Dr. Kentner's Journal
Bilibid Prison - Manila

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Excerpts from Kentner's Journal on British personnel
Bilibid Prison - Manila
Source: RG 24 Box 2176
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Many of the British & Australian men mentioned herein were survivors of the Hofuku Maru that was sunk 21 Sept 1944 off of Luzon by U.S. planes. The were part of the group that was then put aboard the Benjo Maru (Hokusen Maru) to Taiwan via Hong Kong. After a few of months in Taiwan, they were then sent on to Japan on the Melbourne Maru. Most sent to Fukuoka #17. 300 sent to Sendai #3 Hosokuru. Others were sent on the Oryoku Maru.

8 Aug 1944
21 British prisoners of war arrived at 0005, diagnosis, Dysentery. They were enroute to Japan from Singapore. Part of building 12 used as an isolation ward to accommodate this group. Camp census 804, patient census 430.

24 Aug 1944
Draft of 1035 men left for Japan at 1500 and returned from the port area at 1700. 16 British POW admitted at 1730; 16 at 1820 and 18 at 1900. [50 total] The British prisoners had been aboard a ship in Manila Bay, awaiting departure for Japan.. They were all in poor condition, suffering from Dysentery, beriberi, malnutrition and pellagra. When carried to the wards by the hospital corpsman, one of the British remarked that they were "bloomin eyenjils". Slipsager and one other returned to Corregidor.

25 Aug 1944
Draft of 1035 left for Japan at 0620. GEORGE TILLER, Bombardier, British Army, 85th Anti-tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, #1491507. Died at 1130. Diagnosis of Dysentery, Amebic. Buried in Bilibid, row 4, grave 35. 2 men received from Corregidor and 1 from the Port area.

26 Aug 1944
19 men from the aircraft working party moved to building 12. 30 men from the Clark Field draft to aircraft working party.
WILLIAM HERBERT HICKMAN, Private, British Army, RAOC, #764992, died at 1730, diagnosis Dysentery, Amebic. Buried in Bilibid, row 4, grave 37.
WILLIAM LESLIE LEACH, Private, British Army, 5th Bn. Berfs, Herts Regiment, #5955631, died at 2326. Diagnosis Dysentery, Amebic. Buried in Bilibid, row 4, grave 38.

27 Aug 1944
All chop marks collected by order of the Japanese from personnel who are paid (Officers and Medical Department Personnel).
JAMES ASHTON. Private, British Army, 1st Bn., Manchester Regiment, #3529668, died at 1600. Diagnosis of Dysentery, Amebic. Buried in Bilibid, row 4, grave 39.
JOHN GARROD, Private, British Army, 4th Bn., The Suffolk Regiment, #5827825,
died at 1730. Diagnosis of Dysentery, Amebic. [see next entry for burial location]

28 August 1944
Graveyard census 164. No further burials to be made in Bilibid. Pay day - officers and medical staff. Small increase in amount allowed to keep. Remains of GARROD were taken to Manila for burial at 1600 today. Chaplain Brewster under guard accompanied the remains to conduct theservices. Transportation furnished was an old truck used for hauling manure. Interment was atDel Norte Cemetery. While the burial party was at the cemetery, thirteen crosses, withoutidentification, were erected over graves of recent burials.

29 Aug 1944
ALBERT BAILEY, Lance Corporal, British Army Signals, #32322473, died at 0420. Diagnosis of Dysentery, Amebic. At 1620, the remains of BAILEY were taken out for burial; transported in the truck regularly used for the collection of garbage and trash. Chaplain Brewster, under guard, accompanied remains. Funeral services and burial in Del Norte Cemetery, Manila P.I.

31 Aug 1944
NORMAN WILLIAM BERRY, Private, British Army, 4th Royal Norfolk Regt., #4777181, died at 0020 this date. Diagnosis of Dysentery, Amebic. Remains interred in Del Norte Cemetery, Manila P.I.

