Zentsuji POW Camp
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Aerial Photograph - Zentsuji POW Camp (approx: 2 Sep 1945)
Compliments of Thomas R. Honan, Sgt., USMC. Captured on Guam, 10 Dec 1945. Photograph given to Thomas Nixon by B-29 crewman on Guam after rescue at end of war.

Note: Camp photo designated
as "Zetsuji" in spelling error.
Camp layout compliments of Brig Gen Charles S. Todd (ret) Click on plan to view. The dash line is the position of a wall erected AFTER the departure of the officers in June 1945.
zentsuji sketchSketch by D. Hutchinson-Smith, Capt, AIF; courtesy of Brig Gen Charles Todd, USMC, (Ret) Japanese propaganda picture released in March 1942 showing arrival of American POWs at Zentsuji. These were the men from Guam.
Source: NARA copy taken from German magazine, Illustnierte Zeitung, circa 1944.
Picture shows wall constructed after the departure of the officers in June of 1945. The ditch is one of three dug, ostensibly as bomb shelters, but prisoners knew of the orders to execute all POWs upon invasion of the homeland. [Picture courtesy of Kevin Menzies.]  Kiwi Corner-
The POWs from New Zealand
Pictures taken in early 1942. Note brig under construction in picture of men exercising. Only known photo of "Saki Pete."
Nurses with Marion Olds
From left to right: Doris Yetter, Leona Jackson, Lorraine Christansen, Marion Olds
Hellmers holding Charlene
John & Ruby Hellmers holding baby, Charlene