq
Darling, George E., Sgt, 20842499, CAC, 200th Hq
Davis, William E., CPL, 6396247, CAC, 60th C
Decker, Robert L., PFC, 17012220, CAC, 60th B
Dellar, Stanley A., GNR, 8640009, British, 135th FA Rgt RA
Devore, Quentine P., CPL, 18000771, AC, 19 BG (H) 7 Mat
Dillard, Everett Robert Love, CTM, 1312870, USN
Disosway, Wilbur F., MSgt, 6073562, AC, 19 BG (H) 28 BS
Distell, George, T SG, 2337338, MD, Sternberg Gen Hosp
Dobrinic, Matt P., Capt, O&339314, Inf, 31st Inf
Doyle, Robert, SGT, 6146163, FIN, HD Fin Dept
Drown, Jearuld Jeston, MM1C, 3161814, USN, USS Canopus
Drummond, Orville Elliott, SGT, 20843552, CAC, 515th 2 Bn Hq
Duckworth, James W., COL, O&005443, USA MC, Gen Hosp #1
Dugan, John E., PFC, 19013451, FIN
Dugan, John J., CAPT, O&348200, CH, Phil Div (PS)
Duncan, Robert J., CAPT, O&890108, CE, 91 Div (PA) 71 Eng Bn
Duncan, William J., 2 LT, O&890425, QMC, 65th Sep Train (Pack)
Duncan, William W., PVT, 13015222, SC, AWS Sig PD
Dunn, George O., SGT, 20918481, MD, Gen Hosp #1
Dusich, Jacob, S SG, 2443462, AC, 20 ABG 28 Mat
Easley, Cecil E. Jr., PFC, 18043101, ORD, 19 Bg (H) 440 Ord
Easterwood, Elbert A., PVT, 18029855, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 7 Mat
Easton, Chester Joseph, PFC, 245877, USMC, 4th H
Easton, Ted D., PVT, 19050501, USAAC, 19th BG (H) Hq
Elkins, Carno R., PVT, 18050036, CAC, 59th I
Ellis, Ralph Edwin, CWO, W&210119, NO, HQ PI Dept
Ellsworth, Frank C., CIV, na, AGO
Elms, John T., PVT, 19050665, USAAC, 19th BG (H) Hq
Embree, Joseph, CIV, , AGO, QM Corregidor
Engeset, Knut, LT, 28821, USN, USS Ranger
Englin, Milton A., SGT, 247731, USMC, 4th D
Erickson, Hjalmar August, LCDR, 99110, USN, Cavite Yard Med Detach
Evers, Eugene H., PFC, 37041807, USA, Ft McKinley Med Det
Farrell, Alfred E., PVT, 32107688, CE, 803rd Eng (Avn)
Farrell, Julius D., SGT, 19013522, INF, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Fassoth William J, CIV, na
Fay, Burnise L., PVT, 38012602, CAC, 515th H
Fields, Albert, LTC, O&011505, DC, Gen Hosp #2
Flowers, Travis S., Pvt, 34113768, CE, 803rd Eng (Avn)
Floyd, Lloyd I., CAPT, O&338077, INF, VMF Hq
Fogerson, Jack Donald "Whitey", TSG, 38012307, CAC, 515th H
Foley, Seaton, 1 LT, O&890077, CE, USAFFE Eng Bn
Folsom, Milo J., S SG, 6860897, MD, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Fonseca, Nelson P., PVT, 19002654, ORD, 693rd Ord (Avn)
Ford, Virgil L., Sgt, 20842473, CAC, 200th Hq
Forrest, Dale E., PFC, 290296, USMC, 4th I
Fouts, Ray H., CIV, na, NAV
Franchini, Frank Joseph "Frankie", PFC, 38012298, CAC, 200th Band
French, Walter O., Sgt, 18018190, CAC, 60th E
Fultz, Gordon C., PVT, 33081595, CE, 803rd Eng (Avn)
