Makassar POW Camp
Celebes (Sulawesi)

Exeter Report
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Short Casualty Summary- Courtesy of Jeoffrey Blain
HMS Exeter
KIA & POW Dead

HMS Exeter: Casualties during first Java Sea Battle 27-2-42.
Total 14
HMS Exeter: Casualties during second Java Sea Battle and sinking 1 Mrch 1942
Total killed and missing 40
Died in Macassar before 9/43
Total 7
Died in Poemaloe (East Celebes)
Total 15
Killed in Nagasaki
Total 3
Died in Nagasaki
Total 4
The seven casualties in Nagasaki are registered in the Yokohama Memorial.
DEVELOPING: List of those survivors of Exeter, Encounter and Stronghold who travelled from Macassar to Nagasaki in the Asama Maru in October 1942.