Yokohama 18-D
British Roster (recreated)

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Following list was developed by John Powers from the full AMBRIT report, using names mentioned in text then cross checked by the Center for Research with master data.

Quinn, Noel T.,Maj,3106,RAAF,622,Australian
Macones, Merle,unk
Martin, Thomas A.,unk
Whelan, Patrick,Civ,unk
Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Unit

0'Hara, Patrick L.,LBmdr
Boswell, Cyril L.,AbSea,,RN
Burrel, Robert,Bmdr,RA
Cook, William,Sgt
Edgeley, Horace,Gnr
Finlayson, James L.,LCpl,,RS
Ford, Fred L.,LCpl,,MS
Hatwell, Benjamin ,Pvt
Hawkins, Edward J.,RE
James, Edward L.,LCpl
Joynes, Albert,Pvt,,
Kerr, Archibald ,Pvt,,
Lewis, William,Sgt,,RE
MacDonald, George W.,Gnr,,
Magona, Frederic E.,LBmdr,RA
Megson, Frank Cyril,Sgt,1866583,RE,40 Fortress Coy, died 45.02.16 of stomach ulcer at Shinagawa Hospital
Noble, Charles,MS
Parnaby, R.,RS
Pascoe, Alfred,Pvt,
Percy, Arthur,Sapper,
Reed, Alfred ,Gnr,
Richards, William,Bmdr,RA
Robinson, John T.,Gnr,RA
Saunders, John Thomas,Gnr,
Shaw, W,Ambrit editor,
Strain, James L.,Sgt,20843803,RA,
Tattam, George,Sgt,MS
Tillartin ,RE
Wallace, John,Sapper,RE
Webber, Bertram ,PO3c,
White, Charles,AbSea,RN
Wilcox, Albert H. ,Cpl,RE
Woodfield, Edward W. ,L/Sgt,RE
Quinn, Noel T.,Maj,3106,RAAF,622
Macones, Merle,
Martin, Thomas A.,