Galos, William E., CIV, na, AGO, Eng Dept
Gaston, Fred C., MSG, 157537, MD, Gen Hosp #1
Gatewood, Roy A., SSG, 17014966, MD, 194th Tank Med Det
Gavin, George J., TSG, 6931581, MD, Sternberg Gen Hosp
Gentry, William H., 1 LT, O&404976, INF, 192nd Tank C
Georgenton, Joseph W., CIV, na, NAV, CPNAB Manila
Gernandt, Paul, CPL, 7030013, CAC, 60th A
Gibbon, Beverly R., 1 LT, O&297375, CAC, 59th C
Gibbons, Claude, PFC, 39079476, ORD, 19 BG (H) 440 Ord
Gibbs, Leonard A., SGT, 6290181, MD, 31st Inf
Gibson, William D., 1 LT, O&890565, SC
Gilbert, Dale A., PVT, 16003918, CAC, 59th Hq
Gilbert, Grover B., WOJG, W2101244, NO
Girard, William, F2C, 2874003, USN
Glass, Harold J., T SG, 6858680, AC, 19 BG (H) 28 BS
Goldy, Samuel E., SGT, 12010733, SC, AWS Sig PD
Goodbla, Clinton S., SSG, 19020679, CAC, 60th A
Gorden, Kenneth R., PFC, 20700235, INF, 194th A
Gordon, Edward S., PVT, 286388, USMC, 4th M
Gordon, John J., PFC, 6733332, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 28 BS
Gorman, Thomas F. Jr., PVT, 19003065, ORD, 19 BG (H) 701Ord
Green, George William, LT, 100792, USN, Cavite Yard
Green, James A., LT COL, O&1033, MP, Phil Constabulary
Greenaway, Virgil H., PVT, 14046209, CAC, 60th H
Greenberg, Max M., CPL, 6875870, INF, 31st Inf
Griego, Sipriano, PFC, 20842361, MD, 200th Med Det
Guice, Robert L., SGT, 6383850, USAAC, WX Det
Guth, Frederick W., T SG, 977104, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Gutridge, Allen W., PFC, 6589251, QMC, 33 QM Trk Rgt
Hagstrom, Glen, CPL, 19006224, CAC, 59th I
Haines, William L., 2 LT, O&890125, INF, 31 Div (PA) 32 Inf Rgt
Hall, Clarence George, GM1C, 2433799, USN
Hall, Farley Baker, PVT, 15017069, CAC, 59th H
Hall, Howard G., PFC, 14045085, CAC, 59th K
Hall, Lawrence C., PFC, 19043539, MD, 31st Inf
Hallan, David, AC1, 1194446, British, RAF
Ham, Ralph Erman, CRM, 1703861, USN
Hannah, Elmer F., T SG, 6859750, AC, 5 ABG Hq
Harrison, Arthur James "Jimmy", M SG, 38012689, CAC, 200th 1 Bn Hq
Harrison, William E., PVT, 19019484, QMC, HD Hq
Hay, Cecil H., PVT, 6238530, INF, 31st Inf F
Hayes, Albert "Blackie", PVT, 38012335, CAC, 200th B
Hedrick, Richard F., 1 LT, O&890101, QMC, QM Mtr Transp
Heeley, George W., PVT, 5830799, British, 1st Cambridgeshires
Heflin, Cecil D., S SG, 7002780, AC, 91 BG (H)
Henderson, Dean V., PVT, 19010908, CAC, 59th B
Henry, Joseph R., PFC, 19020723, CAC, 60th L
Herron, Joseph Edward, BM2C, 3211246, USN, USS Mindanao
Herzog, Herbert H., PFC, 13013426, SC, AW Sig PD
Hibbs, Ralph E., CAPT, O&345051, MC, 31st Inf 2 Bn Hq
Hickey, Charles J., PVT, 19020784, CAC, 59th K
