Tokyo POW Camp #7-B Hitachi
Hitachi Daioin

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Tok-07-B Hitachi Camp
Opened as Tokyo 8-B, (HITACHI DAIOIN)
Miyata-cho, Hitachi City, Ibaragi Prefecture
MAP of Tokyo Camps

12 May 1943:
Established as Tokyo 8B
1 Aug 1943: Renamed 6-D
14 April 1944 (Approx.) - 106 Yanks arrive
August 1945: Again renamed 7B
6 September 1945: Rescue effected, men sent by train to Yokohama
Source: Wes Injerd & Taeko Sasamoto
Primary Labor:
Nippon Mining Company

Known history:
249 POWS at time of rescue [280 Dutch, 60 Americans and 9 Norwegian. Ten (10) men died at this camp.

Tokyo #7 Roster (RG 407 Box 115) - Dutch, American, Norwegian; includes unconfirmed roster showing former camp.