3 Sep 1944
CECIL VICTOR HALL, Lance Corporal, #4933730, 2nd Cambs Army, British Army, died at 0400. Diagnosis of Dysentery, Amebic. At 0610 this date, a draft of 98 S.I.H. patients transferred to Cabanatuan. Dr. GREENMAN transferred to Cabanatuan with this group. One (1) patient admitted from Caloocan at 1030. At 1500 this date, the remains of HALL were taken to Manila for burial. Chaplain Brewster accompanied the remains and conducted services. Burial in Del Norte Cemetery. At 1900, 206 man draft arrived from Cabanatuan enroute to Japan. Lieutenant G.T. FERGUSON, M.C., USN, with this group. All sick in quarters Patients, except staff and officers, disposed of. 61 discharged to outgoing draft, 34 men changed to sick in hospital. Camp census 1,729; patient census 473

23 Sep 1944
221 British and Dutch war prisoners were brought into camp at about 2300, all of which were practically naked. These men were survivors from a ship that was sunk by American planes on the 21st of September outside of Manila Bay. [Hofuku Maru] This ship was one of a convoy of 8 ships bound for Japan with 1260 British and Dutch prisoners from Singapore and D.E.I. aboard. These men state that they have been in the hold and aboard this ship since February, when they boarded in Singapore. They have been lying in Manila Bay since July 17th. 5 of these men were suffering from gunshot wounds and fractures received on the 22nd aboard a Japanese fishing boat which was enroute from Hong Kong and had picked up the survivors. This board was strafed by American planes. A total of 37 men were admitted to wards and the entire draft seem to be suffering from beriberi and dysentery.

25 Sep 1944
JOHN WILLOX, Corporal, British Army, Gordon Highlanders, #2876280, died at 1615 this date. Diagnosis of dysentery, Amebic. At 1740 this date, the remains of Goossens and Willox were taken to Manila for interment in Del Norte Cemetery. Both bodies were encased in the same box. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. George E. McNeill, Chaplain, Field, British Army (Chaplain McNeill arrived along with the other survivors on the 23rd)

29 Sep 1944
Three patients admitted from prisoner of war ship (British).

2 Oct 1944
ROBERT DEWHURST, #2321358, Sergeant, Royal Corps of Signals, British Army, died at 0610 this date. Diagnosis of Dysentery, Amebic. He was one of the survivors of the ship sunk in the China Sea on 21 Sep 1944. Remains interred in Del Norte Cemetery, Manila, P.I. at 1500 this date.
OWEN M. HEWLETT, PFC, USA, #6642218, 192nd Tank Bn., died at 1950, diagnosis Dysentery, Amebic.

3 Oct 1944
ARTHUR FROGLEY COX, Private, British Army, #6020844, 1st Cambridgeshire Regiment, died at 0725 this date. Diagnosis beriberi, Cardiac. Remains interred in Del Norte Cemetery, Chaplain Brewster officiated.

24 Oct 1944
REESE, CHARLES ATHOL, Technical Sergeant, US Army, # 6383509, died at 0520 this date. Cause of death: Beriberi (Cardiac). This man was a member of the above mentioned draft group.
GREGORY, HERBERT JAMES, Private, British Army [Suffolk Regt]. Died at 0705 this date. Cause of death: Dysentery, Amebic. Remains of both taken to Manila for interment in Del Norte Cemetery by the Japanese. Bilibid Chaplain accompanied remains. American planes raided Manila area three times this date.

29 Oct 1944
At 0730 this morning, American dive-bombers were sighted over the Manila area. Explosions were heard about the time the air raid alarm was sounded at 0750. 1050 back on alert. Air raid at 1300, 1425 back on alert; 1545 air raid; 1645 back on alert; 1750 secure.
WATT, JOHN WILLIAM, Private, British Army, #10031540, died at 1630 this date. Cause of death: Dysentery, Amebic

30 Oct 1944
Remains of WATT taken to Manila by the Japanese for interment in Del Norte Cemetery. Bilibid chaplain accompanied deceased.

13 Dec 1944
One thousand six hundred nineteen (1619) American, British and Dutch prisoners of war departed for Port area, Manila at 1115 this date enroute to Japan. [Oryoku Maru] Camp census now 429. Patient census 340. Bilibid seems like a deserted camp.

19 Dec 1944
ANDERSON, ERNEST CHARLES, Private, Driver, British Army, died at 0125 this date. Cause of death: Carcinoma, broncho genic [lung cancer\. The deceased was a survivor of the former sinking of prisoner of war ship. Taken to Del Norte Cemetery, Manila, P.I., this date for burial by the Japanese.

8 Jan 1945
BALAAM, HAROLD (none), Private, British Army, #583409, [Cambridgshire Regt] died at 1200 this date. Cause of death: Hepatitis, cause undeter. Autopsy performed. Japanese did not issue instructions regarding burial.

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