Hildebrand, James Mackintosh, PVT, 16034454, AC, 27 BG (L) 16 BS
Hill, Robert, Maj, O&890016, CE, HD Hq Eng Chief
Hilshorst, Arthur L., PVT, 19006303, CAC, 59th C
Hoblit, Roy D., SSGT, 6570502, USAAC, 20 ABG 28 Mat
Holden, Bernard, PVT, 6139658, British, 2nd Surrey Rgt
Holland, Raymond F., PFC, 14014453, AC, 27 BG (L) 92 BS
Holt Troy E., PVT, 6561298, CAC, 808th MP
Hoover, Oliver E., M SG, 129805, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 7 Mat
Horrocks, Samuel M., PFC, 19052602, ORD, 27 BG (L) 698 Ord
Howe, Robert J. Jr., SGT, 6902131, QMC, 12th QM Rgt (PS)
Howell, Elmer, SSGT, 316807, CAC, 59th G
Hubbard, Ralph W., MAJ, O&300243, MC, Genl Hosp #2
Huntley, John P., CIV, na, NAV, Reired Navy
Hutchins, Hale L., CIV, na, AGO, SS Ruth Alexander (ATS)
Iovino, Neil P., CPL, 278486, USMC, 4th Svc
Jackson, Loyd A., PVT, 37055827, MD, 31st Inf
Jackson, Paul, WO, 79721, USN, Mariveles Section Base
Jarnagin, Willie C., PFC, 36050929, CAC, 200th
Jeffries, Ira L., PFC, 6994446, INF, 192nd Tank D
Jenkins, Clyde S., CIV, na, BYD, CPNAB Manila
Jennings, Jack H., 1 LT, O&336604, AC, 24 Purs Gp 34 Purs Sqn
Jensen, Charles C., PFC, 36016217, MD, 192nd Tank MD
Johnson, Edward, PVT, 36016624, MD, 31st Inf
Johnson, Melvin M., T SG, 6791197, ORD
Johnson, Olin Willis, SSGT, 20843479, CAC, 200th 2 Bn Hq
Johnston, Melvin T., 1 LT, O&322424, USAAC, PI Med Dept
Johnston, Robert D., LT C, O&018498, INF, VMF Hq
Jolley, Alfred, PVT, 19052940, MD, 12th Med Rgt (PS)
Jones, Osborne Joseph, CSM, 2677944, USN, USS Canopus
Jones, Roy C., PFC, 19000763, CAC, HD Hq
Jones, Vernon G., PVT, 6578579, CAC, 59th G
Kain, Walter Louis, CBM, 1014268, USN
Kallus, Edward J., MAJ, O&015494, MC, Genl Hosp #1
Kane, George W. Jr., 1 LT, O&311602, AC, 27 BG (L) Hq
Katrones, Gust, SSGT, 908618, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 17 Purs Sqn
Katz, Charles Joseph, CPT, O&358270, MC, Genl Hosp #2
Kauffman, Vernice, PFC, 33081016, CE, 803rd Eng (Avn)
Keating, Dennis M., PFC, 6013903, British, Suffolks 4th Bn
Keays, Hugh A., CIV, na, AGO
Keithley, Marcus L., SGT, 6799100, AC, 24 Purs Gp Hq
Keller, Herman J., PVT, 19017537, INF, 31st Inf
Kellogg, Richard C., PFC, 19003751, MD, Genl Hosp #1
Kelly, Charles R., CIV, na, NAV
Kelly, John B., SGTMAJ, 84607, USMC, 4th 1 Bn Hq
Kelsey, Paul Van, Bkr2c, 2231268, USN
Kennedy, Hugh Francis, 1 LT, O&890457, CH, Davao Force
Keyes, Everett L., Sgt, 6148111, USAAC, 2nd Obs Sqn
King, Arnold H. "Bill", SSG, 6824019, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 20 Purs Sqn
King, Ben E., CAPT, O&275671, CAC, 59th H
Kinnison, Logan V., SGT, 6932529, MD, PD Med Det
