Fukuoka #7B

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Also known as "Shin-Iizuka"
FUKUOKA-ken, KAHO-gun, FUTASE-machi, Worker's Club

Satellite map
Aerial (Mar. 1947; courtesy of Japan Map Archives)
Area map

May 1943:
Established as Fukuoka #16 Branch Camp
1 Dec 1943:
#10 Dispatch Camp
Aug 1945:
Renamed Fukuoka #7 Branch Camp
16 September 1945:
Rescue effected

This slave labor camp was first occupied by at least 400 Dutch and 2 British prisoners in May of 1943. [Dutch Capt. Andrau's daughter also states her father traveled with "400 men" rather than 350 mentioned by numerous affidavits]. Just over 50 Dutch men died in this camp. The camp total of 552 was reached after the arrival of the American contingent and remained about the same until the camp was liberated.

NARA Reports- RG389: partial list of significant affidavits and reports regarding this camp. Gives a good overview of available documents at NARA.
Gibbs Report: A compilation of camp history based upon affidavits submitted by POWS
Affidavits: Dutch Air Force Officer, J.F.Wilkens. He describes in detail the operational status of the camp: clothing & other issues, food & recreation.

Special thanks to Faye Powell, daughter of Australian POW Robert Bede "Bob" Moore, captured at Hong Kong.

Japanese Staff

Books about Futase:
Doctor's War by MacCarthy (2006)
A Doctor's Sword - documentary and book

See link to American VERSAW on American camp roster. Outstanding story of the conditions aboard the hell ship, Nissyo Maru.

From the Tokyo Weekender magazine:
"Two guards—indicated only by nicknames as 'Gorilla' and 'Blackjack,' along with the medical assistant—were extremely cruel in their beatings of the prisoners, and, in most cases, the prisoners themselves did not know the reasons. The beatings of the prisoners, frequently into insensibility, were administered for the slightest cause, generally unknown to the offender, and were so cruel and damaging as to require hospitalization."
This testimony comes from Fukuoka Camp No.10 at Futase on Kyushu. Malnutrition was the cause of many deaths of POWs. See this page for full story (about 3/4 down the page).

Interviews About Futase:
George Thornton interview (Univ. of So. Mississippi)

Memoir by Harold L. Page describing the camp

Following courtesy of Felix Meihuizen via Museum Bronbeek Holland:
Gedult von Jungenfeld - Dutch POW (Index Card)
Constant Wermeserken - Dutch POW (pre-war photo, holding pack of money)
Pieter Braber - Dutch medical POW (contains Index Card; camp report in Dutch)
Primary Labor:
Slave labor in coal mining under control of Nippon Steel's Futase Mining Co.; coal used at Yahata Steel Works. Shifts were run around the clock. Failure to meet quotas resulted in beatings, removal of food and extended work hours.

Hell Ship:
Nissyo Maru, August 1944 for the Americans. Large number of British known to have arrived 23 May 1943 from the Wales Maru.

Total = 548 (360 Dutch, 186 American, 2 British; 54 deaths)
American (includes American deceased)
Dutch - compiled and transcribed by Armand Leeuwendal
British & Others (not imaged yet)
Lt Joseph Aidan McCarthy (RAAF MD) was camp doctor. After surrender, he worked on cremating the dead from the atom bomb and was rescued at Fuk-26.


Photographs & Maps
Birdseye view near end of camp center of picture wooden fence around the camp 18 Sept 1945. Only photostat copies exist at NARA, RG 407. Today, it is the site of a golf driving range.
Layout 1 - Layout 2 - Layout annotated
Kyushu_Chikuho_mines _Japanese_map - shows all the mines in the Chikuho district around Futase in Iizuka
Futase_Honko - main mine building

View of gate area. Click pic for larger view
View of bath house. Click for larger view
Otto Sillman, Report of Recovery Form (China Marine) - courtesy of Russ Bryan

More pictures of Futase

Photograph of Medical Staff - from the Corrigan collection, courtesy of noted military memoribilia collector, Kurt Stauffer (Lynnwood, WA)

Corrigan in front row, third from left
(Click on image for separate webpage)

Tech Sgt Arthur Menzies - later became a renowned horticulturist; grandson, Gavin Newsom, became governor of California.

Archival Documents:

FUK-07_Roster_Burn_diary - Futase roster and partial Burn diary (RG 407 Box 53)
FUK-07_Wilmoth_Wilkens_Reports_Wakizaka - Claude Wilmoth deposition, Wilkens Report, Camp Investigation Report, Wakizaki statement
fuk-07-2 - Garden area
fuk-07-3 - Main entrance, guard house, bulletin board; Sick bay
fuk-07-4 - "Benjo" toilet duty, used as fertilizer
fuk-07-5-aerial view
fuk-07-5-calorie-food-chart - Monthly average daily rations per man
FUK-07_Contents_Dut-Wilkens_J-staff - Folder contents, Wilkens statement (Dutch), Japanese personnel