Yokohama 18-D
American Roster (recreated)

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Following list was developed by John Powers from the full AMBRIT report, using names mentioned in text then cross checked by the Center for Research with master data.

Arhutick, Leo,Cpl,7030276
Boback, Paul,Pvt,33084507
Boyd, Ralph E.,SSgt,19050383
Boyle, Donald W.,Maj,O&07065
Christensen, Robert M.,RM2c,4143613
Coulter, John Lawrence,Ens,121855
Crocker, John C.,Pvt,14047146
Delgado, Magdaleno S,PFC,20842500
Du Mont, Tracy N.,2nd Lt,O&795577
Emshoff, Stanton D.,CPL,16008563
Galindo, Anthony Q.,S SG,20843319
Gallegos, Moises R.,Pvt,38012243
Gassaway, Peter C.,Pvt,18023625
Gibbons, Fred S.,Civ,
Hall, James R.,Pvt,6288967
Hancock, Jack H.,Pvt,38008377
Hasty, William Leonard,Capt,O&752119
Hawkins, William F.,CPL,13024564
Ivey, Marvin T.,PFC,17014718
Kellam, Ray Allan,PFC,6937036
Kelly, Alex R. Jr.,1 LT,O&368979
King, George F.,Cpl,20842354
Kinser, Clarence L.,PFC,6994683
Lash, James E.,CPL,15061802
Lee (multiple possible names)
Mc Ferren, William M.,1st Lt,O&736015
Panno, Andrew J.,SGT,38012241
Pena, Primitivo N.,PVT,38011940
Peterson, Elmer Carl,Civ,
Porter, Richard S."Butch",CPL,19052577
Potter, Dayton L.,Sgt,33061903
Reed, Sanger E.,Cpl,6990404
Rhodes, Raleigh E.,Ens,14420
Sacson, Gunner E.,Cpl,36005762
Shillito, Winston H.J.,SSgt,20843976
Slay, Lee Roy,PFC,18050375
Smith, Jack M.,PFC,279735
Stahl, Eugene H.,PFC,20900687
Stonestreet, Stewart L.,SGT,6654186
Tecumseh, Julius H.,S SG,20843370
Williams, Earl B.,CPL,18001791
Williams, Robert L,S1c,3822899
Wright, Damon Haley,MM3C,2657578
Zumwalt, James L.,PFC,18014171