Kippen, William, SGT, 546357, AC, 2nd Obs Sqn
Kirkpatrick, William H., PVT, 19015663, CAC, 60th K
Klien, Dutch, Sgt, 92104, Dutch
Knapp, Joseph T., S SG, 6852107, SC, 228th Sig Opns
Knapp, Raymond H., CAPT, O&278892, QMC, 12th QM
Knobloch, William F., CIV, na, CIV, Guerilla -Uriga
Kreiger, Thomas Joseph, CBM, 2421658, USN
Kringler, Orvin Gerald, WT2C, 3283369, USN, USS Mindanao
Kyllo, Charles B., SSGT, 6571399, USAAC, 5 ABG Hq
Lambert, William H., SGT, 6828138, MD, 31st Inf Med
Lane, Sylvester G., TSG, 6466776, MD, Prov Air Corp Med Detach
Lash, William J., PFC, 15017281, CAC, HD Hq
Lavictoire, Isaac Newton, LT, 72746, USN, USNH Canacao
Lawrence, Walter B., CPL, 6935942, AC, 20 ABG Hq
Lawton, Dale E., 1SG, 20645199, INF, 192nd Tank A
Laycock, Marvin R., PVT, 39150967, CAC, 59th B
Layton, George H., CPL, 5932877, British, Cambridgeshire Rgt 2 Bn
Leasum, Charles, CAPT, O&278784, MC, Phil Div (PS) 45 Inf
Leek, Jerome B., PVT, 20916717, CAC, 60th Hq
Leira, Barney (Bgarne P.), CIV, na, Norway, AGO Corregidor
Lemley, Vincent A., PVT, 19020604, CAC, 59th D
Lev, Norman J., PFC, 36016591, MD, 19 BG (H) MD
Lewis, Charles Fox Jr., 1LT, O&403040, MC, 88th FA (PS)
Lewis, Robert B., CPT, O&021039, MC, Genl Hosp #2
Light, Jesse W., CIV, , NAV, CPNAB Manila
Lillard, J M, PVT, 38040873, INF, 192nd Tank Hq
Limbaugh, Joseph M., PVT, 16013513, CAC, 60th I
Limpert, Daniel C. "Dan", 2 LT, O&890155, CAC, 515th A
Locke, Sanford L., PFC, 6948287, CAC, 60th H
Lucas, John L., CPT, O&890477, CE, PD Eng Div
Lundblad, Erick H. F., WOJG, W&901119, NO, 91 CA Mine Planter
Lunnie, Francis M., 1 LT, O&375075, MAC, Genl Hosp #2
Macholl, Louis G., PFC, 12025274, CAC, 59th
Machovic, Barney, SGT, 954211, CAC, HD Hq
Maker, Gilbert W., Pvt, 6150578, British, East Surrey
Malor, Stanislaus, SGT, 6152378, CE, 803rd Eng (Avn)
Manson, Emmet Loring, LT, 74764, USN, USS Canopus
Markham, Herbert S., LSgt, 5776749, British
Martin, George T., Pvt, 5774706, British, Royal Norfolk Rgt
Mason, Thomas, SGT, 747330, QMC, HD Hq
Mc Carthy, James Benjamin, CY, 2675157, USN
Mc Carty, John A., PFC, 38030929, MD, 200th Med Det
Mc Coy, Max M., CY, 3715885, USN
Mc Glasson, Chester, PFC, 6652774, QMC, PD QM Div
Mc Hale, George, PFC, 6938967, MD, Genl Hosp #1
Mc Kewen, Charles E., PVT, 1285653, CWS, 4th Chem
Mc Kinlay, Paul S., CPL, 6550387, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Mc Neil, Wilson R., MAJ, O&225430, MC, Genl Hosp #1
Mc Neilly, Elmer A., CIV, na, NAV
Mc Pherson, Eldred I., SGT, 6504021, QMC, QM Nichols Field
Mc William, Leslie, CIV, na, AGO
Mcalpin, Clovis William, QM2C, 3559810, USN
Memmler, Harold W., PVT, 36033964, INF, 31st Inf
Menges, Leonard E., CIV, na, AGO, Eng Div Corregidor
Miller, Donald H., 2LT, O&413476, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 3 Purs
Miller, Edward Z., S SG, 6808389, MD, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Miller, J B, PFC, 38029418, MD, 192nd Tank MD
Miller, Walter A., MSG, 1013513, MD, Vetinary Svc
Mitchell, Clarence O, PVT, 18043100, ORD, 19 BG (H) 440 Ord
Mize, Kenneth W., SGT, 199721, USMC, 4th Svc
Moen, Norman E., PVT, 19050845, AC, 19 BG (H) 93 BS
Monroe, Robert Hayes, MM1C, 4131000, USN, Torpedo Sqn #3
Moore, Lee W., PVT, 18001751, CAC, 59th E
Moores, John A., PFC, 17018734, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Morin, Joseph Ernest Arthur, SC3C, 2013816, USN
Moritz, Melvin Clyde, F1C, 3859231, USN, USS Canopus
Morris, Roy, PVT, 15065799, CAC, 60th K
Mortimer, Charles G., SSG, 6770539, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 34 Purs Sqn
Muelman, Casper, Sgt, 85928, Dutch, Royal Mil Academy Java
Musselman, Merle M., 1 LT, O&380941, MC, Prov FA (PS)
Nateswa, Paul R., PVT, 38012699, CAC, 515th A
Neault, Richard L., S SG, 6138363, DML, DEML
Newman, James E., PVT, 6292925, INF, 31st Inf A
Normandy, Edward, CIV, na, CIV
Novak, Charles C., SGT, 6068048, CAC, 60th I
Ogg, James T., PVT, 19050363, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 93 BS
Okeefe, Eugene J., 1 LT, O&890439, CH, 61 FA Rgt
Oliver, Alfred C., LT C, O&009678, CH, Luzon Force Hq
Osborne, Raymond, CIV, na, AGO
Ostrom, Jack C., PFC, 288874, USMC, 4th A
Ott, Herbert I., 1 LT, O&369401, VC, Gen Hosp Bataan
Owen, Alma, M SG, 6539849, AC, 5 ABG Hq
Pace, Robert L., PFC, 14047098, CAC, 60th K
Palmer, Lesley S., LSgt, 5826425, British
Parker, Albert L., CPL, 20842524, CAC, 515th 2 Bn Hq
Parker, Pat L., PFC, 18050066, CAC, 60th H
Parrott, George V., PFC, 15017283, CAC, 59th A
Patrick, Darvin O., T SG, 7020985, MD, Genl Hosp #2
Peak, Jack D., PFC, 18063203, MD, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Peontek, Henry W., PVT, 16017981, INF, 31st Inf
Peterek, Felix P., PVT, 19044436, ORD, 19 BG (H) 440 Ord
Peters, Edgar, PVT, 38054615, INF, 192nd Tank Hq
Peterson, William L., CPL, 17001756, CAC, 59th K
Pfeiffer, James Augustin, WO, 80717, USN, USNH Canacao
Pharr, Alfred O. C., SGT, 6250277, CAC, 59th G
Phillips, Breed S., PVT, 6378435, CAC, 59th F
Picotte, Caryl L., CAPT, O&131258, USAAC, 20 ABG Hq
Pierce, Loran G., PVT, 19015629, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 34 Purs Sqn
Pinkham, Winthrop C., PFC, 11015231, AC, 5 ABG Hq
Pinto, Harry W., PLSGT, 238434, USMC, 4th M
Pirnat, Peter P., PVT, 35021020, INF, 192nd Tank Hq
Pitchford, Robert William, CMM, 1533394, USN
Pitts, Ira M., PVT, 6816373, CAC, 59th D
Potter, Thomas, Sig, 3523809, British, Royal Sigs
Potyraj, Frank C., CPL, 6910580, MD
Quay, Earl E., PVT, 18049879, CAC, 60th B
Quinn, Charlie R., SGT, 20523489, INF, 192nd Tank D
Rabin, Frederick, S SG, 6560955, MD, HD Med Surg Off
Raines, D C, SSGT, 6390778, USAAC, 24 Purs Gp 17 Purs Sqn
Rainwater, Dennis D., PFC, 290940, USMC, 4th 2 Bn Hq
Ramme, William C., 1 LT, O&890257, CE, Luzon Force Eng Bn
Rawlinson, Frank J., PVT, 6892051, SC, AWS Sig PD
Reed, Emil P., MAJ, O&313089, MC, 26 Cav (PS)
Reed, Field M. Jr., PFC, 20523490, INF, 192nd Tank D
Reed, Gareth J., CPL, 19006001, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Reeff, John P., CPL, 19017075, CAC, 60th C
Rees, Denton J., CAPT, O&331514, DC, 31st Inf
Rhoades, Calvin A., S SG, 6519087, INF, Phil Dept Hq
Rickett, Ernest Eugene, MM1C, 1834138, USN
Rieck, William C., PFC, 6916385, CAC, 60th F
Riley, Walter G., Sig, 2360440, British, Royal Sigs
Ring, Walter, SGT, 6747244, QMC
Ritchie, Lavergne A., SGT, 6799531, INF, 31st Inf
Robertson, Don E., PFC, 19012626, MD, 31st Inf Med Det
Robins, Donald S., CAPT, O&300703, QMC, QM Mtr Trans Svc
Robinson, Lawrence, PFC, 15043739, CE, 803rd Eng
Rodriguez, Ralph Jr., PFC, 38012138, MD, 515th MD
Rogers, Austin B., SGT, 14040503, ORD, 454th Ord
Rohde, Philip G., PVT, 11020530, AC, 20 ABG 28 Mat
Rosenberg, Theodore, CIV, na, AGO
Roseveare, Robert E., CAPT, O&311189, MI, Phil Dept Hq
Ross, Marvel, PVT, 12024922, SC, AW Sig PD
Ross, Robert E., PFC, 6566740, MD, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Royalty, Garrett Gilbert, PVT, INF, 192nd Tank D [too sick to walk]
Ryan, John E., M SG, 346144, ORD, 17th Ord
Salm, Alma Ernest, CWO, 50132, USN
Sanchez, Alfredo Felix, PVT, 38012514, CAC, 200th A
Santos, Jesus, PVT, 38030721, CAC, 515th F
Sartin, Lea Bennett, CDR, 43766, USN, USNH Canacao
Sawtelle, Donald W., LT C, O&012196, CAC, Phil Div 26 Cav (PS) ex 59th Hq
Schneider, Joe, PFC, 39228443, INF, 194th Tank
Schumm, Fred F., CPL, 2341101, INF, 31st Inf
Scott, Richard, PVT, 19006324, SC, 429 Sigs
Seaman, Edward E., CPL, 6976811, USAAC, WX Det
Seckinger, William C., PFC, 13022548, SC, AWS Sig PD
Seliga, Martin Edward, CQM, 1914954, USN
Sena, Sam, PVT, 38012139, CAC, 200th D
Serrano, Ernesto Octaviano, PVT, 38011661, CAC, 515th F
Shardlow, George, Sgt, 3525331, British
Sherman, Carroll C., PVT, 14006597, AC, 27 BG (L) 17 BS
Shimel, James B., QMCLK, 6970, USMC, 4th 3 Bn Hq
Short, Hassel M., S SG, 6284255, MD, Phil Dept HQ
Shropshire, George W., PVT, 2341692, QMC, Fort Mills QM Det
Shults, William E., PFC, 6954539, INF, 31st Inf A
Silk, Herman J., PFC, 279831, USMC, 4th M
Silverman, Carl, ACMM, 1022977, USN
Sitter, Stephen C., MAJ, O&020079, MC, Genl Hosp #2
Slater, Thomas Arthur, GM1C, 2433903, USN
Slaughter, J. C., LCpl, 5776255, British
Sly, Robert E., CAPT, O&386820, CE, VMF Hq
Smith, Carl, PVT, 6472231, ORD, 75th Ord
Smith, Donald N., SGT, 6253722, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 7 Mat
Smith, Jeff, PFC, 19002802, CWS
Smith, Roy B., SGT, 6282970, AC, 2nd Obs Sqn
Smith, Willard A., 1 LT, O&413874, FA, 301 FA
Smith, William King Jr., PVT, 19020921, CAC, 59th I
Smith, William P., QMSGT, 217391, USMC, 4th D
Snyder, Donald N., PFC, 13013922, SC, AWS Sig PD
Soppoknersky Peter, PFC, 256440, QMC, Phil Dept
Sparks, Delbert Lee, MM1C, 2870812, USN
Spinelli, Ralph, PVT, 19056982, CWS, 3rd Chem
Spradlin, Jon, CIV, na, AGO
Srugo, Sjpriano, PFC, 20482311, CAC, 200th Med
Stanford, Joseph R., PVT, 6976788, AC, 19 BG (H) 28 BS
Staples, Harry J., SSG, 6907109, MD, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Starkey, Edward E., PVT, 19026245, CAC, 60th Hq
Staus, Alvin A., SSG, 6322706, USAAC, FEAF Hq
Stefl, Harry James, CBM, 1940009, USN
Steiner, George R., PVT, 19000152, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 30 BS
Stevens, Sidney, CPL, 3855020, British
Steward, Jerry Alexander, LCDR, 62270, USN
Stone, Walter E., 1 LT, O&890076, CE, Eng Dept Manila
Stoops, Carl E., CIV, na, AGO
Stoutenburgh, Marshall B., PFC, 6977867, USAAC, 20th Gp 19th Sqn
Strasters, Robert V., PFC, 39676107, MD, 194th Tank Med
Strong, Robert Cowan Jr., LCDR, 57769, USN, Cavite Rec Stn
Stuart, Carl E., CPL, 7060419, MD, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Sullivan, Christopher M., CIV, na, AGO
Svendsen, Aksal S., CIV, na, AGO
Swindell, Leon A., S SG, 6399973, AC, 27 BG (L) 16 BS
Tarkanish, George, S1C, 2832627, USN
Taube Alfred G., CPL, 6401989, CAC, 60th G
Taylor, Ira W., PVT, 6269437, INF, 31st Inf
Taylor, Lewis V., SGT, 6281738, USAAC, 24 Purs GP Hq
Taylor, Ralph, MM3C, 2955168, USN
Teel, James O., PVT, 18038692, CAC, 60th C
Temple, John W., 1st Lt, O&387836, ORD, 701st Ord
Terry, Roy T., CPL, 20843734, CAC, 200th F
Thamos, William, Sgt, 681016, QMC, QM Ft Mills
Thibeault, Joseph B. C., PFC, 11007723, MD, Genl Hosp #2
Thomas, Edward E., 2 LT, O&890013, SC, 252nd Const Sqn
Thomas, Ted Talley, PFC, 20843606, CAC, 515th Hq
Thompson, Wendell Dwyer, TM1C, 3419235, USN, Nav Ammo Depo
Thomson, John L., CIV, na, AGO
Tice, Leon A. Jr., SSGT, 6979131, MD, Sternberg Genl Hosp
Tixier, Foch F., PFC, 20842383, MD, 200th Med
Tobey, Karl D., CPL, 19045529, MD
Triolo, Jerome M., 2LT, O&427199, USAAC, 19 BG (H) 93 BS
Trippe, James E., CAPT, O&295918, QMC, Phil Dept Mtr Pool
Tupy, Charles C., PFC, 37042159, MD
Turnbow, Rufus Harvey, CPL, 18018186, CAC, 60th L
Turner, James C., PVT, 14042500, CAC, 59th C
Unger, Robert S., PFC, 35206363, CAC, 200th C
Vandiggelem, Gerard, Pvt, 95949, Dutch
Vanlandingham, Blake G., SSGT, 791660, CAC, 60th M
Verhey, Dick, CIV, na, AGO
Vico, Avi L., S SG, 19000437, ORD, 680th Ord
Villaloboz, Macario Fernando "Max", PVT, 38011930, CAC, 200th C
Vincent, Willis C., PVT, 20934631, INF, 194th Tank
Vinette, Dallas Paul "Dal", CAPT, O&400039, CAC, 200th H
Vinton, Fred S., PFC, 269084, USMC, 4th F
Vitek, Lester P., PFC, 37040844, MD, Ft Mills Hosp
Von Linger, Dale O., PVT, 6913538, ORD, 698th Ord
Vroman, Grandison N., PFC, 6977995, MD, Phil Dept Surgery
Wagner, Gerald W., SSGT, 6580865, MD, Genl Hosp #2
Wait, Max D., CIV, na, AGO
Walker, Charles B., TSG, 6489849, MC, PD Med Dept
Walker, John Henry, WO, 82066, USN
Wallace, Stanley F., TSG, 6821398, MD
Walther, Frederick C., SGT, 6734194, AC, V Intercept
Wangler, Ambrose J., 1 LT, O&890040, FIN, PD Finance
Warren, William P., PVT, 18035198, QMC, QM Nichols Field
Watson, Eugene, PFC, 6296910, AC, 24th Purs Gp Hq
Weedon, George, CIV, na, CIV
Wemmer, Virgil Charles, EM1C, 3811408, USN, USS Canopus
Wengronowitz, Joseph, PVT, 18042320, INF, 31st Inf 2 Bn Hq
West, John D., PFC, 38012545, CAC, 200th F
Wetzel, Oliver K., PVT, 19019919, CAC, 60th D
Wharton, Clarence A., PVT, 38029791, CAC, 515th F
Wheeler, Tony J., 2 LT, O&890088, QMC, QM Mtr Transp
Whiteley, Robert K., CPT, O&268924, MC, Genl Hosp #2
Wilkerson, Merritt Buster, PVT, 20842538, CAC, 515th B
Wilkinson, Lamar, PVT, 19011019, CAC, 59th C
Williams, Ben Franklin, PFC, 38012029, CAC, 200th A
Williams, Benjamin O., PFC, 6909322, AC, FEAF Hq
Williams, Finas, SGT, 6438144, CAC, 59th E
Williams, Lawrence G., PVT, 19054307, CAC, 60th C
Willis, Harry P., GM1C, 2870118, USN
Willson, Thomas R., LT C, O&010103, FA, 24th FA Regt (PS)
Wilson, Frank T., S SG, 20900762, INF, 194th Tank
Wilson, Ray, CPL, 6726571, CAC, HD Hq
Wing, Paul R., MAJ, O&005878, SC, USAFFE Sig
Witmer, Edward C. Jr., SGT, 33076737, CE, 803rd Eng (Avn)
Wood, Thomas F., PFC, 6911784, QMC, QM Nichols Field
Wyatt, Reginald K., Gun, 968259, British, 88 FA RA
Yates, Jules D., CAPT, O&023127, CAC, 92nd CA (PA)
Yates, Lawdell L., PVT, 6282204, INF, 31st Inf
York James H, PVT, 12023050, CE, 803rd Eng
Zelis Louis C., PVT, 36001929, INF, 192nd Tank B
Zimmerman, John O., 1 LT, O&890017, QMC, Army Trans Svc
Zucca Deno, CPL, 19051397, INF, 31st Inf